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… With appropriate credit to Garth:

Back when the Old Stuff was New Stuff


The team has been working overtime doing another of those “Uh-Oh, D.Minion’s on set all day with women she likes” kinds of posts. If you’ve been around a while, you know what that means — pages and pages of story, 330 some odd photographs, and a collection of DM’s unusual videos. Still, it’s Paola Rey, Marie Luv, Jasmine Byrne … and some males. (They’re props. We don’t pay much attention to them.) We figure you might need the weekend to work your way through this one. Start with some coffee … and if it goes on long enough, switch to beer. Beautiful women and fermented beverages. God Bless America. [FEATURED TAGS: Paola Rey, Jasmine Byrne, Marie Luv, Michael Ninn, Exclusive Video, D.Minion]

Appropriate Refreshments for a Porn Set

We’ve been shooting like crazy around here, putting new deals together, and generally playing with porn stars. Well Maverick’s got a clever and expanding section over in 247AdultStars that we just felt like we needed to draw some attention to. After all, who doesn’t like breasts? If you don’t like breasts, you should just skip this one. You might think about contacting a medical professional too. You’re not well. [FEATURED TAGS: 247AdultStars, Sandie Caine Video, Exclusive Video]

Sandie Caine Revealed

Most porn companies probably don’t send out memos something to the effect of, “Can you remember the name of a poet who just strung together nonsensical strings of words without even the pretense of sentences?” And then again, most porn companies would not then have received guesses from across the world as to the elusive name of the author. As for the fellow presumably in charge, he couldn’t remember either, but seemed to reject the most popular choices of Lewis Carroll (Jabberwocky) and Geoffrey Chaucer (although pretty much everything written that long ago sounds peculiar). On the upside, at least we were able to explain how Capri Anderson and our continued dedication toward new technological skills tied in to this seemingly obscure question, so that was a bonus. As you’ll hear clearly for yourselves, should you peruse this post, of course, Capri does state clearly that she “was a Go-Go Dancer for Opium” … although we should probably mention that she may [does] mean a night club in Miami. Holding the bizarre local record, “Steve” responded that he didn’t have time to think about this question because he needed to build a chicken coop. Fearless Leader pretty much just got distracted by that concept and all that it could portend as he wandered away. Never underestimate the job security inherent in bewildering the bosses. [FEATURED TAGS: Night Moods Productions, Capri Anderson Video, Exclusive Video]

Capri, you Go-Go Girl.

A really bad pun may not surprise you if you have much experience around here at all, but if it makes the anticipation less tense, even real groaners are pretty easy to ignore when you have Cheyenne Silver around to distract you. Now technically, we suppose, we should at least mention that today’s written diversion actually takes place in the life of Dee, but we’ll explain all of that inside. To put it as succinctly and keenly as possible: It’s complicated. [FEATURED TAGS: The Nooner, Dee, Cheyenne Silver, D.Minion]

Cheyenne Silver and a Nooner. Now there's a happy thought.

Goodness gracious we have Lively Feminine Quirkiness on tap today, courtesy of Steve. (We should note that for years and years he has been “SteveD” on the site, since for years we had a “SteveH” here too. SteveH has now been gone for years and years now, and at the AEE 2009 convention SteveD officially requested that he be “just Steve” from now on. We suggested that he might sorry should newer members start confusing him with SteveH in some of the older stories herein, but then we realized that we learned to be kind to our elders, so now he’s Officially Just Steve. … To tell you the truth, we don’t have that many elders left, so it did seem appropriate. [FEATURED TAGS: Adult Entertainment Expo, Steve]

Jessica “D” looking at Steve (formerly “D” )

After all these years of publishing on the web, you’d think we’d run out of different ways to handle the articles. Of course we don’t usually have Kylie submit 6,000+ words either, so we decided to conclude her Relative Violation account with the input of a second editor. Now while that may not be completely apparent to the novice member here, we can assure that this event raised more than a few eyebrows here at the office. Of course even if you do notice the switch, you can always just pretend you didn’t. Feigned ignorance seems to be a common strategy in life. [FEATURED TAGS: Kylie Ireland Audio, Exclusive Audio, Kylie Ireland, Shayla LaVeaux, Dee, Phaedra Alexis, Keri Windsor, D.Minion]

Photo Courtesy Kylie. Kylie is very courteous, actually.

You’ll find it quite important to celebrate Cinco de Mayo today, not because you really believe that it’s the actual Mexican Independence Day (which it’s not), or because you think our old friend Lola is Mexican (which she is not), or even because you think all pithy Redneck insights stem from individual dances with a bottle of tequila (which they might, actually). You will want to celebrate because … why not? And if you’d just use that philosophy for other times in your life, like for days that end in “y” or something, you’d probably be a lot happier. So there you have it.  [FEATURED TAGS: Lola Video, Exclusive Video]

Lola. You SHOW Girl.

Let’s say that concepts such as “feral kitty” and “harmlessly disturbing” might pique your interest. How about the sentence, “So there I am on the bathroom floor, scarfing down a banana as I rinse out my ass …” ? How about “carbonated urine allure” ? Well, you’re in for a treat today, as Kylie Ireland drops by with a special report on Violation a category into which none of the aforementioned concepts even fall, strangely enough. Forget “The Good Life” . Shoot for the Weird One. … You can also begin an exclusive (and atypically long) interview between D.Minion and Kylie that pretty much reinforces the Weird One concept all the way around, if you want to know the truth.  [FEATURED TAGS: Kylie Ireland Audio, Exclusive Audio, Shayla LaVeaux, Dee, Phaedra Alexis, Keri Windsor, D.Minion]

D.Minion does Kylie Ireland. Sort of.