February 2008 Risque | What’s New

… With appropriate credit to Garth:

Back when the Old Stuff was New Stuff


We’re reaping the rewards of the UK extension today with a new gallery on KazB. We thought we’d mention it here too, just in case people aren’t yet used to looking at the 247AdultStars main page yet. Maverick uses a more traditional approach with his site, that being essentially just adding new gallery (or video) links to a star’s "main" page to update. Apparently not everyone on the web talks as much as we do. Go figure. That’s hardly the only non-traditional thing about us if you really want to know the truth.  [FEATURED TAGS: 247AdultStars, Kaz B.]

Kaz B ... all that she can B.

Granted we’re paying a not-so-subtle tribute to yet another UK influence with our "Stray Cats" references. On the upside, though, our particular bent on this musical reference involves our own friends Kristal Summers, Georgia Adair, and Dee (which is way better than a bunch of hairy, sweaty guitar players from England). If you think about it, the Web has made microculture potentially profitable enough to ensure its survival, and Cam Shows are living, breathing, sexual proof of the theory. Oh, and we use "bent" in the nicest possible way, in case you were curious. [FEATURED TAGS: Dee Video, Kristal Summers Video, Georgia Adair Video, Exclusive Video]

Kristal Summers, Dee, and Georgia Adair with their own version of a non-holiday spread.

Well the Geeks around here are all abuzz about some new Flash Video player they’re designing, or working with, or modifying … or some such silliness, and the rest of us have been forced to watch our own Kristal Summers in a bunch of her recent releases as we try to come to terms with where exactly the term MILF came from and why anyone is surprised that women over 22 years old can be sexy. Well we found out that although we’ve talked a lot about Kristal’s first Award Winning MILF movie, we never actually ran D.Minion’s On the Set Piece, and we figured we should do that one before we do the next ones. … And by the way, we’re renewing our public offer to "do" Kristal any time she offers too – purely in the interests of scientific research of course. [FEATURED TAGS: Kristal Summers, Dee, Demi Dalia, Kitty Langdon, TJ Powers, D.Minion]

Kristal Summers with a guy that look a lot like Tom Hanks, but we assure you that he is not. ... Well, he's not Tom Hanks, but he is with Kristal. Lucky bastard. ...

We actually aim to be a little puzzling today, which stands in direct contrast to our usual method of simply being inadvertently so. On the upside, the effort involves our old buddy Becca and a couple of adult "novelties" (which have nothing to do with ice cream, oddly enough). There’s also yet another Sybian in sight, which seems to work well for some people – even those presumably not riding one while they read. If any of you ever get a chance, you should be an admin for an adult web site at some point in your life: People have fascinating login names …  [FEATURED TAGS: Becca]

Becca and a bed. Add toys. She'll stir. ... Photograph.

Well Update Phase 1.5 has gone off with nary a hitch. But seeing as how we’re now hitching Mav’s 247AdultStars.com venture into the members’ area of our humble presence here, Valentine’s Day seemed like the perfect day to launch Our European Purview. That said, of course, we’re not sure whether this constitutes a love offering or a massacre. Life’s a matter of perspective after all. [FEATURED TAGS: 247AdultStars.com]

Hot in London? ... Really?

The Pro Bowl starts at 4:30 ET today. We knew you’ve been desperately seeking that information, and we always try to help. On the off chance that you’ve been looking forward to the final installment of Dee’s Unabridged Sybian Show, well you can see that any time you want from this moment on. … So let’s recap. … Pro Bowl 2008: One specific time on one specific day. Dee on the Sybian: Any time on any day, from now on. … Gosh it’s nice to be better than the Pro Bowl. Maybe somebody should notify the NFL.  [FEATURED TAGS: Dee Video, Exclusive Video]

Adorable Dee

Big news on the horizon usually means silly amounts of code work in the office. And we can assure you that it takes a special kind of person to spend hours and hours tweaking miniscule amounts of code to the point where when people see it, they simply say, "Cool." … And the name for that special kind of person is weird in case you’re curious. Consequently while the alleged boss dude was distracted, someone from the Blue Collar Comedy writing corps obviously infiltrated our ranks as we were working on the next installment of the AEE 2008 review. Somebody better settle that writers’ strike in Hollywood pretty quick because those folks can be a bad influence on the young and impressionable it seems. On the upside, "Porn Princess" Christina and Redish will be happy, because they can finally know that all of their "stuff" will be shipping out this week. And the rest of us …. well, we’re not really sure what the rest of us should do. It gets really strange around here sometimes. [FEATURED TAGS: Adult Entertainment Expo, Exclusive Video, D.Minion]

It's kind of a boob day if you want to know the truth.

We were going to post the final episode of the "Pink Makes Dee Think" Cam Show to celebrate the final day of the 2007 NFL season. … But then someone here pointed out that this is not in fact technically the last day of the season. We won’t mention whom, since that might be unnecessarily critical, but we will say that her name rhymes with "See Em" (if you note that we haven’t used an apostrophe in that second word). So we’re making it "Episode Two" and we’re trying to be nice about it. Still, has anyone actually watched a Pro Bowl in the last 15 or 20 years? … Well we haven’t either. … Basically we all know that the Pro Bowl just serves as methadone for football addicts. … Our final advice would be to just wait a day or so on this and watch the Super Bowl. And if you don’t like football, just do what "DM" does: Read a book during the game and look up to watch the commercials. (OK. There may have been another subtle hint about the identity of the picky, picky, picky office person in there.)  [FEATURED TAGS: Dee Video, Exclusive Video]

Dee, but not the pink part.

In an uncharacteristic burst of logic around here, we actually went searching for the "follow up" report on yesterday’s bit. We’ve heard that history is doomed to repeat itself, which seems nothing if not sad taken in conjunction with the core issue today. Fortunately, it doesn’t seem to repeat all that often, which makes the "head in the sand" people feel better about life. For the rest of us, we also have a peek into the early "pro" life of Exclusive Performer Julie Meadows. We’ll leave the "conclusions" on this to you members, though. … We need to go wash the dirt out of our ears. [FEATURED TAGS: Julie Meadows, Sharon Mitchell

Perky Ms. Meadows.