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Back when the Old Stuff was New Stuff


Do you know how you know you’re in Los Angeles? I was sitting outside a little sandwich shop yesterday and a guy walked down the street in one of those t-shirts that have obviously been washed about 500 times – you know the “favorite shirt” kind of washing? The shirt said, “If we are what we eat, then I’m going to be you in the morning.” THAT’S how you know you’re in Los Angeles. Now you might want to decide if you’d rather spend a few days in LA, or (finally) peruse D.Minon’s account of the 2006 AEE. They should both take about the same amount of time, we’re betting, but the DM insights will still be cheaper, so they have that going for them. If you’re brave, keep reading, consequently … click here. [FEATURED TAGS: Adult Entertainment Expo, AVN Awards, Juli Ashton, Kristal Summers, Jessica Drake, Kylie Ireland, Audrey Hollander, Julia Ann, Exclusive Video, Lon, Steve, D.Minion]

DM's Fault.    DM's Fault.    Not DM.

In case you’re not a member and are reading this on the free side you may still be curious (at least if you’ve been following along for a few weeks). In its final form, this one “post” weighs in at 38 pages comprising 4,500 some odd (and some a lot odd) words, 15 video clips, 400+ pictures, and uncounted amounts of weirdness. Do not be afraid if you’re thinking of joining, however: We usually keep a better reign on our faithful Minon. If you are a member, call your travel agent. Erotica LA is June 22-24 … and we’re forming the barest thread of an idea for an event there. At the very least we’re going to need more people to help distract DM. Kristal and Dee can’t do everything.


We’ve got a Big Time Stall going on around here today, but that doesn’t matter as much because we’ve also got the luscious Sarah Blake to help us fill our time. We’ve often said that we lead a very strange life, but it may be that strangeness has no bounds around us. A graduating high school senior (Yes, he’s 18, D.Minon.) casually asked me at lunch if I knew anything about Porn Stars. It seems his final paper has to do with “Women Enslaved by Pornography.” And the only thing this kid knows about me is that I’m friends with his dad. I expect I’d better ask Dad how much I can tell the young inquiring mind. As it turns out, I probably do know something about this subject. The rest of you should probably just enjoy Sarah. She’s really a lot more interesting, but we will let you know how it all comes out … so to speak. [FEATURED TAGS: Sarah Blake, Michael Ninn]

Sarah Blake

Kaylan Nicole is “Certifiably Anal” … and that’s a dandy way to start a discussion, isn’t it? Well fortunately today there are a lot more interesting things to concentrate on than “discussion” as you’ll see. There’s Kaylan, of course, and then there’s Jewel, Peter North, and a mystery guest. Sound interesting? Well we can feel confident as we tell you that “sounds” are only part of the attraction with this entry. [FEATURED TAGS: Kaylan Nicole Video, Juli Ashton, Jewel, Exclusive Video]

Kaylan's take on the “American Beauty” pose.

It’s quite possible that we have a Secret Agent as a member. At least that’s the latest philosophy around here, as we all went through Mr. Moto’s Photos from the AEE. After looking at over 1,000 pictures, not to mention actually attending the event, you’d think we wouldn’t be surprised by the people that our good friend managed to photograph. So we figure he just has some special powers, but at least he only uses them for good, and he does share with us after all, so that’s OK. Besides, you never know when you might be in need of a SuperHero. You really don’t.  [FEATURED TAGS: Adult Entertainment Expo, Rita Faltoyano, Sunny Lane, Mr. Moto]

A dazzling Moto Photo of Tory Lane.

Yeah, we know we’re putting up a story today with a date on it from a couple of days ago, but we’ve got so many different stories, and pictures, and clips and so forth in the queue that we didn’t want to hit everybody with too many things right in a row. Besides, this has Dee, and Holly Hollywood, and Mia Smiles, and a Big Star that we’d rather forget, honestly. And that doesn’t happen every day. There really is a method to this madness, and just as soon as we find it, we’re going to put it to good use. Really. Swear. [FEATURED TAGS: Dee Video, Mia Smiles, Holly Hollywood, Exclusive Video, Michael Ninn, Risque News Insight]

Holly, Dee, Mia

Georgia Adair has come up recently on the Message Board, and naturally that got us thinking about her. Then in the midst of a feared Temporary Restraining Order we decided to do more than just think about Georgia; we decided to show her off. So we did. We enjoy easy things sometimes. We mean the showing off, not Georgia personally, of course. Also you can get a little bit of insight into what’s coming up (and you can understand this little picture) if you pay attention today. [FEATURED TAGS: Phoenix Ray, Georgia Adair Video, Exclusive Video, Michael Ninn]

Maverick's weather report.

We figure we lost Maverick, Doug, and a few others with the thumbnail, but for those of you that didn’t pass out just from a little picture of Kristal Summers in a bubble bath we should explain that we have many pictures, some rather more revealing, of Kristal in this bath today. We call it Beauty and Bubbles make the Babe. We also have Lon’s account of the Adult Entertainment Expo, all 3,407 words of it actually. Oddly this account seems to include complete details on every meal Lon ate in our presence. Hey, we just post ’em as we get ’em, y’all. In case you were concerned, we also have more of Lon’s … um … interesting photographic efforts. Someone needs to let him know that nobody really uses Polaroid cameras anymore … Maybe Lon’s just a very retro kind of guy. Speaking of that, wait until you see Juli Ashton and Kylie Ireland in 1995. [FEATURED TAGS: Adult Entertainment Expo, Kristal Summers, Juli Ashton, Julia Ann, Kylie Ireland, Justine Joli, Sunset Thomas, Cytherea, Lon]

Kristal Clean

We’ve said it before, but we really do lead very strange lives around here. And apparently the condition can be catching as we’ll learn today. Once a distant Kristal Summers fan, then a shy Members’ Party attendee, and eventually a regular visitor to the Risqué homefront, our friend Maverick has taken a professional turn that’s really hard to explain. Now it’s not so much that the industry has a new webmaster among its members as it is that Maverick is that new persona. We know Maverick, and Maverick does NOT shoot POV videos with professional adult entertainers. Something is very, very wrong in the universe. We’re calling this “Fayed to Maverick” but that’s only for as long as it takes us to find that “Turn Back Time” Machine. Just when you thought you’d seen everything … [FEATURED TAGS: Faye Rampton Video, Exclusive Video, Maverick]

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