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Back when the Old Stuff was New Stuff


After Deb’s week on the road with Devinn, we now come to the end of this saga. There are lots more pictures and a few more ribald tales as Deb gives us two more entries about the lovely Devinn Lane – “Devinn Visits Amityville” and “Devinn Goes Postal.” Enjoy! [FEATURED TAGS: Devinn Lane]


It’s always great when one of the beautiful, sexy girls on our site decides to keep a journal and share it with us. Our buxom starlet, Kristal Summers, will now be letting you keep up with her progress on a continuing basis towards becoming a superstar in XXX. It’s with pride that we present to you – Blow By Blow – Kristal’s Journal! [FEATURED TAGS: Kristal Summers]


D.Minion’s been on a tear (That’s a visual pun, by the way.), having presented us with two single-spaced pages of articles she has completed that we haven’t posted. Imagine our chagrin. No really, try. While attempting this feat, check out “I was a stand-in for Juli Ashton” and “The Forbidden movie set.” Worth noting was our ability to use both “pshaw” and “aplenty” in one day. Oh, goodie … [FEATURED TAGS: Juli Ashton, Wendy Divine, Tiffany Mason, Inari Vachs, D.Minion]

Juli Ashton's “Petulant” puppy.

Properly penintent, we give you a completely sober Kristal Summers, and equally coherent Inari Vachs, all dressed up and ready to play on the set of Wicked PicturesInfidelity. We’re bad boys — very bad boys. You’ll have to read all about it. We’re too broken up to say more here. Sniffle.  [FEATURED TAGS: Kristal Summers, Inari Vachs]

Kristal, very sober.

Bodacious Becca wound up down at Hedonism III too, and we’re using this incredibly thin thread to wrap three 20-picture sets together, as we sail through the Caribbean from the rather sterile offices in Los Angeles. You can see “Wendy Divine and Inari Vachs do Becca.” You can see “Becca does Kristal Summers.” You can also see that beautiful young women have substantially more fun than the rest of us. Alas. (Four fine, lasses, now that we think about it.)  [FEATURED TAGS: Becca, Wendy Divine, Inari Vachs, Kristal Summers]

Wendy, Becca and Inari – naked.     Kristal and Becca, really.
Our buddy Becca's place.

Sometimes Deb’s assignments defy credibility. How did this admittedly lovely, but otherwise “normal” woman get to travel with these sexy porn stars … and not us? That’s a question we’ll have to ponder later, because now we get to follow her again. Actually, it’s Deb that’s doing the following in this diary entry called “A View From Behind, or What the Roadie Really Saw.” Deb hits the road with that beautiful, Wicked contract girl, Devinn Lane, at a dance gig in Long Island, NY. Deb says that the “titty bar” (called “Gossip” ) was the nicest she has ever seen! Why don’t you enjoy the view, too? [FEATURED TAGS: Devinn Lane]

Devinn makes a quick call before taking the stage.

Now this is our tale of some castaways in a deserted Jamaican cove. This beats the hell out of the professer, and even Mary Ann. Setting aside our petty jealousies, we pause to enjoy women — many, many naked women — frolicking in the sunshine. If they weren’t so fun when they came by the office to look at our work, we’d be royally ticked off at all the fun they seemed to have without us. As it is, we’ll just continue to lobby for inclusion in the next trip to Hedonism III. [FEATURED TAGS: Juli Ashton, Dee, Kristal Summers, Cheyenne Silver, Inari Vachs, Becca, Wendy Divine]

It's a beach, baby.

The party kicks into high gear in Panama City as Deb takes us back one more time. In this entry Deb tells us about “Club La Vela – Something for Everyone” and by the looks of these pictures (115 of them!) everyone had a really, REALLY good time!  [FEATURED TAGS: Devinn Lane, Alexa Rae, Serenity]

Devinn starts to Party

In honor of Tax Day 2001, we decided promote our good friend Serenity, and the company holding her contract, Wicked Pictures. What either of them have to do with tax day, we have no idea, but they both very kindly lent us 40 fabulous photos from one of Serenity’s recent movies, WickedGirl.com which, by the way, you should run right out and buy. Be sure and tell Wicked what wonderful folks we all are, and then maybe they’ll give us some more “Wicked Pictures” to show off. Oh, and, by the way (again), the girl dressing up the American flag is Dee. She’s very patriotic.  [FEATURED TAGS: Asia Carrera, Serenity, Brittany Andrews, Nina Hartley, Dee]

Patriotic Dee.

Never one to rest just because of some obscure religious holiday, Deb tells us a strange tale called Devinn Is Wicked. I don’t believe you will ever doubt that again after this diary entry. Then for a special treat Deb recalls the short, yet brief, porno career of Alexa Rae in Sick & Beautiful. [FEATURED TAGS: Alexa Rae, Devinn Lane]

Wicked Devinn Lane

Deb takes us back to Panama City for more hijinx at Spring Break with the Wicked Girls. This time it’s Debbie Gets Wicked. Wonder what that means? [FEATURED TAGS: Devinn Lane, Serenity, Alexa Rae]

Wicked Women, Devinn Lane, Serenity, Alexa Rae

We return to Spring Break and the girls from Wicked. It seems there were a lot of wicked things going on, because we are treated to a new Deb’s Diary entry called Club La Vela Is Wicked for a Week.  [FEATURED TAGS: Devinn Lane, Serenity]

Devinn is wicked, too!

Because Ms. Juli Ashton is infinitely wise we never argue with her. It seems that the 2,652 pictures they returned with from Hedonism III in Jamaica were insufficient for the lovely lass, so she pulled out 40 from her first trip to Hedonism II in mid 1997. Well, we’d have complained, but it’s hard to complain about more naked pictures of Vicca and Nikita, and then there’s that girl that used to host Night Calls with Juli. She has a good life. More on topic are the first “layout” pics of luscious Kristal Summers dressing up the Jamaican shores. Come to think of it, we have a good life too.  [FEATURED TAGS: Night Calls Jamaica, Juli Ashton, Doria, Chrissy, Emma, Vicca, Nikita, Kristal Summers]

Kristal Summers at sunset in Jamaica.     A shy Juli Ashton.

Many of you may know that a big bunch of “Risqué” women just got back from 10 days in sunny Jamaica. Many of you may also know that not all of us got to hang around on the nude beach with Juli Ashton, Wendy Divine, Kristal Summers, Inari Vachs, Dee, Becca, and Cheyenne Silver. Many of you should be able to guess that some of us were just the teensiest bit IRRITATED about the guest list, actually. To add insult to injury, Juli comes back with 2,652 digital stills, 22 rolls of 35mm chromes, and 7 hours of vides for us to go through and put up on the web — in case we weren’t jealous enough. It’s good to be us: We have a great job. Still, it’s better to be Juli. We’re calling this first article by its internal name: Jamaica, me crazy, part one: The EJ16 party. And, yes, members will eventually see almost all of the 2,652 pictures. Eventually. We have to finish pouting first. [FEATURED TAGS: Wendy Divine, Kristal Summers, Cheyenne Silver, Dee, Inari Vachs, Becca, Juli Ashton]

Juli Ashton and naked partiers, and Gary.

We have some interesting Polaroids of young Miss Kristal Summers. The first day she went by VCA Pictures to look for work, they took these shots of her. Somehow they’ve ended up back in our hands and Deb takes the opportunity to write a piece called Kristal’s Lovers. Isn’t it wonderful when things work out this way? [FEATURED TAGS: Kristal Summers, Nina Hartley]

Shayla...I mean Kristal Summers!

We’re close enough now to announce that we’ll soon be launching another site within our little family, this one for Wendy Divine. We’ve got some technical aspects that are acting like the proverbial bur in the saddle, but we think we’ve hired the right “groomers” to smooth everything out. OK, we’re getting lost in the metaphor, so let’s just get on with the tease. Take a walk with Wendy, and catch her Divine Dancing. We promise, no more animal imagery for awhile. [FEATURED TAGS: Wendy Divine]

Wendy Divne takes the stage.