AEE 2010

AEE 2010 Showfloor

Roaming the AEE 2010

courtesy Maverick

In some ways the AEE 2010 provided a typical adult gathering experience. Wandering a Porn Convention can bring about quite a few feelings, not the least of which would be sensory overload. Every year we condense the experience into a few short minutes to try and ease the pain. As we all know, beautiful women can bring a lot of pain with them.

AEE 2010 — Abbreviated and Condensed.

As you’ll likely notice, we had to do some quick blur tricks in order to put even this greatly shortened clip out on the free side. It turns out that an AEE has lots and lots of adult images floating around. Go figure.

It goes without saying that the Members’ Area has no such limitations, making our presentation much easier as a matter of fact. … Yeah, we know: If it goes without saying, why did we bother saying it? … Well, we’re like that sometimes. Being surrounded by beautiful women can bring pain or confusion.

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