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… With appropriate credit to Garth:

Back when the Old Stuff was New Stuff


We have a lot of wonderful posts around here. (Right?) But we don’t always have wonderfully timed posts around here. Part of the nature of a true “reality in the porn business” site happens to be that schedules can change rapidly – and frequently. We don’t do the typical “print every press release you can find about the business and then try to sell advertising space on your site” sort of approach that almost all of the adult sites do these days. We just try to provide a meek little “Adult Diary” (remember that name you old timers?) of what happens in our little neck of the woods (or whatever body part seems pertinent that particular day). So imagine our surprise when we woke up and somebody on The Today Show mentioned that it’s Halloween. Gee. You’d think we’d notice something like that, at least you would if you didn’t understand the chaos that occasionally defines our existence. Still, we changed the plan once again because there’s really nothing more apropos for this particular day than “Dee & Demon Dog” …. You can see that, right? … Maybe we’ll use today’s plan for tomorrow, or maybe by tomorrow the plan will change again and we’ll have to postpone it to some future time, at which point we’ll undoubtedly say, “Didn’t we put that up yesterday?” Sadly, we’re occasionally like that too. Ah, well … Tomorrow, tomorrow, we love ya, tomorrow … Maybe we should write music. [FEATURED TAGS: Dee Video, Exclusive Video, Michael Ninn]

Dee making a hollow weenie.

What do you know? We already have Day Two from Fem: L’Amour ready for your inspection. This time around we’ve got the promised pictures of Heather Vuur and Justine Joli (along with Karlie Montana in that particular scene), and then D.Minion covers the uncovered lasses Marlie Moore, Samantha Ryan, Faith Leon, and Daisy Layne. All in all it’s our usual bevy of beauties along with some “absolutely perfect” lighting. Read all about it, or just look at the pictures. Whatever. [FEATURED TAGS: Heather Vuur, Heather Vandeven, Justine Joli, Karlie Montana, Marlie Moore, Samantha Ryan, Faith Leon, Daisy Layne, Michael Ninn, D.Minion]

Justine & Heather, playful to say the least.

Lon sent in his pictures from The Gathering and soon they will be selling for millions of dollars. If you want to understand the logic behind that, you’ll have to read today’s post. If, however, you’d prefer just seeing Justine Joli in various states of undress (all in California, ironically) doing various “things” to herself, then at least this will be much easier to understand. If you can’t be deep and philosophical, at least you should have gorgeous naked women; that’s our theory. [FEATURED TAGS: Dee, Justine Joli Video, Exclusive Video, Michael Ninn, Lon, Mr. Moto]

Dee looks fairly clear in thumbnail view.

Well, we’re a little lighter in the salary column than we were a week ago (or we will be in a month), but sometimes people get just a little too comfortable, a little too quickly, you know? Then they begin taking liberties, and don’t even understand enough to ask a simple question when we patiently explain that they are not John Stewart Mill. Ah, well …. Consequently, we begin today with “Day One” of D.Minion’s BTS coverage of Fem: L’Amour and we’ll fill in the rest soon. Now this thumbnail, in case you’re wondering, happens to picture a vintage foot massager. Honestly, it has nothing whatsoever to do with Heather Vuur, Angie Savage, Kimberly Kane, or even Kellemarie; it does, however, appear in the coverage of those uncovered on this day. With some people it’s easier to just move along than try to explain. We’ve been hitting our collective heads against the wall so much we fear harming the foundation. [FEATURED TAGS: Heather Vuur, Heather Vandeven, Angie Savage, Kellemarie, Kimberly Kane, Michael Ninn, D.Minion]

No. It's not a pretty girl.

Today we have Lon’s take (and D.Minion’s comments) on The Gathering. Sometimes you need to be careful about the adjectives that you choose, because you don’t want to give the wrong impression. Those grammar aficionados out there will quickly recognize that this first sentence has no adjectives. Make of that what you will. … Oh, and if you’re wondering where we got the unusual thumbnail for this post, you’ll have to check out the entry. Just like Sacred Sin there is a “secret code” somewhere in the story that tells you the answer to this burning question. Unlike Sacred Sin, however, you will not win a free autographed Eddie Van Halen guitar if you are the first to guess the answer. Sorry. On the upside, also unlike Sacred Sin, this “code” is just written in plain English, so it’s really not that hard to figure out. You take the bad with the good in life. [FEATURED TAGS: Dee, Kristal Summers, Stormy Daniels, Jessica Drake, Heather Vandeven, Heather Vuur, Ruby Flame, Exclusive Video, Michael Ninn]

This is neither Lon nor D.Minion.

Sometimes you just need to take a break. For example if you’re innocently looking at coming in to work and putting together a festive look at being on the set of Fem: L’Amour and then somebody runs up before you even sit down and says they’re “not done with the 339 pictures yet, and don’t bug me about it.” And then you hear loud cursing sounds from an office close by that says “10,000 f**king words?” And then the normally unflappable computer dude happens by without the heretofore ubiquitous cup of coffee, and says (for the very first time you’ve ever heard, ever) “I’m not sure if I can do anything with these mpeg files for Friday. … Clearly drastic and frantic solutions were in order, and the Big-Boss-Hog-Honcho’s off in meeting today. … Immediately a stunningly simple solution came to mind, involving a simply stunning Anais. … Don’t you love it when a different plan comes together? [FEATURED TAGS: Anais Video, Exclusive Video, Maverick, Michael Ninn]

Anais all wet.

Whew! We’re finally back to work after the big office move. Things always seem easier looking forward than they do looking back, but sometimes looking back can be fun, particularly when you get a chance to see secret stuff like today. Now that we’re back at it, we thought we’d start with something special. You’ll like it. [FEATURED TAGS: Eddie Van Halen, Stormy Daniels, Lorraine Sisco, Angel Cassidy, Jessica Drake, Monica Mayhem, Marlie Moore, Jezebelle Bond, Exclusive Video, Michael Ninn]

Stormy and two friends. This is part of the stuff you'll like.