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Back when the Old Stuff was New Stuff

9/29/18 Cytherea


Worth a Bit of a Gamble

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9/26/18 DEE!We all have our heroes, although some of us have a variety that spend much of their “public” time in various states of skimpy dress and significant professional time completely naked. Now perhaps if more of us looked as good naked as these professionals do, we might make that choice too. Or maybe this all really does come down to options in life. It has no real baring — misspelling obviously intended — on the level of our enjoyment, honestly. Sometimes we should all try not to make things overly complicated. [STAR TAGS: Shayla LaVeaux Video, Kelly O’Dell Video, Dee, Juli Ashton, Jewel, Chasey Lain, Taylor Hayes, Alexis DeVell, Serenity]
9/23/18 Chantelle Fox


Chantelle Fox – Shay Lynn – Mia Austin – Aleksa Nicole – Cytherea – Jennifer White

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9/21/18 Nikki Benz, Diamond Fox, and Puma SwedeDrop a simple word like “Fetish” into a conversation, and you might easily open up a whole can of worms — an expression probably not understood by a great many young folks in the adult audience these days. Come to think of it, we’re not even sure what the modern equivalent of that might be. Open up a whole App of Confusion? … Fortunately, those more esoteric ruminations have nothing whatsoever to do with our efforts today, because pretty much everyone “Groks” a Fetish for Julia Ann [STAR TAGS: Julia Ann, Nikki Benz Video, Diamond Fox Video, Puma Swede Video]
9/19/18 Shayla LaVeaux


Nuzzling the Newbie

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9/16/18 Lana Croft and Max MikitaWhat this lacks in clever title moxie it more than makes up with by giving us insights into some of the less obvious attributes that made Ginger Lynn an industry icon — in other words ones that had nothing to do with looking great naked and enjoying copious copulation. As you edify yourself with “Ginger on Adult Radio Panel,” however, we should mention that you’ll also get a rather more explicit “Stirred by Strapon” video featuring Lana Croft and Max Mikita. One should exercise multiple parts of the body, after all. [STAR TAGS: Ginger Lynn, Lana Croft Video, Max Mikita Video]
9/15/18 Kyle Stone and Ava VincentReal life — or in this case lack thereof — has a way of intruding upon even the most fun of professions. The next installment of Darling just happens to feature Kyle Stone, one of our favorite people ever in this industry. Sadly, Kyle left this existence plane a couple of days ago, so while we lament this painful reality, we have decided to continue the planned celebration of his moments with Ava Vincent, or Jewel Valmont if you prefer. Kyle had that rare ability not to take himself too seriously, an inspiration we shall continue to try and emulate. He would appreciate this. [STAR TAGS: Ava Vincent Video, Jewel Valmont Video]
9/13/18 Paige AshleyConsider this a football alternative. Although you could consider it watching “balling” easily enough, as that would be technically true. Whatever the case, if you actually prefer sweaty, armoured, men this evening, the beautiful, busty, blonde, Paige Ashley, will still be here tomorrow. By the way, we did spell “armoured” that way on purpose, in tribute to our debut of the U.K. production Footballers [sic] Wives. The Brits love their extra vowels, but apparently they’re not all that big on apostrophes. [STAR TAGS: Paige Ashley Video]
9/9/18 Aubrey Gold


Jessica Ryan – Shae Snow – Skin Diamond – Aubrey Gold – Jodi Taylor – Raylene

… And that’s just from Ginger’s past week, not including — of course — new movies, video podcasts, and Ginger’s Diary from her career


Priya RaiFind yourself having to work your way around a Tesla Model S 100D with a license plate that reads “HERMES” — you could very well be in Los Angeles. Find yourself having to work around an NFL broadcast schedule, and you could be … golly, almost anywhere these days. At a time when the rest of the office seems to be compiling a timeline of Burt Reynolds’ romantic life, a couple of us thought we should talk about something important — y’know, like the 2018 NFL season having begun. We do use a rather more liberal video illustration technique that could be of more general interest. [STAR TAGS: Priya Rai Video]

9/7/18 CythereaWe have said this a few times before, but if you have decided upon Geek as your professional course of action, you can avoid a lot of the awkward conversations by mentioning that you do tend to test your builds with “assets” — as it were — in the nude. Granted, depending upon the circumstances, this could lead to a different kind of awkward, but it at least tends to shut up the Linux snobs and the javascript purists. Just say the word “Cytherea” to some bragging bore, and if they recognize that reference, they will shut up immediately. If they do not, well then why would you be talking to them anyway? [STAR TAGS: Cytherea Exclusive Video]
9/3/18 Taren SteeleWe celebrate Labor today, ironically by the vast majority of the country taking the day off from work. Of course one need to look no further than the office of the U.S. President to understand how much irony has earned a fundamental place in our society. That said, although they do honor Labor Day in Canada, those folks likely do not appreciate that second form of irony these days. … True to our Risqué tradition, however, we ignore politics completely while offering our own (rarely humble) opinions on at least why men — and a significant number of women — labor. We also talk Taren Steele, who can make anyone simply take a moment to pause and reflect about labor — or not. [STAR TAGS: Taren Steele Video, Davia Ardell Video] 
9/2/18 Nikki Benz, Tyler Faith, Vanessa Lane


Couch Coochie | pics & video

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