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Risque Thoughts

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And yet we ourselves still draw lines based entirely on skin color — within our own ostensibly accepting, and by design liberal, industry. Why?

When I started in the business in 1990 I remember being shocked when I realized that working with a “black man” — the vernacular at the time — constituted an entirely different question, with entirely different potential ramifications, than working with, well, any other color. When booking a scene, the question, “Will she have sex with this guy?” became the entirely different question “Does she have sex with this type of guy?” Although in that scenario the “type” was always a color. … And here we are 2½ decades later STILL drawing those embarrassing lines? … What’s up with that?

We’re not meaning to solve any vast cultural issues today, naturally, and as always we encourage comments and emails, but we can say confidently that when people “have a dream” odds seem good that an approximately equal amount of them are sexual — across all shades of skin tones.

Why do our own “awards” shows continue to draw racial lines in an entirely human activity that we all theoretically work to promote openly and evenly? WE — of all groups — should know better.

We cannot end racism until we stop drawing lines based on race.

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