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… With appropriate credit to Garth:

Back when the Old Stuff was New Stuff


We couldn’t think of a better way to end the year than with the spectacular Dee, in this, a look back at some of her early efforts on behalf of KSEX radio, technically January 2004 and July 2004. This time of year always brings about retrospect, but it doesn’t always do so with an amazing set of breasts like Dee has, so it did seem appropriate to note. Also, any time we have two excuses to show you these amazing breasts here, we think it only fair that we do so. Of course only members get to see Dee’s breasts here, so that may bring you up to a point where you consider yet another New Year’s Resolution. We think it’s always good to include nudity in those as a rule. [FEATURED TAGS: KSEX Radio, Dee, D.Minion]

Dee and her breasts.      Dee and her breasts ... and Pooh.

Consider, if you will, the concept of Sapphic Liaisons. We did, and so did Michael, and so did a noteworthy collection of beautiful young women. All in all, we’ve had way worse objects of consideration in our lives. And if you’re a member, you’ll also see how considerate we are. Don’t you just love the holiday season? [FEATURED TAGS: Jodie Moore, Wanda Curtis, Nikki Blond, Michelle Wild, Judith Bodor, Judit Vecsey, Vicki Broone, Linda Shane, Laura Capri, Veronika, Anna Karin, Michael Ninn]

Jodie Moore & our future ex wife.

Hmm. Now we don’t want to offend anybody, particularly on this festive occasion. So if Vicca, Juli Ashton, bondage gear, ice cubes, strap-ons, pocket rockets, or orgasms offend you, then you’d best just read the happy and warm story here today and skip all the other stuff. Considering the volume of what you’ll be missing, you’ll at least have a lot more free time today. You can always play with your new toys. If you do choose to take a closer look at the more explicit offerings today, you’ll probably learn something. We’re not positive we understand this perfectly, but we’re fairly certain Vicca’s “got it going on like Donkey Kong” …. [FEATURED TAGS: Juli Ashton Video, Vicca Video, Exclusive Video]


Let’s talk about those that Deign the DP for a bit shall we? Actually, of course, you could just look at the pictures from Michael’s Double Penetration 3, if you want, but then your mind might waste away while your body (at least one of your arms, probably) gained disproportionate strength. And then people could tell just by looking at you what you’d been up to and what you’d been thinking. And if that’s not the description of the greatest potential horror of any life anywhere, we don’t know what it is. So get a little legal education, ponder the “Sexual Evolution” of the XXX industry, and then look at the pictures. Think of it as protecting the American way. [FEATURED TAGS: Melissa Lauren, Gauge, Kat, Alex Divine, Jasmine Byrne, Lauren Phoenix, Taylor Rain, Loni, Alicia Rhodes, Michael Ninn]

Melissa Lauren ... photo unfortunately not taken at my house.

A favorite risqué category reappears today with “Dear Readers Speak” – and this time via our old friend Maverick who, although perhaps not always completely understandable, has historically provided some very fond moments for us all … generally by walking into stationary objects whenever he sees Kristal Summers. Maverick’s apparently been taking D.Minion Lessons, though, as somehow he convinced a woman from way over in London to get naked for him while he took pictures. As far as we know, Maverick is recovering nicely from the shock and should be out of the hospital soon. [FEATURED TAGS: Kaz B., Maverick]

Kaz via Mav
Here’s the link to Maverick’s site where (as you’ll read) he has the complete sets of the galleries,
the video that he has shot with Kaz, and some potentially really oogey POV stuff.
Porn Fun 24/7

We’ve been hinting at some changes around here for some time, and so we might as well begin by admitting a failure. You see, even after really, really trying we have failed to convince Justine Joli that we’re all just a little too wacky to take very seriously, and that any association she might develop with us could never actually do her any good. However head-strong most women are, though, you’re going to have to multiply that by a factor of ten (at least) to get the level of determination present in a woman that has been an active part of the adult industry for five years. So we’ve conceded the point, and those of you that are hanging out with us at the AEE show in January will be able to count Justine among your new acquaintances. While you absorb Justine’s quirky debut today, we’re going to give her a call and warn her about Steve. Somehow that slipped our mind …. [FEATURED TAGS: Justine Joli, D.Minion]

Justine Joli and pussy (squared)

Sometimes you just have to stop for a moment and have a little fun. OK. If you’ve been around us for very long you’ve pretty much figured out that this basically forms the primary credo of our existence. Hey, at least we’re up front about it. If you can’t have fun, in life, after all, it’s just not very fun. You can see that, can’t you? (We claimed to be fun-loving, not necessarily deep and philosophical you’ll notice.) So we whipped up a little fairy tale and we called upon Monique Alexander to illustrate it. Upon reflection of our probably not prize-worthy efforts, we astutely decided that Monique Alexander could pretty much dress up anything enough to have fun with it. And simple is always good. [FEATURED TAGS: Monique Alexander, Michael Ninn]

Lovely Monique

What Ho! (And, no, that’s not a question about which young woman happens to be starring in your most recent favorite adult movie.) One of the really cool things about having a web site has to be that by definition you have everything backed up, albeit on a server somewhere. True, it can take some time to download an entire site, particularly one that’s been around as long as we have, and this even if you have a groovy T3 connection. But it’s still possible, and that makes us very happy. We can also now happily show you the thrilling conclusion of Anais and Nick Manning on some shoot or another. (We’re sure you could just barely contain your enthusiasm since yesterday, by the way.) Maybe we’d better just let you get right to it, come to think of it. Start over here (if you missed the 12/2 post up to now) or jump to day two here. The picture will take you to Day One also, in case not everybody checks in to the site every day. But that can’t be the case, really, can it? [FEATURED TAGS: Anais Video, Justine Joli, Violet Blue, Rayveness, Wanda Curtis, Exclusive Video, Michael Ninn, D.Minion]

Anais and Nick, in a pose to be explained later.

One of the niftiest things about being associated with a cutting-edge technology company like Ninn Worx happens to be that you get a lot of cool toys well before they’re actually available to the general public. Sometimes, however, you plug these new toys into your computer and it kind of makes like Bill the Cat – responding essentially, “ACK!” And it’s not like these come with instruction books, or even help files or anything. In very sad situations, you get the evil “Windows has a problem, please contact your Network Administrator” sort of message, which ranks among the most ominous of signs. (In common parlance, consider this FUBAR in essence.) Now if you happen also to BE the network administrator, you find yourself looking quickly for a paddle to get you down this suddenly smelly creek. Well, such was the bulk of last week, so we haven’t finished the wonderful and far from odiferous account that D.Minion penned while on the set of In the Garden of Shadows. You can’t finish the story yet, but you can get through Day One, and sometimes that’s plenty with D.Minion, if we can be honest. So have some fun, and we’ll get back to you on this. Now where did we put that paddle …? [FEATURED TAGS: Anais Video, Justine Joli, Violet Blue, Rayveness, Wanda Curtis, Exclusive Video, Michael Ninn, D.Minion]

At the feet of Anais. That happens a lot.