Breanne Benson & Sarah Blake

The Risque AEE 2015 Report

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by Beal Legstrong

You might think there wouldn’t be much to argue about in an industry where people basically get paid to do what everyone does at home — or in the car, or on the beach, or even in an elevator if you’re adventurous. Let’s face it, you don’t exactly need an advanced degree in order to have sex on camera, although it certainly doesn’t hurt to have a good bit of stamina and be more than a little bit limber, no matter what type of job you have in the industry.

Actually, in many ways it compares much more closely to being a professional athlete than any other career, but pro athletes have all sorts of competition, and particularly league, rules by which they must abide. Porn performers just basically have to get an STD test every couple of weeks and try not to let the razor rash get out of control. The rest of us in the industry simply need to convince ourselves that Red Bull = Sleep, and we’re good to go.

Moon Over Los Angeles

Definitely a Full Moon

We had to make a slight modification of this image in order to display it out here in the free area. We’re pretty experienced, however, and so it may be subtle enough that you don’t even notice.

But if you take something simple and wait just a minute or two, somebody will come along and screw the whole thing up. We all know that.

Having just returned from the latest AEE 2015 in Las Vegas, however, we did find ourselves surprisingly optimistic about the adult movie industry in general. True, many of the — let’s call them middle — players have left the game, and even the surviving large ones have had to massively retool their approach as delivery methods (and thus the business models) have changed with technology. That said, it could be this whole beautiful naked women thing may stick around, maybe even the World Wide Whatchamacallit too. So perhaps we might at least mention the ongoing debate amongst the “professionals” in the Land of the Lovely and Libidinous.

2015 Adult Entertainment Expo Performers2015 Adult Entertainment Expo Performers2015 Adult Entertainment Expo Performers

Now we have chosen Risqué favorite (or favourite if you happen to be on the U.K. team) Sarah Blake and her friend Breanne Benson to help illustrate our point, and they happen to have been on a James Avalon shoot during this filming, but honestly we could have used photos and video from any “artsy” shoot — although obviously not all women could ever hope to equal Sarah, of course, but that’s a different issue.

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