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Chantelle Fox (nudity missed) with Maverick & Lon (whom we actually prefer dressed)

Technically, you’ll find this risque “video area” post as part of a single larger entry in the Members’ Area. Because the free side has more “sections” (and because the Risqué Patriarchy tends to be a bit anal/Geeky), we have split up the content for publication out in the tour. Heaven forbid we put video or too many photos in a mere “story” section, don’t you know. … We suppose it does have the benefit of giving us a place to point out that even though we tend toward the distinctly adult sorts of activities in the Members’ side, we do in fact cover pretty much all of “real life” which does in fact include times when bare breasts would be inappropriate. [You mean porn stars are not in a perpetual state of orgy? Egads!]

Risque High Rollers

Truth be told, today’s video feature may seem a bit odd until you consider its keen educational value. [Sure. Why else would one join an adult members site?] Today, you see, marks the day when Maverick learned that you can’t shoot live video of monitors showing other videos. They don’t synchronize. While our eyes easily draw together the 30 frames per second (usually) that a monitor displays, trying to capture those exact frames randomly with another video camera almost never works. The odds of getting the exact frames lined up perfectly never really calculate in favor of the video operator. A second seems like a short time until you start thinking about how many itty-bitty pieces you can break one down into.

And now you know the basis for Quantum Physics. … Fascinating, right?

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