June 2013 Risque | New Stuff

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Back when the Old Stuff was New Stuff

6/28/13 We considered a deeply thoughtful examination of the philosophical conceits implicit in a “bad influence” label. We considered learned insights from amongst the world’s most highly qualified sex experts. We considered introspection on a scale heretofore unseen in even our habitually raw handling of the emotional aspects of performance in the adult industry. … Then we decided, naw, maybe we should just appreciate Becca, Kylie Ireland, Rayveness, Asia Carrera, and even Jonathan Morgan — what the heck. After all, “epic” comes and “epic” goes, but beautiful naked and sexually free women, that merits thoughtful examination. [STAR TAGS: Becca, Kylie Ireland Video, Rayveness Video, Asia Carrera Video]
Imagine the Emotional Implications
6/21/13 A popular online dictionary defines a “Maverick” as an intellectual independent thinker. … Well, our Maverick could be that, although in all honesty it would have to be for something other than his obvious intellectual preference for beautiful naked blonde women like Kristal Summers and Anais. And would we all not like to know how they watered that particular family tree? [STAR TAGS: Anais, Kristal Summers Exclusive Video, Dee Exclusive Video, Michael Ninn]
Anais. Close to perfect.
6/16/13 Have you ever wondered what would happen should Michael Ninn become an astronaut? Well, somehow we wander through Alisha Klass and Shy Love, with a pleasant Georgia Adair diversion, as a matter of fact, and end up with Michael potentially art directing the cosmos. All in all this may be one of those excellent opportunities you have to simply look at the pretty pictures and video. Too many words can lead to beer, and that can lead to stronger drink, and before you know it, you’ll be watching porn. … Oh, right! That would be perfectly fine. … We forgot. [STAR TAGS: Sasha Grey, Georgia Adair Video, Shy Love Video, Michael Ninn]
A Daring Georgia Adair
6/13/13 Dear Julia Ann had a party at her house last weekend where all the women got naked and swapped clothes. Sadly, we do not get to see any photos from this event, it being apparently of the private sort. And we do not get to hear about any resulting orgy either, because the discussion of the rescue dogs takes up all the room. On the other hand (as it were) Julia does spice up a different dinner entirely, and we do get to sneak in a little Sasha Grey. Overall, we’ve had worse days. [STAR TAGS: Sasha Grey, Julia Ann Video, Zana Video]
The Other Grey's Anatomy
6/8/13 So what if every one of us made $30,000 every time we had sex? Well, not only would we be trying to have a lot more sex than we’re currently having — assuming that such an endeavor would turn out to be even theoretically possible — but it also means that we’d have a lot less time to be all mean and roaming and pillaging and such. The world would be a lot better place then, right? OK. So bread would be a lot more expensive too, but we should try to remain open to new things it seems like. [STAR TAGS: Georgia Jones, Kacey Jordan Video]
A Mind Open to Things, Metaphorically
6/6/13 Did you ever see Something About Mary with Cameron Diaz and that Favre guy from the Green Bay Packers? Well, today’s nudge toward Commune Goodness does not feature Ms. Diaz, sadly enough, but we do get to see Shayla LaVeaux and Kristal Summers shower together in our “Something About Steve” feature. It’s probably not as funny as the Mary Movie overall, but at least it does NOT feature that Favre guy. Steve never liked him. [STAR TAGS: Shayla LaVeaux Exclusive Video, Kristal Summers Exclusive Video,]
Something About Steve
6/2/13 By the end of June we will all have completed half of the 2013 calendar year already. How does that seem possible, right? Well, time flies. Things change, and yet beautiful naked women remain fascinating. Don’t we all feel so much better knowing there are at least some constants in life? [STAR TAGS: Audrey Hollander, Barbara Doll, Nicole Lace, Natalia Forrest, 247AdultStars.com Video]
Fun, Fun, Fun ... Without a T-Bird in Sight