August 2007 Risque | What’s New

… With appropriate credit to Garth:

Back when the Old Stuff was New Stuff


Just “Dip me in chocolate and throw me to the Lesbians” advises one “novelty” product D.Minion and Bijou highlight in their account of the recently completed 2007 Adult Novelty Manufacturers Expo. As you might expect while some of the products are certainly “novel” – and there were the occasional porn stars hanging around – like most of these shows we left truly wondering about the capacity of human being to devise objects that primarily involve sex. We also wonder what Freud would think of all of this, but fortunately we keep those philosophical ruminations to ourselves today. There does happen to be an odd pop cover-hit reference, but it’s easy to ignore. [FEATURED TAGS: Adult Novelty Manufacturers Expo, Kylie Ireland, Ron Jeremy, Exclusive Video, D.Minion]

Justine Joli fronting for Kink Lab. Go figure.

Well we’ve been off working on a “real” movie which we’ll obviously tell you about when it’s done. Suffice it to say so far that it seems much like we envisioned, where they use “gore” in places we use beautiful naked women. All in all, beautiful naked women are more interesting. Which is why, by the way we’ve decided to offer up a little bit of Kristal Summers Then and Now as a fine way to venture back to more comfortable surroundings. Apparently D.Minion had some predictable dreams in our absence and they seem to have involved Kristal, which many of our dreams do as it turns out. You have lots and lots of video with a Kristal Cam Show Replay, and you have a couple of photo sets that just so happened to come almost exactly five years apart. We have always thought so, but now it’s perfectly clear that Kristal has a lot in common with fine wine. [FEATURED TAGS: Kristal Summers Video, Exclusive Video, D.Minion]

Kristal and her new bikini. This is always a fine view of Kristal.

Apparently we’re in a “bizarre video” phase here, and Maverick’s not exactly doing anything to change that status. Starring our lovely Dee, The London Lad has put together a rather impressive demonstration of Dee going the extra lengths (or more accurately, depths) to practice her art. We’re talking about naked underwater footage here, by the way. What were you thinking? [FEATURED TAGS: Dee Video, Exclusive Video]

Dee from picturesque perspective.

Occasionally we do those kinds of posts where we sort of use a pretty package to wrap up the fact that we’re basically asking the members to serve as test subjects for one sort of technology or another. … Well, today would be such an occasion. … On the upside, as is our also custom, we provide some witty innuendo as well as some gentle guidance into some rather fun diversions, basically involving gratuitous nudity. … Well, today would be such an occasion for that too. … And if you want a little insight into a small part of what you’ll learn should you decide to accept this mission, we’ll provide this paraphrasing: Consistency is only a virtue if you’re not a Screwup. [FEATURED TAGS: Video Wall, the Entire Risque History]

It will all become clear soon. ... Probably.

Woo-Hoo! The NFL is back with us, albeit with a month of basically meaningless games, but it’s still better to win than lose. Now for all you purists out there, the 2007 season may have technically started before Monday Night Football last night, but if you’re from Denver it didn’t. And if you’re from the San Francisco area, like bradcom, for example, you probably didn’t enjoy last night as much as the people from Denver did, even though it was a meaningless game. Fortunately, people from Denver are always supremely gracious in victory, and would never, ever, berate a friend whose team lost. … Well, we certainly wouldn’t do it before the games actually counted. … The point here being of course that apparently we missed an eventful wildlife trip that our newest member Bijou took. If we weren’t so happy with pro football being back, we might think Bijou’s novice take on our industry showed a little sarcasm, truth be told. As it turns out, though, we were talking to SteveD (in Colorado, btw) during the game and he mentioned a writing style he personally enjoys. I hope he hasn’t created a monster. [FEATURED TAGS: Kaz B., Maverick]

Gratuitous pussy shot for Bijou.

Popular demand isn’t “unanimous” around here very often, but many people wanted to see Kristal in the rather more traditional approach that you’re all used to. Fortunately it wasn’t actually all that difficult to find a photo set of Kristal Summers being beautiful, so we just decided to make everybody happy and put it up real speedy quicko. It’s good to be nice. [FEATURED TAGS: Kristal Summers]

Kristal looking more traditional, but hardly average.

Well we’ve got a weird one today, folks, as Kristal Summers lets us see a heretofore unseen side of the industry, at least in our little world. Actually the cat fight shows seem to be rather popular, but we’ve just never seen one. On the upside, you don’t get to use fun words like “heretofore” very often, so it seemed to be worthy as sort of a scientific analysis if nothing else. [FEATURED TAGS: Kristal Summers]

Kristal ... ready to rumble ...

Feast of Famine. That’s supposed to be the general state of life, right? Well, in a blazing exhibition of efficiency, D.Minion has already completed her On The Set piece for last week’s shoot, even before we set off again for the “Empire” of the high desert outside of Los Angeles. While last week we had to suffer through Sophia Lynn and Renna Ryann (and a few dudes, but they don’t really count), now this week we’re apparently shooting another All-Female Festival so it looks to be even more grueling. Gosh. All those beautiful young naked women just looking for a little guidance (and probably some cold water, truth be told). Whatever are we to do? … Oh. Right! … Work, work, work … [FEATURED TAGS: Sophia Lynn, Renna Ryann, D.Minion]

Sophia Lynn. Properly attired ... for the moment.