Sexism Sans Sex

Sexism Sans Sex

Still, we love broad — pardon the expression — examples, so we did a surprisingly small amount of digging and found a few popular advertisements from not nearly as long ago as you might believe.

not very good adsnot very good adsnot very good ads

Although there may be some circles where people still pretend that vibrators are for things other than their most useful purpose, we were mostly taken by how much the “after” model looks like Juli Ashton. The “body image” and “only searching for husbands” editions here pretty much speak for themselves. We’re not sure which of those bodies represents a presumably wrong version, but we happen to know a great many women that think of themselves and their lives in terms other than how their stained “underthings” might impede the search for the perfect husband. … How would the guy know anyway? Wasn’t everyone a virgin before marriage back then?

old advertisementsold advertisementsold advertisements

Yeah. … We threw these in our internal Just Wrong category. They really don’t need more explanation than that, although we do have an entire page of 48 more should you wish to feel both amused and horrified at the same time even more. For the record, we concentrated on sexist and smoking issues this time around, skipping the drugs and racist representations as simply too horrifying to be amusing. Feminists will likely bash us for that distinction, although in this business we have grown rather used to that.

We have a narrower focus around Risqué obviously, and we hear tell that some of you may not actually be here to read. Hard to believe, but the Millennials are loud, if nothing else. In their honor, then, we have chosen a visual timeline of the Instagram mentality to show — or not — the evolution of “male fantasy dominated” adult entertainment.

Theoretical Progress?

Tori Black Illustrates Sexism

Yeah, so … um … we’re not even sure how to view this. We will continue this conversation in a couple of weeks, though.


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