September 2007 Risque | What’s New

… With appropriate credit to Garth:

Back when the Old Stuff was New Stuff


Kristal Summers lounges around naked on a bed at D.Minion’s house. A bodacious blonde masturbates adroitly across the Atlantic. And Santa. … And then it gets weird. Official worry sets in about some of the employees around here, as you’ll undoubtedly find out. [FEATURED TAGS: Kristal Summers, Sandie Caine Video, Exclusive Video, D.Minion]

This would be the only normalcy today. Thank you Kristal.

Well it looks like we’re finally back to more of a regular schedule here as the horror movie finally wrapped and all the follow up has almost finally finished. So we’re going to kick-start your weekend here with another cam show replay from Kristal (who even brings her buddy Dee in for a bit this time around). We probably shouldn’t have been surprised that the horror movie took as long as it did, right? If you think about it, if any shoot should be from Hell … [FEATURED TAGS: Kristal Summers Video, Dee Video, Exclusive Video]

Kristal Summers and her bikini.    Kristal Summers without her bikini.    Kristal Summers and Dee not really worried about bikinis.

We got quite a few notably kind emails about our Russian friends Vicca and Nikita, and most went on to compliment the Mamacitas ladies as well. Some weeks are just like that. You can go days and days without any substantive emails from members and then all of the sudden something really hits home. Well, we decided that while we’re off finishing the “real movie” and trying to figure out why dismemberment is somehow more palatable to the MPAA than an erect penis, y’all might enjoy a little more of Vicca as our own Mamacita in the interim. OK. She’s probably not a “mamacita” strictly by Dee’s definition, but we were in Mexico, and we did eat a lot of Mexican food on the trip. That counts, right? [FEATURED TAGS: Vicca]

Vicca in ravishing attire. More or less. But more less than more, really.

It’s either a comedy of errors or an uplifting episode designed to make us dwell in the happiness and recognition that we are all human. … Or it could be Sandie Caine talking about being a porn star (and showing off a bit in the photo sets, actually). Either way, you can take from this little adventure what you may, and in the final analysis, that’s all we can really ask anyway, right? [FEATURED TAGS: 247AdultStars, Sandie Caine Video, Exclusive Video]

We have no idea what this shaddow knows.

Aye, Chi-Wa-Wa – or maybe that’s Ah, Chee-Wah-Wah – it probably depends on where you’re from. Or more accurately, it probably doesn’t matter all. What does seem worthwhile would be D.Minion’s coverage of Day One where Dee found herself directing Mamacitas 8 starring Daisy Marie and Alexis Amore. It involves bathrooms with signage, strange bathtubs, rubber ducks, and the general oddness we’ve all come to expect from our … um … colorful minion. Still you might have a good time visiting. Just think of us as some of those weird relatives you like to watch during holiday season. It makes it easier. [FEATURED TAGS: Dee, Daisy Marie, Alexis Amore, D.Minion, Risque News Insight]

Daisy Marie and her angelic (literally) back.

Well, the “official” remodel of the Members’ Side of the site(s) has begun, and so far we’re just intimidating all the Super-Geeks with the sheer volume of what we’ve been doing around here for the last eight years or so. It’s good to scare Geeks, though, and besides it’s fun to have a hobby. Anyway, Bijou has been compiling various lists and databases, and such, and somehow she found that we had begun D.Minion’s story about Vicca and Nikita’s photo shoot for the “novelty” company that would eventually sever the relationship with them, but never finished it. And since we just talked about the latest “novelty” convention here, and since we’ve been on the tangent of Vicca’s recent birthday in one of the Members’ Message Board threads, we decided that today would be a good day to finish the story. Occasionally we have a rhyme behind our reason. Or is that reason behind our rhyme? … But this doesn’t rhyme – all of the time. … It’s probably best to just enjoy some new looks at some old friends here, all things considered. [FEATURED TAGS: Vicca, Nikita, D.Minion, Risque News Insight]

Vicca. There haven't been many her equal.