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… With appropriate credit to Garth:

Back when the Old Stuff was New Stuff


Goblins and Witches and Ghouls. Oh my. … Curious. Possibly creepy. We spy. … And that’s about enough poetry for today we expect. … Hey, sexual interest takes many forms, and as long as everyone playing falls into the “Consenting Adults” category, we try pretty hard to avoid judgment. Besides, on this particular day, it will be a lot more fun to think about chocolate in its various forms. Of course you might want to consider today’s videos while you enjoy something sweet. And if your personal something sweet happens to be a real live person, well, all the better. [FEATURED TAGS: Juli Ashton, Ashley Long, Michael Ninn Video]

Juli Ashton being a Weenie

You know how you can tell that our lives have changed, and products just aren’t what they used to be? Well, one way would probably be when you find a mouse nest in your garage made out of a d-CON box. Assuming you don’t live someplace where you notice mice trying move indoors for the winter, you might notice that current events seem a lot funnier than they used to be. We decided that the second topic would probably be more interesting than the first today. We’re clever like that. [FEATURED TAGS: Kristal Summers, Brittany Andrews, Capri Anderson]

“Ho“d on to Your Horses

Today the NFL has promised that they will take none of the violence out of the professional game, while they concurrently attempt to force the highly-paid players to stop hitting each other so hard. OK. So you might consider that what they’re really trying to do may be to avoid the really, really bad publicity that will result when a player breaks his neck and suffers paralysis, but what does it matter really? That’s clearly a wonderful goal, regardless of how awkwardly the League has phrased its approach. For those of the decidedly less violently motivated you might consider Shayla LaVeaux and Brittany Andrews “Playing in Pastel Perfection” – these lasses pursuing an altogether different wonderful goal of their own. [FEATURED TAGS: Shayla LaVeaux, Brittany Andrews]

Technically Brittany and Shayla in this Photo

[We don’t usually just quote Maverick’s 247AdultStars “What’s New” entries, preferring as a rule to let the folks that decide to visit there peruse the European edition of the entry. Today we opted to just quote the lad. … ] “Sadly, this scene nearly didn’t ever see the light of day. One of our cameras chose this very day and shoot to go down. It locked up completely, and no matter what our tech people (and everyone else we could find around) could do, the temperamental electronics just refused to play well with others. What you’ll see today comes from a recovery of the very tape in said camera at its petulant demise. (We still shot on DV tape then.) After repeated efforts, much pleading, even more cursing, and a whole lot of video gymnastics, we finally managed to capture the tape, but not at the normal quality we would generally enjoy. We wouldn’t want you to miss out on Syren’s solo scene, however, so we added a few filters, termed it “ism” (as one of our favourite American directors, Michael Ninn, likes to call “artistic style” ) and finally bring the scene to you. No matter where you happen to be in life, a truth survives: Some women are worth the wait.” [Makes you want to watch it, right? Of course we’ve added our own little flair for those Members that choose to enter here. What’s the point of being Risqué if you don’t feel special?] [STAR TAGS: AdultStars247.com, Cytherea, Syren Sexton, Exclusive Video]

A Way to Certainly Party Hearty

Driving around the circuitous streets of Los Angeles yesterday we saw a license plate that read “2GR8M8TS” on a vehicle driving much too leisurely for its presence on the 101 Freeway, truth be told. Upon reflection back at the office, the more naive among us attributed a touching “romantic” notion to the sentiment, while the more cynically-inclined pointed out that the owner could well have simply been a well satisfied bigamist. As often happens around here, though, the incident served to point out that every coin of seeming good fortune has (at least) two sides – which (also as often happens around here) provided us with a dandy segue into a discussion of modern life as a porn star performer. Fortunately for all of you, it remains easy to skip all the economic philosophy set against a current events background and just look at the beautiful women performing in a technologically advancing environment. … If more people taught economics with naked ladies, you’d have probably paid more attention in college, right? [FEATURED TAGS: Holly Sampson, Juelz Ventura]

Somewhat Idealized Teacher and Student

Wow. Good things must be supposed to happen on 10-10-10. Honestly when we scheduled the conclusion of D.Minion’s coverage of Cytherea’s first-ever shoot for her own web site, we didn’t actually recognize the numerical significance of today. Of course we’ve never been averse to taking full credit for an absolutely accidental stroke of good fortune. Come to think of it, that must be what Sean Michaels thought when Cytherea first approached him about “trading” a little good time between them. Never underestimate the value of serendipity. [FEATURED TAGS: Cytherea, Sean Michaels]

Bed Ideas for Cytherea

Between all of the (some say vastly over-educated) people around here, we have a pretty good vocabulary en toto, as it were. (And, no, that doesn’t have anything to do with a small dog from Kansas.) That said, many times in life a 5 cent word can beat the heck out of one of those $10 ones. So with the official launch of CYTHEREA’S NEW MEMBERS’ SIDE today, and after much careful consideration, we came up with just such a perfect little word: WHEW! … Now that may not mean much to some of the less geeky out there, but if you consider the alterative approach that came in second place, “Because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed, for His compassions never fail,” … well, you can see why we just went with WHEW. Does anyone else find it odd that the some of the most “hopeful” philosophies of the Bible come from the book Lamentations? … Yeah, we know. That’s hardly the only ironic part. [FEATURED TAGS: Cytherea Video, Exclusive Video]

Cy's Sighs and Thighs of Relief

We’ve been crunching so much code getting Cytherea’s new Blog designed to her standards that we almost forgot a very important birthday today. OK. So the odds of D.Minion forgetting this birthday are somewhat worse than her deciding to be a last-minute write-in gubernatorial candidate for the state of California, but she’d probably have as good a chance at success with the job as either of the other two already bitter people actually on the ballot. Still she did insist we “Celebrate with Juli” today, and she even enlisted some assistance from Dee. And Juli must be in the prime of life now, or at least her age is a prime number this year. That counts, right? [FEATURED TAGS: KSEX Radio, Dee, Juli Ashton]

Always “Dee“Lightful