Teachers Pet Tori Black — as it were

Back in Tori Black

Seeing as how the video debuted a couple of days ago on ReelRisque, you may have figured out the practical purpose of our thoughtful discourse here as well. Certainly we enjoy getting people to actively discuss contemporary human sexuality. That said, we also needed to demonstrate to the Instagram Generation that while pictures may indeed be worth 1,000 words, they do not always turn out to be the most important words. [In 20 years, the majority of our political leaders will be Millennials. Think about that … y’know, after you finish reading the President’s Tweets. … Do you have to capitalize “Tweet” if it comes from the President? … Wow. The problems they will face. … ]

Our Resultant Multi-Faceted Fantasy

tori black

The original text read: In fairness, even the males here admit that Alec looks a bit like he’s more concerned with falling off the desk than with Tori here. … Knowing that fact should lead you to deduce that we changed this picture for the free tour as well. What we lack in a desire to potentially offend parents, at least we make up for with consistency.

By the way, in case you missed the “photos” update a couple of weeks back, you might want to check out other things we learned hanging out with Millennials. You may place yourself on the spectrum between comfort and terror based upon how you draw your own conclusions from that.

*The type of government grant proposals referred to in this editorial happen to be disconcertingly easy to find via Google. If you would like a quick example, however, check out this National Review article. For the record, we did not — as requested — institute a policy of “administrative leave” at Risqué.

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