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Back when the Old Stuff was New Stuff

4/30/16 Madison Ivy AgainOccam’s razor gets used to explain all sorts of different things in all sorts of highly complex situations. Of course Occam’s razor could also have helped him remove the hair from his face every morning, which does not always turn out to be a simple thing, depending upon the sharpness of the razor. See how confusing life can get? Fortunately, we just went with the simple explanation today. When you have Madison Ivy, how complicated do you really need to get after all? [STAR TAGS: Madison Ivy Video]
4/29/16 Madison Ivy


Student Loan Alternatives

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4/28/16 Dee and Kristal SummersWe have an NFL DRAFT PREDICTION: At no point over the next three days will you hear a team executive say, “Yeah, we really wanted this other guy, but somebody already took him. Then our second choice was gone too, so we took this third guy. He’s OK, I guess.” … Some of us have no idea how this move into voluntary indentureship can be fun to watch, but others do not understand how it cannot. Fortunately we all agree that Kristal Summers and Dee frolicking naked around the office provide excellent diversion, whether waiting for some commissioner to announce something or not. [STAR TAGS: Kristal Summers Exclusive Video, Dee Exclusive Video]
4/24/16 Ashlyn Molloy


Jayden Cole – Devyn Heart – Cytherea – Kylie Nicole – Ashlyn Molloy – Aubrey Addams

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4/23/16 Inari Vachs and Cheyenne SilverSome quick Wikipedia research — which of course means the information could never, ever be wrong — led to us learning that the “Saturday Night at the Movies” concept debuted in 1961, well before almost everyone alive was even born certainly. Well, things theoretically evolved when everything went “Live” a decade and a half later, and they’re still doing that, so they must be happy. For our part, we decided to do our own twist on this celebratory weekend night. While we do not debut with Marilyn Monroe, we do have Inari Vachs and Cheyenne Silver who, let’s be honest, have significant fewer inhibitions than even the famous Ms. M. [STAR TAGS: Cheyenne Silver Video, Inari Vachs Video, Dee, Jewell Marceau, Michele Morgan]
4/22/16 Dee on a Jamacan BeachOur leader has a special day in absentia today, so we called and asked the secret to his success so far. He said, “I learned as a young lad that it’s ‘Faster horses. Younger women. Older whiskey, and more money,’ although I will say that as you get older the order of the importance of those things may change.” … Naturally that made little sense to most of us, but happy is happy, so we went with it. So celebrate Cumpleaños del Jefe with us today, or if that means nothing to you, just enjoy the really excellent music and the stunning gallery of Dee on the beach. (She is not an old philosopher, of course.) [STAR TAGS: Audrey Hollander Video, Dee, Michael Ninn]
4/20/16 Shayla LaVeaux


And the Thunder Rolls

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4/18/16 Holly Kiss


No Bush in This Garden

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4/17/16 Ruby Reyes


Cameron Dee – Ruby Reyes – Erica Lauren – Vicky Vixen – Kirsten Price – Alice Lighthouse

… And that’s just from Ginger’s past week, not including — of course — new movies, video podcasts, and Ginger’s Diary from her career

4/15/16 Cytherea


Plea to Please

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4/14/16 Heidi Mayne


Sexy on the Mayne

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4/10/16 Francesca Le


Roxy Jezel – Missy Martinez – Francesca Le – Maya Hills – Allison Moore – Kylie Nicole

… And that’s just from Ginger’s past week, not including — of course — new movies, video podcasts, and Ginger’s Diary from her career

4/9/16 Kylie on the Radio


In Ginger We Lust (#20)

[STAR TAGS: Kylie Ireland Audio, Ginger Lynn Audio]

4/8/16 Jassie & Eric Masterson


The Do Tell Hotel | pics & vid

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4/6/16 Cheyenne Silver and Inari VachsSometimes it can take so long to explain a thing that by the time you’re done you’re not really sure if you have even explained that there is a thing. Of course silly things like linear reasoning have never really bogged us down too much around here, and bottom line we’re introducing a new “Full Movie Feature” at Risqué, so most people will probably just skip all the words trying to get to Cheyenne Silver anyway. In our inimitable — perhaps because people never really try to imitate us — fashion, we call it Mucking with the Muckity-Mucks. If you decide you have some extra time to worry about something, maybe put us on that list. [STAR TAGS: Cheyenne Silver Video, Inari Vachs Video, Felecia Video, Allysin Chaynes Video, Laurie Holmes Video, Liza Harper Video, Melissa Hill Video, Randi Rage Video, Tiffany Mynx Video, Juli Ashton, Devinn Lane, Keri Windsor, Vicca, Nikita, Becca]
4/3/16 Nikki Phoenix


Carrie – Rebecca Bardoux – Elizabeth Starr – Ariella Ferrera – Nikki Phoenix – Kimberly Chi

… And that’s just from Ginger’s past week, not including — of course — new movies, video podcasts, and Ginger’s Diary from her career

4/1/16 The Ginger Lynn PlanSome days you have an editorial plan, and after executing it you all just sit back and wonder at the marvel of its flawless implementation. Other times the effort results in more of a quizzical approach as one of you has the courage to say, “Golly, didn’t see that coming when we started the day.” Of course April Fool’s represents the perfect day for just such a result, so we went with it. We have Uncle Gibby, Lord Byron, and Elvis Presley. No joke. [STAR TAGS: Ginger Lynn Video, Ann Harlow Video, Divalicious Video, Drew Hurlie video, Envy Mi video, Ivy Leaguez video, Lyla Lei Video]