May 2013 Risque | New Stuff

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Back when the Old Stuff was New Stuff

5/30/13 Depending upon where you happen to be in the country, it could be excellent weather for skiing, a really good idea to find a basement somewhere to hide in so you don’t blow away, or a darned fine time of year to go swimming with Kristal Summers and her friends. As you shall see, they always bring a lot of inflatable floating devices to help add to the fun, so you won’t need to worry about that. Oh, and they also bring a lot of pool toys too. [STAR TAGS: Kristal Summers Exclusive Video, Summer Cummings Exclusive Video, Goldie Exclusive Video]
Goldie and the Shark - An Adult Story
5/23/13 Walk a mile in their shoes. … Theoretically that constitutes pithy and wise advice. … Of course like all advice, the people that most need it happen to be exactly the ones least likely to give it any credence, which pretty much explains why philosophers do not rule at the top of the income ladder in America. Fortunately around here, our pearls of wisdom involve, well, a different sort of gem altogether. [STAR TAGS: Asia Carrera Video, Celeste Video]
A Philosophical Choice
5/16/13 Truly creative people could take a bunch of apparently disparate groups of elements and weave them into a cohesive and captivating presentation. And by golly, if we could have found any we’d have put them to task this time around. Say, for example, that one needs to bring together Cytherea naked in the office, haiku poetry, and the general state of being “Lucky” in adult entertainment. One of those truly creative people sure would have been handy today. [STAR TAGS: Lucky Starr, Cytherea]
Office Past, but Not Forgotten
5/9/13 You may have noticed in your personal ruminations over the years that the difference between “public” and “pubic” comes down to one little consonant. And yet if you show your pubic in public you will probably get arrested. That hardly seems fair if you think about it that way, right? In our diversion today we discuss one “L” of a problem, as you might have guessed, although to be honest, you might like the pictures best. Some people seem to. [STAR TAGS: Dee, Rayveness Video, Whitney Wonders Video]
5/5/13 Over at Risqué we maintain a very liberal attitude when it comes to holidays, probably because we happen to all be big fans of anything that involves a “celebration” in any sort of manner. Even it does not happen to be one of those extra special events — those that involve presents of course — we pretty much sign up for the event. After all, what could be better than time away from work involving a big ol’ party, lots of music, dancing, eating and drinking? … Well, appreciating the event with Dee and one of the very early Risqué favourites comes to mind, but not everyone can do that. … Or can they? [STAR TAGS: Dee, Alicia Rio Video, Gabrielle Video, Tess Newhart Video]
5/1/13 Hmm. … So how can we put this without terrifying everyone, assuming we’re all too young to remember the War of the Worlds radio broadcast? … “Danger, Will Robinson!” … “I have a bad feeling about this.” … Or perhaps the ever-popular, and date-appropriate in this case, “Mayday! Mayday!” … Whatever way you hear it, we cannot get around the fact that Kristal Summers has taken a once amazingly shy fan and turned him into a porn performer. And D.Minion somehow thinks that graphic artists all know how to paint ceilings, but that’s not really the point today in our Maverick Courage awe. [STAR TAGS: Kristal Summers Exclusive Video, Maverick Exclusive Video,]
Braver than Bond, James Bond