September 2011 Risque | What’s New

… With appropriate credit to Garth:

Back when the Old Stuff was New Stuff


You take your basic adult video site, and you start talking about video of “pie” and all kinds of naughty things most likely come to mind. While Cytherea and her CyCAM certainly fit that bill, we will warn you that D.Minion has once again outdone herself with her “Eye in the Pie” interpretation. Don’t worry too much, however, as we can assure you that even this oddness has nothing whatsoever to do with 3.14159265 … [FEATURED TAGS: Cytherea Exclusive Video] 

Sweet Dreams Are Made of This

We theorize that you members have been keeping up with all the Risque Commune sites over the past week and a half. Because you have learned this a valuable effort, you have thus already seen Cytherea playing naturally au naturel in nature, Shayla being her naturally friendly self while “Going Down, Down Under” … and Maverick of 247AdultStars fame (yeah, well, sort of) turning a quite natural shade of purple in the presence of naked females. You have already seen all this so we don’t even need to mention it. If you have somehow lost your mind recently and have not been paying commune-wide attention, well fear not, we have linked you pleasantly today. And we’ve thrown in a study of Bijou Not Being Bitter as well. We think maybe she doesn’t understand that word. … And in case you’re wondering, we “theorize” all of this because we know what “assume” can do. [FEATURED TAGS: Cytherea, Shayla LaVeaux Video, Jessica Drake Video, Dolorean Video, Tanya Cox Exclusive Video, Dee, Wendy Divine, Kristal Summers, Keri Windsor,] 

A Natural Cy

Gloom has befallen fully half of the NFL fans as of very late last night, or very early this morning, depending upon where you call home. The other half of the fans, as one might expect, find themselves rejuvenated, thoughts of evil union disputes pushed far into the ancient history parts of there minds. … Then there are the other people who have somehow managed to avoid the clutches of American Football Frenzy and find accounts of lesbian sexual interaction far more appealing. Sometimes it can be hard to understand any of these extremes, however, but if you think about it, it remains far easier to contemplate why someone might be interested in beautiful naked females than it does to fathom how some people can get distressingly worked up over a game. Those people should probably search for “Gloom, despair, and agony on me” replays on YouTube. [FEATURED TAGS: Angie Savage Exclusive Video, Angelina Valentine Exclusive Video, Holly Sampson, Juelz Ventura]

Two Angie Types Likely not Thinking about Football

As it turns out, no one was keeping the home fires burning during our recent trip to cover Adam & Eve’s Dallas — experience. On the other hand, some attentive person decided to provide a great deal of fire for us at our temporary location. Honestly in this case we’d rather not have relied on the kindness of strangers. And for a town named “Sweet Water” they sure didn’t seem to have much of it actually available locally. Go figure. [FEATURED TAGS: Tanya Cox Exclusive Video,]

A Differnt Kind of Fire Down Below

Depending upon when you happen to be reading this, you may find that we are technically “before” September 7th. However, since we’re taking all the new folks in the office down to L.A. to cover the Adam & Eve “Parody” of Dallas this week, we thought we’d get this up before we left so people weren’t sad in our absence. Of course you could be reading this at some point in the future, so this distinction won’t mean anything at all to you. Just understand that time remains a wholly relative concept around here, and you’ll be fine. If you find yourself still confused, ask “eno” on the Message Board. He can explain it. … Oh! Cougars & Coeds – part 1. … [FEATURED TAGS: Shyla Styles, Ruby Rayes]

Shyla & Ruby - Not Concerned with Our Absence at All

Someone told us recently that “It’s better to be implacable than wise.” He claims to have read it in a book, and it may even be true. Were we wise enough to know what implacable means, we might even be able to comment with more insight, but sadly most of us here lack the tenacity necessary to go and find a dictionary these days. Even takes valuable time away from YouTube where we might enjoy classic Jennifer Beals videos. We all make tough decisions in life. For the record, though, when we grow up, we want to be Uncle Gibby. [FEATURED TAGS: Shayla LaVeaux, Ashton Moore, Dru Berrymore, Jenna Haze, Laurie Wallace, Michelle Michaels, Shay Sights, Star E. Knight, Tanya Danielle, Wanda Curtis, Lexi Belle, Monique Alexander, Nikki Delano, Breanne Benson, Capri Anderson, Sunny Leone, Exxxotica Chicago 2011 Exclusive Video, Michael Ninn]

Star E. Knight Offering a Potentially Easy Decision

Finally we find ourselves but one round of meaningless games away from the real NFL season. … That’s what we’re all thinking, right? … It certainly couldn’t be that we have once again in our lives been distracted by large-breasted females. That couldn’t happen yet again, could it? … No way. We are dedicated and seasoned professionals, in no way susceptible to confusion generated by simple biological quirks. … And if you believe that, you really needn’t bother with today’s post. [FEATURED TAGS: Kristal Summers, Shayla LaVeaux Video, Michael Ninn]

Happy Birthday Kristal Summers!