Love for A Basic Kylie

Under Where? (Briefly)

by Calvin Craftsman

Andy and Kylie[Originally we ran this on the Members’ Section to promote Kylie’s new radio show. Sadly, that one ended. … Happily, another one began, so we’re doing another plug — this time in the free section. Her radio shows happen to be free (at this point in time) so it seemed appropriate.]

This was to be a relatively elaborate “throw” into one of the sister sites “under” the risqué commune, but Maverick has been spending too much time with D.Minion — clearly. [For some reason when Mav said he decided to post his entire “AEE Event” on 247 in one post, we thought that meant he would make it a lot shorter. Nope. He just meant he would put all the coverage up at one time so that he could get on with the business of finding women in the U.K. to get naked for him. … Silly us. All in all, I blame Kristal.]

We needed, therefore to change our plan. [If we only do one thing extremely well around here, that would be it.]

Consequently, we decided to simply mention that Kylie’s new radio venture has made its way to her membership site too, and you should all make a habit of downloading the shows and listening to them on your iPods (or whatever). At least that’s what D.Minion does every Thursday morning now, the upside of this being, naturally, that for at least one hour each Thursday, she cannot spend her time being a bad influence on the other writers around here.

You really should experience Kylie at home, you know, and it’s FREE so far! So do visit with Kylie & Andy at some point if you could use a few hours of entertainment on your iPod. Obviously you should join her membership site too. … Obviously. … Her team updates way too often to mention it every time over in risqué proper, so with this particular commune site you might think about clicking on the “Kylie Ireland” link on that side menu with some regularity.

Having enjoyed this wonderful interlude, you have but three things remaining should you wish to complete your virtual risqué path today.

  1. Watch the Show Video (because it’s bigger over here).
  2. Read Mav’s 5,000+ words.
  3. Curse D.Minion in the process.

[Actually you do have a fourth option: Look at whatever photos look interesting, and then lie about doing all the reading if anyone every questions you later. That’s my plan.]

A Basic Kylie Addendum

[… By the way, assuming you a relatively observant sort, you might have been wondering about the banner photo that adorns this update. You see, in the process of doing the necessary research for the new information, we did a google search for “applesandpairs” since we know that happens to be the name of the wonderful artwork Kylie (and probably the guy, but we pay no attention to them) made. Google returned this photograph, and naturally we felt obliged to include it in this post. The site seemed to be in Russian, so we figure it said, “I just love … I really, really do.” … We could be wrong about that translation. Where are Vicca and Nikita when you need them?] Apples and Pairs

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