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Back when the Old Stuff was New Stuff


So Geekdom continues as we try (painfully) to catch up with those who must be kept. Although this time it involves Georgia Adair and some miscellaneous father figures instead of ancient vampires and the like. … If one can do nothing else, at least one should amuse oneself. Hello, mudder, hello fodder[FEATURED TAGS: Georgia Adair Video, Exclusive Video, Michael Ninn]

Heather Vuur – capturing “Sacred Sin” ...

We’re trying not to say too much today, in the hopes that most people might just overlook this entry entirely. True, there is a particulary beautiful woman (OK. It’s Kristal Summers.), and she may well be doing particularly interesting things. Still there must be something else you could be doing other than thinking up ways to say unnecessary things on the Message Board after watching what’s in store for today. Isn’t your dog sick or something? Don’t you need to call your mom? [FEATURED TAGS: Kristal Summers Video, Exclusive Video]

Nice Office Attire, huh?

Naturally most of you will be way too busy today watching football to see any of the insights that Maverick finally decided to give us (along with the “documentary” video naturally) from his last g/g shoot. Still, since they only have “that other kind of football” over there in the U.K., though, today seemed like a good time to give those dern foreigners (which is pretty much what we call everyone that doesn’t watch football, regardless of their place of domicile) something to do. The rest of you can catch it on Monday after work. No. … That won’t work because of Monday Night Football on ESPN, and since Thursdays are now gone starting this week with new night games on the NFL Network, you’re pretty much going to have to fit it in on Tuesday or Wednesday, or just make an excuse for being late for your weekend dates. Hey, nothing valuable comes easy. [FEATURED TAGS: Alyssa Leigh Video, Kaz B. Video, Keana Moiré, Virginia Chambers, Stacy Silver, Twigy, Nela Norrington, Zoe, Barbara Summer, Kia Winston, Exclusive Video, Maverick]

A typical Party at Maverick's House
Porn Stars 24/7

Oh, goodness we have many, many pictures today. We’re off for a couple of days to attend a Digital Video Convention down in LA, and we thought we’d give you a little to look at while we’re gone. Silly us. Maybe we should have thought this through a little more carefully before we plopped down some 300-odd (and some very odd) photos to go through in Days Two and Three of D.Minion’s typically epic coverage of the shoot. Ah well, it is the rest of the Aperture shoot, and so it is Heather Vuur, and Marie Luv, and Daisy Marie … and yada, yada. Sometimes people over-complicate things in life. You learn that lesson today too. [FEATURED TAGS: Rita Faltoyano, Daisy Marie, Heather Vuur, Heather Vandeven, Ginger Lea, Holly Wellin, Marie Luv, Lorraine Sisco, Dee, Michael Ninn]

Sadly this is the only picture of Dee today, but it does get bigger inside.

Ah-Hah! We have found the solution to the temptation to run off at the mouth/keyboard that we sometimes see around here. If you just limit the day to one scene, and then you place it in a location that’s functionally impossible for D.Minion to get to, you actually end up with a manageable amount of text and pictures that now define Day One on the set of Aperture. Wow. … Still, we see two sort of major problems with this. First, no human being we’ve ever met can claim any sort of influence over how Michael will do anything at all associated with his movies, and second, the trouble with finding solutions to temptations seems historically to be that the pesky temptations simply mutate into something a lot more formidable. For now, however, we’re comfortable with blind optimism. [FEATURED TAGS: Heather Vuur, Heather Vandeven, Carli Banks, Lorraine Sisco, Michael Ninn]

Carli Banks and Heather Vuur doing ... well, those things they do.

Sometimes things get lost in translation. That happens. … It doesn’t often happen, however, between the U.S. and the U.K. it would seem. Other than the odd “knickers” reference and a “fag” here or there confusion, we can really communicate fairly well we’ve always thought. Granted, we’ll never understand blood sausage, and although rugby has its appeal, to us a “cricket” will always be a harmless little bug that makes pleasant noises in the evening. Still, overall, we pretty much understand each other. Consequently, our scientists ought to be able to communicate just fine as well, right? Well obviously something got mucked up in the trek across the Atlantic because although we all know that carrots are good for our eyesight, the way that we get that nifty vitamin A into our systems somewhat differs from how they appear to over in Maverick’s land. Ah, well, it’s good to be open minded, and if you learn something early in the day, you get to go back to sleep. [FEATURED TAGS: Alyssa Leigh, Kaz B., Maverick]

British Scientists, obviously

Another Ninn Worx shoot is in the books, or on the HD Tapes, or whatever, and we’re back in a much more peaceful land. Our favorite crew t-shirt of this shoot read: I’m like a Superhero – with no powers or motivation. That may not excuse much, but as an explanation we found it wonderful. Speaking of not having excuses, GO OUT AND VOTE TODAY. We’ve provided a little visual humor on which you can ruminate during your travels to the polls, and we don’t even care how you vote. It is most important that you do so, however. Pictures are just very brief moments in time, and your actions today have a chance to be a little more than that. OK. Enough Soap Box … There’s also some wonderfully interesting Becoming Georgia Adair insights here too by the way. [FEATURED TAGS: Georgia Adair Video, Exclusive Video, Michael Ninn]

Using CD's as mirrors. They don't hire them because they're humble.