October 2008 Risque | What’s New

… With appropriate credit to Garth:

Back when the Old Stuff was New Stuff


Apparently the “business” Internet connections in the U.K. don’t function the same way as the ISPs do over here in civilization. Poor Maverick has waited almost a week to get his connection back, as they keep sending someone out to “try something” and then it doesn’t work so they just promise another technician will be by in 24-48 hours. … For our part we decided to help the chap out by posting his 247 update and telling everyone about it here. This method has the distinct benefit of allowing us to say pretty much whatever we want, and he can’t even check it to defend himself. We’re off to LA for the next “super-secret” shoot, but rumor has it that we’ll at least be able to talk about it next week, so that’s a plus. First thing we’ll do when we get back this weekend will be to make corrections to protect Mav’s reputation. … Probably. It would be wrong to title this Sandie Caine is Able, right? [FEATURED TAGS: 247AdultStars.com, Sandie Caine]

Sandie Caine, Conveniently

So it may not rank up there with Aristotle and the Round Earth theory, or Pythagoras and his Theorum(s), or Newton and the Apple on the some silly scale like “change the evolution of human thought and civilization” or anything, but today a new risqué author confronts a challenge of impressive proportions as he attempts to set about placing porn in relative perspective. That said, we will warn you: History is good — often sad, generally misremembered, and continually open to debate, but “good” in a wholesome sense of the word. Our dear historian here, however, should probably spend just a little more time on the language arts, however, at the very least learning a few more words. He should be more intrepid, for example. For our part, consider this a most winsome threesome. [FEATURED TAGS: Monique Alexander, Penny Flame, Charlie Laine]

A decidedly not very intrepid, Monique Alexander, Penny Flame, and Charlie Laine.

It seems that the St. Louis Rams have suddenly decided that they’re a professional football team. Hmm. Apparently some things do change. Closer to home, D.Minion has decided that she’s a “very” big fan of Dee, Mr Marcus, and Juli Ashton. Hmm. … And apparently some things do not change. Now if you’ve decided not to watch the Broncos on Monday Night Football on ESPN this evening, because you really don’t care, you at least have some other — certainly more nude — forms of entertainment with which to fill your time. Naturally we don’t understand that decision, since these video clips will be here tomorrow too, but you do have that options. … See? Some things definitely do not change. [FEATURED TAGS: Juli Ashton Video, Dee Video, Taren Steele, Charlie, Nikita, Shayla LaVeaux, Rayveness, Vicca, Exclusive Video]

Dee. Shyness assured by white latex. Dee's not always shy.

Maverick has a bit to say about Harry’s last party today, what with him being all in the party mood again with Vegas and mucho porn partying on the horizon. For our part we bring some party favors in the form of a delicate “Pink Package” to add to the festivities. That’s said, it’s still before Halloween here and before the Presidential Election, as you certainly can’t miss hearing about unless you’re living under a rock or something. Still, according to many, many television commercials, they’re even “finding the Internet” under remote rocks these days, so who knows? We do know that the candidates ought to address the resilient “truth in advertising” issue tonight, along with the more predictable “Economy” and “War” and “Ain’t this current President sucky?” comments. Thinking about Halloween, D.Minion has already begun buying candy (because she loves any excuse for sugar), and yesterday we ate an entire bag of Smarties in the office. You know that this morning not a one of us felt appreciably more intelligent at all? Fortunately, you don’t have to be really bright to know what “Pink Package” refers to. That’s handy. … [FEATURED TAGS: 247AdultStars.com, Wendy Divine, Chasey Lain]


Ah, but sometimes you just love the easy ones. Not that we’re saying you could consider Lorraine Sisco “easy” , of course. Because that would be wrong. But during her Tall Goddess days she certainly qualified as a daring and curious lass, and to her credit she hasn’t forgotten the fun of that type of — call it performance. Also when the entire focus today has to do with a refreshingly positive outlook on higher education in America, well, you take your respites when you can. If congress hasn’t taught us anything lately, we should at least try to remember that. Well, we should remember that and it’s very good to be an AIG executive. [FEATURED TAGS: Tall Goddess Video, Exclusive Video]

Lorraine studying deeply. For sure.

Juli Ashton celebrates a birthday today, and thus D.Minion happily compiled a celebration in her own odd way. Imagine that. … Then we pointed out that Juli shares a birthday with one of the original risqué contribution team, and yet D.Minion has overlooked him completely. As only DM can do, when faced with the apparent contradiction, she explained simply, “But it’s Juli.” Oh. That helps. We’ve given a more complete analysis of the — call it thought process — here, just in case you decide that watching the NFL seems like a good plan. [FEATURED TAGS: Juli Ashton, D.Minion]

A vat of the Juli Ashton recipe.

You ever meet anyone that just can’t throw anything away? To these unusual creatures “old, obscure, and useless” somehow morphs in their brains into “retro, cool, and valuable,” and most of (read: sane among) us have no idea how this happens. Well, D.Minion has been a bit ill lately, giving her an unusual amount of time wandering the recesses of her … um … unique abode. Understanding that this place boasts overflowing shelves of Sonny and Cher dolls, you can see that it always frightens us when DM spends too much time there. The brain can only take so much 70’s influence before it starts rebelling, at least that’s our theory. Now consider the “super-secret extra collection” of risqué memorabilia she unearthed recently, and you have some idea of what you’re in for today. It won’t make anything easier to “grok” (since we’re using retro terms), but sometimes just trying to figure out how you got to a place can help. At least you can try to avoid the problem in the future. For our part we’ve issued an official memo forbidding D.Minion from ever getting sick again. [FEATURED TAGS: Keri Windsor, Rayveness, Alexis DeVell Juli Ashton, Taylor Hayes, Taren Steele, D.Minion]