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The Man Eric Masterson

Eric Masterson on Kristal Summers
Being on Kristal — kind ofby SteveFriday of AEE week brought a not entirely unexpected surprise for me: I was selected to shoot the BTS stuff for a couple scenes Kristal was shooting. [We could be getting predictable in our advancing age. Now at least we know we should do something about that.] Normally Mav […]
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Kristal and Anais

Kristal Anais“Becoming Anais” Photos

photos by D.Minion

Technically these photos appear as “bonus” coverage — y’now, or uncoverage — of Kristal Summers posing at the first “professional” promo shoot for her aspiring friend, and niece, Anais.

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The Ginger Lynn Cytherea

A (Camel) Toe in the Water

by Nobody Special

Life goes on. You can sit around all day and do nothing, never answer your email, never return a phone call. These days you can even have groceries delivered via an online order, so you really don’t even have to go outside. But even if you do all of that, the world will simply move along around you. That turns out to be a pretty bad plan, though, as it can be pretty humbling once you realize that everything seems to go along just fine without you. Worse, if you started this hermit approach to life because of depression, well, you can see the downward spiral you have begun. More on this Risque Adult Diary