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Back when the Old Stuff was New Stuff


If you’ve followed Shayla LaVeaux’s career at all, you’ll know that she basically lives as a woman combining Colorado with Southern California. And if you’ve followed Shayla’s new personal web site evolution at all, you’ll know that she now features these aspects of her personality. (Of course following the evolution of Shayla’s new personal web site would be pretty hard, since we haven’t launched it yet, but that’s just a detail.) Well, today’s Shayla feature aptly demonstrates this new approach, and it will quite likely provide you with some insight as to how cowgirls should dress for their performances. That said, we’re thinking the National Professional Rodeo Association might have bit of difficulty getting this new standard approved, and that’s too bad really. Life can be hard. … In Shayla’s case, of course, that clearly constitutes a very good thing. [FEATURED TAGS: Shayla LaVeaux Video]

Excellent Combinations a la Shayla

Dedicated to keeping the long holiday weekend extra special this year, you’ll find “Dee Perfect” – dare we say “Kristal Clear” – bit of home-spun nudity on tap today. True, at some level all nudity would be home-spun, but if you’re really trying to be that literal around here, you should probably be reading something a little deeper than your typical Risqué Commune offering. … And go volunteer at a soup kitchen or something. That’s doing more to help the world than hanging around here too. Still, we do make for a pleasant diversion. [FEATURED TAGS: Kristal Summers, Dee Video, Exclusive Video]

Kristal Summers and Dee - Sufficiently Diverting

You’ve probably heard of a lot of wonderful ways to give thanks today, and maybe even some of those don’t involve gluttony or football, although “a lot” might be a stretch in that case. However, we’re pretty sure that peeking at Cytherea risking her life just for fun has got to rank right up there with the best potential celebrations today. In honor of Cytherea and her larger than life approach to every day of her life, we’ve even decided to use a “larger-than-life” thumbnail. Yeah, we know: We’re wacky that way. … Remember being young and crazy? It’s a wonder any of us lived, right? [FEATURED TAGS: Cytherea Video, Exclusive Video]

Cytherea Having Fun. She Swears.

Think about “Soft Places for a Hard Drive” and just try to keep your mind out of the gutter. On the other hand, if you happen to enjoy a little gutter-thought now and again, this would be a fine place to hang out. In fact the ever-astounding and beautiful Julia Ann will probably keep you from noticing all the geek talk entirely. She’s handy that way. [FEATURED TAGS: Julia Ann, Danni Ashe, Justine Joli Video]

Julia Covers the Soft Places - Or Not

Ah, to recall the halcyon days of college. It comes as little surprise, perhaps, that people with the financial wherewithal (or the cajones to borrow even more money) often choose to continue the event. So why does no one tell us that Graduate School (note the capitalization there) bears little actual relationship to the generally festive frivolity of an undergraduate collegiate experience? In case you happen to be curious, we have figured it out for you: Because That’s how They get ya! … On the upside, folks in Graduate School do have rather varied schedules, and so when such Talented Temps (again with the capitalization) get a chance to hang for another stint at our humble offices, we welcome them we open arms (although not so much “wallets” as a rule). We also tend to let them use whatever Illustration Techniques they’d like to employ, and if some such person wants to show off a variation of a Flash Video Approach and play with Justine Joli in the process, well, gosh, why would we complain? (And, yes, These Types sometimes Capitalize Too Much. Whatever.) [FEATURED TAGS: Justine Joli, Monica Mayhem Video, Capri Anderson Video]

At Home With Justine (Capitalized)

Rumor has it that Joe Montana (Hall of Fame NFL Quarterback, if you’ve been living under a decidedly unathletic rock somewhere) once said that any talk of “Genius” doesn’t belong in the same conversation with football. According to this source (which was the radio, so it’s gotta be true) Joe actually said, “If you’re going to be talking Geniuses, you need to be talking about that Norman Einstein guy.” … Just so we’re clear here: Joe was making a joke. Not all football players need help spelling the name of their college entrance exam test. … Still, some people claim not to care anything at all about football, so we’re giving them Cytherea today. Technically she’s giving herself to us, but honestly that sounds like a whole lot more fun than what’s actually happening. It’s complicated. Y’all enjoy Cy. We’re all going to go in search of that really bright Norman fellow. [FEATURED TAGS: Cytherea, Justine Joli]

Beach, Baby. Beach, Baby. Give Us Your Hand.

Christopher Moore has once again given us a wonderful turn of phrase to use around the office. Has anyone else ever felt like an old piece of Bubblicious with all the licious chewed out of it? Well, writing computer code all day (and many nights) long can certainly do that to a person, but when some of your “duties” involve working with Inari Vachs, she being rather more of the Babelicious bent, well, you learn to put up with a few things. It’s a long road, but nobody said it has to be a miserable one. … OK. So some Gandhi dude said something like that, but he was clearly not talking about Inari. [FEATURED TAGS:Inari Vachs]

Inari Looking Decidedly Not Miserable

Now even admitting that you might pay attention to the tabloids, or Heaven Forbid, Tabloid Television, almost certainly violates the Fifth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. That said, we do have friends that have been known to “appear” in/on those darned things, so we can’t just ignore them. Consequently, we dutifully continue the “What We Can Tell You So Far” part of the Capri Anderson story from inside this part of her life, and then transition much more happily into Stormy Daniels (sadly, not “as it were” in this case). It makes for a rousing good day despite the ominous beginnings. Have you ever been with someone that picks up one of those tacky “newspapers” at the grocery store checkout line? Next time that happens, just say really loudly, “Aw, Geez! Can’t we just go buy porn or something? This is really embarrassing.” History tells us they will put that reading material back on the rack immediately. You might want to hurry on out of the store while they’re paying, however. [FEATURED TAGS: Capri Anderson, Tenaya, Stormy Daniels Video, Shyla Stylez Video]

Capri with Sex Toy and Cell Phone in Hand – Both very Handy Apparently

Oh, thank the Heavens that the excruciating barrage of political ads will finally end after today. Now we do want to pass along our traditional We don’t care for whom you vote, but it remains important that you do so! message, and thus we have done that – with some degree of elegance actually. In celebration we have a bit of our (also traditional) humorous look at some decidedly not political ads, and then we ever-so-subtly remind you that you should keep up with Cytherea on her site too. She had a new post go up yesterday. Did you know that? … As for the political commercials, according to Lon we have at least a couple of months before everyone starts talking about the 2012 elections. That Lon, he’s an eternal optimist. [FEATURED TAGS: Cytherea]

It All “Ads” Up