Featuring the Corporate Sexual Revolution

The Corporate Sexual Revolution

Bottom line, we are many, many years of enlightenment passed the time when Anne Marie could get chased around an office by her boss leading only to good-natured laughter by the audience. Just because something has always been this way does not mean it must always be this way. The mere existence of our country demonstrates that.

Before we go, we really should take a moment to consider apostrophes, seeing as how the copy editors at Combat Zone seem confused on at least the day of this proofreading. We all remember they serve two functions, right? They indicate missing letters in a word, or they show possession by one or many. Using slang terms might add to the perplexity, but we’re really just making “Ho” plural. Nothing belongs to the Ho, and the Ho is not anything in particular here.

On the upside, talking about punctuation seems a lot lighter than talking about sexual harassment and the Corporate Sexual Revolution.

Briana Blair and Mark Ashley

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