June 2008 Risque | What’s New

… With appropriate credit to Garth:

Back when the Old Stuff was New Stuff


You know, when we called Maverick yesterday to joyously tell him about the new Kristal Summers post from his trip here, he said, “Hey! Remember that I was going to announce the new Kristal videos on 247 and I made you screen grabs for Carol so you could put that part on risqué and talk about it too?” … And then we said something like, “Oh, yeah. That’s right. … Um. … BYE.” (Sometimes the Brits just don’t seem to understand the whole joyous appreciation of life thing. Have you noticed?) … So anyway we might be putting up this Kristal solo in the wrong order, but it won’t matter much in the long run. Brits may not be the most joyous folks, but Americans can flat rewrite History with the better than most anyone. [FEATURED TAGS: 247 AdultStars.com, Kristal Summers]

Kristal Summers cooling off in the office. It was distracting.

Well, it’s summertime for sure, and although perhaps not technically “easy” these days, it sure beats the heck out of the alternative. Besides, one of our favorite philosophies has always been, “If it were easy, anyone could do it.” … That said, Kristal Summers offers up a little proof that it’s a nice way for a white bedding, and any time you can get a solo Kristal into the same paragraph with Billy Idol and George and Ira Gershwin, well it seems like a pretty successful day all the way around to us. [FEATURED TAGS: Kristal Summers Video, Exclusive Video]

Living with Kristal Summers seems like it would be easy, white bedding or not.

“Titillating” seems to be a reasonable goal around here, and sometimes we even manage to accomplish that without resorting to the obvious pun references the word implies. Theoretically we set out today to allow you members to see a much more visual distinction between the “Las” Vegas Adult Convention and the “Los” Angeles Adult Convention. D.Minion provides some highlights of the former while we wait for Lon on the latter. Now the LA part this year involved trips to (count ’em) three new restaurants, though, including one rather lavish buffet, albeit perhaps not up to Las Vegas standards. We will see. Those of you that have been around awhile will know how much Lon appreciates a good meal, and will consequently understand the labor-intensiveness of his current assignment. Then, as current events have a way of doing around here, more titillation has been ensuing, and we’re helpless to avoid its pull. At the very least, we entertain ourselves. But feel free to pop along for the ride. It’s always interesting. (That’s a Chinese curse, right?) [FEATURED TAGS: Adult Entertainment Expo, Stephanie Swift, Belladonna, Kylie Ireland Audio, Jessica Drake Audio, Exclusive Audio, D.Minion]

Kylie Ireland views a leg up on the competition.

We have a “Wilde” “Trinity” (with a triptych) today. And we even lay out our insightful version of the simple “Vachs” at risqué . Sometimes it’s confusing enough just saying what it is; have you ever noticed that? It may, however, lead to simpler understanding as you go through life. Thus, you may feel free to spend the rest of the week asking, “What it is?” to everyone you meet. At the very least you’ll amuse yourselves, and if that’s not the mark of a supremely successful life, we certainly can’t think of what it might be. [FEATURED TAGS: Inari Vachs, Kylie Wilde, Trinity]

One of the Inari “Vachs” we examine.

Sadly, as a result of the recent major earthquake, one of the giant pandas at the Wolong Research Center in China lost its life. As do people throughout the world the children of the land love the pandas, prompting one distraught youngster to question which fine animal passed away. “Who died, papa? Which one was it? Papa, papa, who?” … At least this was how one of the major networks here reported the news. Probably because of time constraints the network cut away before airing the father’s reply, but we’re pretty sure it went something along the lines of “Papa, papa who? Mao Mao.” (… And if you know how to pronounce the most famous leader of the People’s Republic of China to date, and know a little American popular music history, well, it won’t make that the most impressive joke you’ve ever heard, but it will help a lot with understanding it.) … Fortunately today we’re taking a video look at our old friend Cheyenne Silver, and we’re not even mentioning a thing about natural disasters anymore. Still, it’s good to remain at least somewhat aware of world events, and it is Father’s Day, so we had to at least mention dads out there. (Besides, they might know The Beach Boys in China.) [FEATURED TAGS: Cheyenne Silver Video, Exclusive Video]

Get between a rock and a soft place with Cheyenne Silver.

Well, we have to start somewhere, so we might as well start with the artistic angle, right? Or maybe we should start with the bizarre. That’s always fun. … Or we could show off some fancy Photoshop collages too; that would be nice, as would a custom video segment showing off the general weirdness of our existence. Those are always popular. … So that’s how we started bright and early this morning, and then we figured out that we’re in LA, and we just got back from Erotica LA …. And that pretty much ties together all these things. OK. So it’s not earth-shattering logic, but we’re really a lot better after a few cups of coffee. [FEATURED TAGS: Erotica LA, Exclusive Video, Maverick]

Bizarreness is in the eye of the beholder too.

Ah, but we love the BTS footage. We find it a wonderful way to really see not so much what movie sets are like (because even if you’ve never been on one you’ve probably seen enough clips on television to pretty much know what they’re like) but because this type of footage gives the most accurate capture of the moods of the actors and actresses at a precise moment in time. (And you’ve probably seen enough clips on television to know that those little moods are nothing if not volatile too.) As is his now tradition, Maverick has also put together some screen grabs for Carol, since she still can’t see video on the web, as most of you probably know even if you’re not a member. By our estimation, Mav’s either a very nice man, has a not-so-secret crush on Carol … or he just thinks it would be very handy to marry an American. … For today, color us cynical and entertained. [FEATURED TAGS: Lorraine Sisco, Faith Leon, Daisy Marie, Kellemarie, Nevaeh, Exclusive Video]

Daisy Marie and her new breasts. She seems enthralled, as are we.

Oh, we’re learning a lot today. We have a functional display of the typical interaction between the Homo sapien male and female. We investigate the inherent quirkiness of cab drivers around the world. We highlight a bit of the cultural differences just the distance of one ocean can create, oh, and we talk about the weather. All in all, just consider it another day of Maverick Adventures with Isabella Kay. [FEATURED TAGS: 247AdultStars.com, Isabella Kay Video, Exclusive Video]

Isabella getting warm and getting ready to warm us.