February 2015 Risque | What’s New

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Back when the Old Stuff was New Stuff

2/27/15 NikitaYou see all sorts of popular crime shows on television using an almost trite “Mob” theme to build in the necessary tension to satisfy, well, technically about 42 minutes. When you hear about Nikita and the Rushin’ Mob, today, however, that may stay with you for years to come. Think about it, though, who would you rather remember for a long time, Tony Soprano, or Nikita? [STAR TAGS: Shayla LaVeaux Video, Nikita Video, PJ Sparxx Video, Danielle Rodgers Video]
2/25/15 Kylie on the Radio


We Could Connect to Ourselves … (#15)

[STAR TAGS: Kylie Ireland Audio]

2/21/15 Natalia Forrest


Seeing the Forrest for the Please

[STAR TAGS: Natalia Forrest Exclusive Video, 247AdultStars.com]

2/20/15 Not Really Chantelle FoxHaving done some rough calculations, we put the number of upcoming stories involving Chantelle Fox at about 1,000. … OK. So we won’t really have that many entries about our new U.K. friend, but we could. She’s exceptional, even with her clothes on. And you can’t say that about just anyone. You’ll begin to get a glimpse as Lon teaches Chantelle and Maverick about being truly High Rollers in Vegas. [STAR TAGS: Chantelle Fox Exclusive Video]
2/17/15 Dee, Rob, Juli AshtonIn an era where a major lingerie supplier can take the “push your boobs together so it looks like you have a lot of cleavage” concept and turn it into an advertising campaign promising “anti-gap shaping” you can pretty much expect anything intended for public display to be long on misdirection. Around here, however, we celebrate Dee’s Birthday with certainly her most famous television experience — the one where she chose a woman to have sex with her husband and then … well, possibly regretted it. You get nothing but absolutely real emotion here, although we really can’t say the same thing about all of our cleavage. [STAR TAGS: Dee Video, Juli Ashton Video, Ginny Video]

CythereaWe basically operate under an “if you can’t say anything funny, you probably shouldn’t bother saying anything” sort of philosophy around here. We do care about our friends just like everyone does, however (well, their friends, not ours), and sometimes life can be cruel. While being sexually explicit does not immediately spring to mind in such circumstances, we do admire the request, and we always try to help. You hang in there, Cytherea. This too shall pass. [STAR TAGS: Cytherea Video, Lexi Love Video]


2/14/15 Kylie Ireland


Oh, My Darling Please Surrender …

[STAR TAGS: Kylie Ireland Video]


2/8/15 Shayla LaVeaux and Chantelle Fox


Power to the People

[STAR TAGS: Shayla LaVeaux Exclusive Video, Chantelle Fox Exclusive Video]

2/5/15 Kylie Ireland


She CAN Always Get What She Wants

[STAR TAGS: Kylie Ireland Video]


2/4/15 Jullia AnnNever really the point of the operation here, we nevertheless do a good bit of Photoshop work on some photos, and even employ structurally similar techniques on a lot of the video you can see. We exist in essence as a fantasy entertainment business, after all, and even porn stars may not always be quite as perfect as they would like. So we help them look their best if need be, although probably a lot less than people in the “regular world” might believe. Then there’s Julia Ann — who needs no help at all. Ever. … We think we might have figured out the reason, but you’ll need to read to see it. Or you can just look at her. People seem to like that too. [STAR TAGS: Julia Ann Video]
2/1/15 Chantelle Fox


And the Awards Go …

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