October 2001 Risque | What’s New

… With appropriate credit to Garth:

Back when the Old Stuff was New Stuff


DEVINN LANE EXPOSED in Stairway to Devinn! Need we say more??? Well, we might as well, as we tend to be a wordy bunch. In addition to Deb’s insights into this stupidly exploding controversy over 7 Lives Xposed, we had a few saner moments with the beautiful Ms. Lane. Then we got to see pictures of her undressing and taking a shower. This has all the makings of a fine beginning to a weekend. Excellet!! Check out Devinn’s Fetish Fantasies, and enjoy the fact that she lets you peek. Oh, and Inari Vachs’ Journal is now up and operational!! Check out her first entries. Then email her and tell her what dandy people we are … [FEATURED TAGS: Devinn Lane, Danni Ashe, Inari Vachs, Stephanie Swift]

Devinn Lane     Devinn and “good friend” Stephanie Swift.

D.Minion dropped by with a couple of LONG stories. Fortunately she dropped by with behind the scenes pictures of a typical “Porn Party” shoot, and a typically well cast Wicked Pictures production featuring Julia Ann and Kristal Summers too. There’s a lot to check out here, but just Devinn’s wacky pictures make it worth the trip. Check out “When Kristal met Steve” and “The Home Movie” and you’ll see how some people get to make their living. Lucky bastards, all of us. [FEATURED TAGS: Kristal Summers, Julia Ann, D.Minion]

Kristal and Steve     Wacky Devinn Lane

Some people have a lot of nerve. We get this “entry” dropped into the In Box, and we get to see how fun it is to hang around with a Risqué Business. Of course WE just get to live vicariously through the computer. WE get to deal with carpal tunnel, not sunburns. WE get to talk to phone solicitors, not beautiful naked women. YOU at least get to check the latest (dare we say “showing off” ) entry in Risqué News and look at pictures of Inari, Dee, Becca, and Kristal. We’d protest more, but sometimes the beautiful women come by the office too. Did we mention it remains good to be King … ? [FEATURED TAGS: Dee, Inari Vachs, Kristal Summers, Becca]

Dee, beautiful one ...

I really love these hard core pix we got from Wendy! This must be the luckiest guy in the world to find himself with these two gorgeous women! Don’t miss part 2 of “Wendy Gets Wild![FEATURED TAGS: Wendy Divine]

Wendy with lucky boy and lucky girl.

This is a very special posting! Wendy is a highly sought-after model (that’s not hard to believe) and after a recent shoot, Wendy did us all a huge favor! She convinced the photographer to let her have digital copies of the explicit pix and show them to her members. You’re going to love these! And this first set is only the beginning. Don’t miss any of them! And now, I give you … Wendy Gets Wild! [FEATURED TAGS: Wendy Divine]

Wendy and a couple – to go with her couple.

Controversy has set in about the Risqué household, as Devinn Lane gets blasted on national TV with Juli Ashton. Nudes at — 65 at last count. Read about it. Weep. Become offended and indignant. Then check out the girl that can smoke a cigar with her … [FEATURED TAGS: Night Calls, Juli Ashton, Tiffany Granath, Dee, Inari Vachs, Devinn Lane, D.Minion]

Devinn Lane and Juli Ashton. Serious ladies.

As reality looms it ugly head in America, we thought we’d show off a couple of pretty ones — heads, not realities. In addition to providing some oddly sad photos of the way New York City used to look, Wendy has written a remarkably human insight into the recent events that have rocked our world. As we all continue to feel the ripple effects of terrorism, Wendy has provided us with a chance to show patriotism in our unique way. Kudos to Wendy, and, by the way, she and Dee know exactly the way to show off our flag. [FEATURED TAGS: Wendy Divine, Dee]

Pray, tell, Wendy.