August 2013 Risque | What’s New

… With appropriate credit to Garth:

Back when the Old Stuff was New Stuff


As real football games move closer to a reality, D.Minion has us toeing the line on timing her Intimate Encounters 3 BTS Exposé to coincide with Denver preseason games. Not really a football fan herself, though — except for the naps she plans for the third quarter of every game — DM somehow miscounted in developing her strategy. Next week the Meaningful Games begin, so not to give anything away, but you might see the end of DM’s sojourn up a little early on the web, regardless of the date over at the side there.[STAR TAGS: Tasha Reign Exclusive Video, Sophia Knight Exclusive Video, Breanne Benson Exclusive Video, Jeanie Marie Sullivan]

Breanne Benson — The Woman with NOT the Dragon Tattoo

Apparently over in England they have something called the “Late Summer Holiday” which as near as we can tell just means: We couldn’t think of a good reason to take a day off of work, so we’re taking a holiday today anyway Also as you might expect in the “United” Kingdom, the various countries seem to celebrate this holiday on different days. On the upside, since it doesn’t really mean anything, when you celebrate really doesn’t make much difference. Very efficient, that. Now since Maverick lives in London, we decided to celebrate his non-work today, by showing off some of the work he did over here, over yet another holiday, ironically. Any excuse for a holiday works quite well with any excuse for Cytherea and Cheyenne in a tub we figured. We’re clever like that. [STAR TAGS: Cytherea Exclusive Video, Cheyenne Silver Exclusive Video, Shayla LaVeaux Exclusive Video, Inari Vachs, Phoenix Ray Video]

Cytherea & Cheyenne — Pre Bubbles

Preseason football continues today (at least for the important team), and — much more importantly to some people — so does D.Minion’s exposé on Adam & Eve’s Intimate Encounters 3, on set with Chris King. You can see beautiful naked women any time (although granted not many of them look like Tasha Reign), so it makes sense that you might want to watch football first, and kitchen sex next, but you can choose for yourself. Some people make weird choices we have learned. Like some people still visit Indianapolis on purpose, even though they got rid of Peyton Manning. [STAR TAGS: Tasha Reign Exclusive Video, Jeanie Marie Sullivan]

Tasha Reign

Some of you might have thought that we only get to vote in important elections in November every couple of years. Well, that turns out not to be true. If taxing your knowledge of adult movies and stars seems too difficult, however, you might feel more comfortable helping Shayla think about her new video requirements … or you can just let Cytherea inspire you to some Recreational Nudity of your own. [STAR TAGS: Shayla LaVeaux Video, Cytherea Exclusive Video, Julia Ann Video, Monica Mayhem Video]

Emote When You Vote

Around these parts, when D.Minion has a decree it’s sort of like hearing she went up on a mountain and talked to this shrubbery that was on fire. She knows “exactly” what we must do, and regardless of any violation of our pyrotechnic sense, we just do it anyway. So when she says we will post Day Two of Intimate Encounters 3 in four parts on the next four days the Broncos play, well, filled with admirable religious fervor we exclaim, “Okey dokey.” … Let Tasha Reign. [STAR TAGS: Tasha Reign Exclusive Video, Jeanie Marie Sullivan]

Tasha Reign

The number “8” being lucky in Chinese culture, combined with the number “13” being unlucky in ours, pretty much meant we had to do something today. Of course seeing as how it happens to be 2013, and the head of this operation goes by the name Lucky, well that just adds to our mystery — although we use the term “operation” loosely here. That said, an adult web site does seem like it should operate pretty loosely, all things considered. [STAR TAGS: Austin Lynn, Hillary Scott Video, Michael Ninn]

Great Hillary Scott

Without even meaning to, we have completely solved the education problem in America today. Come to find out, all we really need to do boils down to providing much more interesting visual aids in the learning process. Of course as purely altruistic sorts, we have not even considered that vast wealth that should be coming our way just any day now. Somebody should tell somebody. [STAR TAGS: Kaylan Nicole, Shayla LaVeaux Video]

Aide de Risque Camp

Most of us have probably never been at work when the woman in our life showed up and said something like, “Gee, honey. You’re working so hard today. Why don’t you lie back and let me give you a blow job while you’re waiting for them to need you again.” Of course most of us never dated Audrey Hollander and worked in adult movies. So there’s that. Somehow D.Minion missed the explanation for that little aside on the set of Nympho 2, but she didn’t miss much else. [STAR TAGS: Hillary Scott Video, Tall Goddess Video, Annette Schwarz Video, Adrianna Nicole Video, Jessica Jammer Video, Stacy Valentine, Audrey Hollander Video, Nikki Nievez, Michael Ninn]

Nympho 2 from Ninn Worx

We have this year rather a larger contingency than usual of the “Oh, God, no! Not another football season!” philosophy. As per usual, however, the leader here does not attend that school and thus as a group we remain “interested” fans of the NFL — certainly not overly interested, though. Certainly not that. Some of us still like Cytherea’s new cam show feeds better, for example, although we tend to be quiet about that little fact. [STAR TAGS: Cytherea, Anais, Kylie Ireland]

The Cy’s Have It

Clothes may perhaps make the man, but after considering Maverick’s variations on a Cate Harrington theme, we think that clothes don’t really have all that much to do with making the woman. As football season draws near once again, this time we find ourselves quite worried about what may happen to Londoners should an NFL team really be based there. The guys will all be chasing Kinky Cate. They’ll never get any practice done. [STAR TAGS: Summer Brielle, Austin Lynn, Maddison Hardy, Sassy Meli, Cate Harrington Exclusive Video,]

Cate Harrington

Having taken a quick poll in the office, it turns out that not one of us can name a single person that has ever darned their socks. Nor can we think of anyone that still makes them with yarn. Despite this evolution into the modern age, though, we nonetheless ended up with “A Darn in the Yarn” for Shayla today. Living with porn stars may not be exactly what you might expect — or it might be, presumably for those with a firm tie to the realities of everyday life — but whatever the case, we do things a unique way with risqué, and we freely admit mistakes when they occur. Apologies take way less effort than defense we have learned. [STAR TAGS: Shayla LaVeaux Video]

Very little yarn. No darn.