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Back when the Old Stuff was New Stuff


If you have to get up early on a Saturday, let us suggest spending the day watching Devinn, Inari, and Kristal have all kinds of sex. It doesn’t make up for everything, but D. Minion seems to have enjoyed the experience. Then again, D. Minion enjoys old Sonny and Cher albums. We think Devinn, Inari, and Kristal having sex is better. Read all about the weird guy that shaves his entire body. [For the record: D. Minion officially protests the use of the word “weird.” Overruled.] [FEATURED TAGS: Devinn Lane, Kristal Summers, Inari Vachs, Nikita Denise, D.Minion]

Devinn on stairs, topless. Cool.

A delectable double-whammy drops in with Deb’s recount of visiting Devinn on a Brad Armstrong feature shot at the end of last year. It kind of makes us wish we were there. Then Juli does some artwork on Deb’s shots taken when Inari was over to get naked in the back yard for Playboy TV’s Essentially Juli: Far Out! Now we definitely wish we were there. In fact, we’d like to publicly make the offer here for Juli and Inari to come over and get naked at our house. [FEATURED TAGS: Juli Ashton, Inari Vachs, Dee]

Juli and Inari at play.

Homer has The Iliad and The Odyssey; Dostoevsky has Crime and Punishment; Tolstoy, of course, has War and Peace, and Michner has every book he’s ever written. D. Minion has the story of the January 2001 conventions in Las Vegas. [FEATURED TAGS: Adult Entertainment Expo, Wendy Divine, Kristal Summers, Inari Vachs, Becca, Amanda Lexx, Devinn Lane, D.Minion]

Devinn with Penis

Rarely does a thumbnail so accurately describe a story. Rarely can you gain true insight into the lives of Porn Stars after they get back to their rooms at a convention. Rarely can you use words like “ebb” and “protozoa.” Deb gives you all this in The Ebb and Flow of Human Protozoa. Need we say more? Nope. [FEATURED TAGS: Inari Vachs, Kristal Summers, Devinn Lane, Shayla LaVeaux]

D. Dork, Devinn

Wow! Not only did we have a rare Russian sighting this week, but Shayla brought by the last 50 pictures of her orgy at the Lifestyles Convention. We’re pretty sure that next time Nina and Shayla invite us to a party, we’re going. For those of you waiting for the big finale, here it is. For those of you that weren’t waiting, when you check out the scene, you’ll be waiting for the next one. Shayla’s cool. [FEATURED TAGS: Nina Hartley, Shayla La Veaux, Alexandra Silk]

Sitting in the corner?

The action was fast & furious at the Internext Convention. The girls all went out together and the level of sobriety was extremely low — perhaps no sobriety at all by night’s end. I think Deb will have to tell you about it herself in her diary entry called Deb Goes Cosmopolitan. [FEATURED TAGS: Kristal Summers, Devinn Lane]

Deb has always been cosmopolitan!

Risqué News rears its confused head again with a story and pictures that have nothing to do with each other. Ah to see the world as we do. The story concerns the trip to Las Vegas for the conventions and how Devinn’s really to blame for D.Minion losing her cell phone. D.Minion gets fired. The pictures have to do with wanting to try out a really cool new lens we bought. Kristal Summers gets naked. If nothing else, we entertain ourselves! [FEATURED TAGS: Kristal Summers, D.Minion]

Kristal has very large breasts.

I guess Deb wanted to prove that she did some work at the 2001 Internext Conference, so she brings us this story from one of the seminars. The Seminar was called “How to Treat a Model or You Want Me To Do What?” It was hard to improve on that title. She did improve on the seminar by taking some public flashing photos there!! [FEATURED TAGS: Internext, Devinn Lane, Kristal Summers, Wendy Divine]

Kristal, Devinn, Wendy

We’ve never been much on the concept of Freudian slips, but after coming across D.Minion’s posting before she left for the holidays, it occurs to us that perhaps there might be something to the concept. We think maybe we subconsciously meant to leave this out. We also think we love our job, and thus must occasionally just do as we’re told. But, wow, talk about being tied to the umbilical chord. Actually, let’s not. You can read about it if you must, but we recommend the recap of Devinn Lane’s New Year’s Party. Then we suggest you move right on to Shayla’s next shots of her swinger’s fest. Aren’t we just the helpful ones today? Well, we’re helpful to members. We basically just taunt the rest of them. We’re like that. [FEATURED TAGS: Shayla LaVeaux, Nina Hartley, Alexandra Silk]

Lots of sexy, horny women. Cool!

I know you’ve all been anxiously waiting for our first story from the Adult Entertainment Expo. You have to wait no longer! Deb lets us in on some of the events at the AVN Awards show. Trophies were passed out … speeches were made … tits were flashed … and everyone had a wonderful time. Deb’s story is much better–she calls it, The View From Table 13. [FEATURED TAGS: AVN Awards, Shayla LaVeaux, Kim Chambers, Nicole London, Devinn Lane, Kristal Summers, Wendy Divine]

Deb and Shayla leave for the show.

Shayla came by the office and dropped off some pictures from the 25th Anniversary of the Lifestyles Convention. She said she had over 100 pictures to put up, but she only brought by 20 this time … the little tease! Oh well … we have to learn to be satisfied with what we can get from these sexy women. There’ll be more soon! [FEATURED TAGS: Shayla LaVeaux, Nina Hartley, Alexandra Silk]

Shayla, Nina and a friend

I’m glad you waited…We finally made it back to LA! We’ve got a lot of great stuff to tell you about all the wonderful things we’ve been doing for the last few days … But first … let’s travel back in time. “Set the wayback machine to November 2000, Sherman!” We’ll return to those days of yore (yore?), when wild lesbians roamed the street we call simply “Bourbon” (actually everyone calls this street “Bourbon” ). Anyway – Deb wanted you to see these pictures ages ago and I just didn’t do it. Now I did it. Enjoy them! Now! Deb called it More from Bourbon Street. [FEATURED TAGS: Juli Ashton, Becca, Georgia Adair, Serenity]


We’re anticipating a bit of a lag in postings, since the vast majority of our worker bees will be heading off to Las Vegas for the next week, covering the adult internet convention “Internext” and then the Adult Video News convention, you know: “The Event Formerly Associated with CES.” Anyway in honor of Shayla’s pending induction into the AVN Hall of Fame we humble (well if you use the term very loosely) folks at Risqué have compiled three generations, as it were, of vision. Shayla provides another look back with archived on the set photos from Sorority Sex Kittens and Fountain of Innocence. A guest reviewer plugs into Adult Diary’s Insider with a look back at early Risqué members Chasey Lain and Kaylan Nicole being Wicked, and Juli lends us some more contemporary shots from her newest release Consenting Adults. So you have Nina, Shayla, and Juli, AND Chasey, Kaylan, and Taren Steele. Enjoy! Take your time, and we’ll be back soon with the inside scoop you’ve come to expect. [FEATURED TAGS: Shayla LaVeaux, Juli Ashton, Taren Steele, Nina Hartley, Chasey Lain, Kaylan Nicole, Alecia, Risque News Insight]

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