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Back when the Old Stuff was New Stuff


Don’t you hate it when you do stupid stuff? Somehow in all the chaos of the last couple of weeks (Michael and team are in Budapest shooting now. Getting them out of town was a challenge, not that you care.) we forgot to post the Cinco de Mayo Night Calls episode. (About this you certainly care.) Well we’re making up for it today, and we’ll just have to apologize for delaying the reveal of Juli’s personal twist on chorizo con huevos, with Julian playing an important role. If you’re a member, you can see this thumbnail, and probably figure out what we mean. If you’re not, well you should be. So enjoy the read, and if your Spanish is up to speed, you can help us out on the Message Board too. Estamos muy apesadumbrados, D.Minion. No nos mate por favor. Intentamos realmente, realmente difícilmente. [FEATURED TAGS: Night Calls, Juli Ashton, Tiffany Granath, Lola, D.Minion]

Tiffany Granath, Juli Ashton, and Julian, hoping Juli doesn't use her teeth.

We were pulling up to a convenience store today when we noticed a stunning, 20-something, brunette getting out of a sporty little car. The sun happened to be behind her, and it was obvious that she didn’t have a thing on under her very thin (and short) cotton dress. It was also obvious she knew how to walk to attract attention. Standing behind her in line, we observed that her key ring said, “Ye Old Tattoo Shop” on it, but she had no tattoos visible, despite the fact that there was not much of her actually covered by clothing. After paying for our purchases we exited and saw her car still parked in the lot, whereupon we also saw that she had leopard skin seat covers and a blood-red cell phone. Driving away, we ultimately took note of the fact that she had two bumper stickers on her vehicle. The first said, “White Trash,” and the second advised, “My priest fucked your honor student.” You gotta love LA. Now this all of this has nothing to do with D.Minion’s observations of Dee and The Nooner cast at a recent Spice Promotional shoot, but, then, neither do the 135 pictures from Hedonism III. By the way, if you live in Southern California, and you happen to know this stunning brunette, could you have her call us? D.Minion wants to introduce her to the Sybian …  [FEATURED TAGS: Dee, Kristal Summers, Wendy Divine, Inari Vachs, Becca, D.Minion]

Not yet pictured: Dee, Kristal Summers, Wendy Divine, Inari Vachs, Eric Masterson, and Becca (once).

Our relative “Beef Stew” approach to information shows itself again, as we have a member’s view of “Blondage by the Night,” DM’s recent shaving of her pussy, and some accidental hard core. It’s odd how we combine things sometimes. If this whole Internet Porn thing doesn’t work out, we’re going to open a Bed and Breakfast. We like it spicy …  [FEATURED TAGS: Julia Ann, Janine, Jessica Drake, Gina Lynn, Selena Steele, DoLorian, Shay Sights, Terri Weigel, Amber Lynn, Georgia Adair Video, Exclusive Video, Michael Ninn, Lon]

Julia Ann & Janine ... with a paid spokesmodel ... probably.

Some people think that we should show you the “official” DVD Galleries from Becoming Georgia Adair: Self Portrait if we’re going to show you “Behind the Scenes” shots too. Some people think that y’all can’t possibly be tired of Georgia Adair, Justine, Dominica Leoni, Sharon Wild, and a bunch of boys (to be perfectly honest) doing their version of “Working for a Living” … Some people might be right about this. So today, it’s Ninn Worx Weekend Number Forty-Six! Wow. Time flies when you’re having fun … [FEATURED TAGS: Georgia Adair, Justine Joli, Dominica Leoni, Sharon Wild, Michael Ninn]

Georgia Adair. If you don't know her yet, you will soon.

Well, it took long enough, but we finally have gotten to the point of Mav’s vacation story. Becoming Georgia Adair: Self Portrait released this week, and after a great many weeks learning about American construction methods, Maverick finally got to do something fun. We’re showing you “Day One” of his account here, and there are actually 210 pictures you might be interested in seeing. Of course you’ll be on to page four of the picture pages before the actual sex scenes begin, but there’s lots of Georgia naked before that. It seems Mav was a little excited … [FEATURED TAGS: Georgia Adair, TJ Hart, Justine Joli, Dominica Leone, Michael Ninn, Maverick]

Georgia Adair filming. Look also for our buddy TJ Hart. She'll be the really tall naked one.
Georgia's Web site.

“It is an ancient Mariner, and he stoppeth one of three.” Would that we could have done the same with any of parts eight, nine, or ten of what it’s like living temporarily in Mav’s world. If you’re of the literary ilk you’ll get today’s editorial title “Pine of the Trenchant Foreigner,” and understand that Coleridge is somewhat easier to read than Maverick. If not, you’ll at least understand that we have some wonderful pictures and private views of Wendy Divine, Inari Vachs, Shayla LaVeaux, Kristal Summers, Dee, and even a little bit of a Porn Star Guest Star. You’ll also know that the little camera icons can be really helpful to just skip over the 5,000 words or so … [FEATURED TAGS: Kristal Summers, Inari Vachs, Shayla LaVeaux, Wendy Divine, Stephanie Swift, Exclusive Video, Maverick, D.Minion]

Kristal, Inari, and Shayla -- not in the story.    Wendy -- not in the story.    Grasshopper Minion and Stephanie Swift -- IN the story!

We could tell you that today we have a nice little story about Dee and Georgia Adair doing the DVD commentary for Georgia’s very first movie for Ninn Worx. Of course that would unfortunately leave out the part where we mention that we also have Dee’s entire solo scene from Ninn Worx’ Soloerotica 4 AND some behind the scenes looks at Georgia’s second movie for Ninn Worx. All in all, we figured we should mention it all. Alright?  [FEATURED TAGS: Dee Video, Georgia, Dominica Leoni, Sharon Wild, Exclusive Video, Michael Ninn, D.Minion]

Georgia witnessing her first DP. Boys wishing to show her more closely.

Let’s face it, you can’t always want to wade through the morass of minutia than spawns forth in written form from some of the experiences in our little world. Truth be told, some people never want to, but we try not to dwell on that truth with D.Minion. Today we have an alternative reality, and for us that’s saying a lot. We also have a bunch of naked pictures of Inari Vachs, and that says a whole lot more. Consider it a Public Service Announcement. [FEATURED TAGS: Inari Vachs]

Inari Vachs ... possibly watching television.

Weighing in with part five, part six, and part seven, of what Maverick did on his winter vacation we have this positive bit of news: This makes seven parts of the story you never have to read again. Also, this time around we have his observations of Dee’s Cam Show where Anais dropped by to titillate, as it were, so you don’t even really need to pay attention to all of the strange “English-isms” … You’re probably “burnt” out anyway … On the upside, there’s no such thing as too many spread shots — at least that’s what we hear. [FEATURED TAGS:  KSEX Radio, Dee, Anais Video, Exclusive Video, Maverick]

Venice Beach, sans spread shots ... and Dee ... and Anais ... And Kristal Summers.

We sailed past 3,500 pages on the web site today, and you’d think in all that time we’d at least have something important to say. However, we’ve resigned ourselves to the fact that we’re just going to have to be happy hanging around with beautiful women all of the time. (At this point we were going to point out that it’s a dirty job, but you know how we abhor puns around here, so we didn’t.) We are going to politely note that today’s Ninn Worx Weekend shows off Michael’s newest release Inside Myself while rattling on about some inconsequential thing or another. On the upside, you do get to see a lot of Anais who really doesn’t have to do much to show off other than show up. [FEATURED TAGS: Anais Video, Mia Smiles, Nikita Denise, Elizabeth, Exclusive Video, Michael Ninn]

Anais: Blinded by the light.

Driving home in the typical suburban misnomer known as “Rush Hour” the other day, I noticed a curious bumper sticker. It said, “I learned everything I needed to know in Sniper School.” You know, that’s not exactly how I remember the quaint little saying from my youth, but it does go to show that things are just a little bit unusual in LA. Take today’s D.Minion on Dee at KSEX post. We start with a stuffed monkey, pinned to a dart board and holding a red satin bra. We move to Dee dangling coat hangers from her nipples and adventurous people wearing afro wigs in rainbow colors … and then it gets weird. That’s pretty much all we want to say out here, discretion and valor, and all … [FEATURED TAGS: KSEX Radio, Dee, Cytherea, D.Minion]

Dee's wonderful place to hang your hat ... or your head.

Did y’all ever see How the Grinch Stole Christmas? Remember the little dog that the Grinch tries to make into a reindeer? Well, when the poor confused dog ends up under the sleigh, and then proceeds to jump up on the back of it, he gives the cutest little shrug and a friendly wave that at least for a moment stems the consternation evident in the Grinchy One. This wouldn’t be important here except that for as long as we’ve known Juli Ashton, she’s done this same move to signify a moment in time meaning, more or less, “I don’t know. It seemed like a good idea at the time.” So as you read about Night Calls, April 21, 2004 you might remember this thumbnail. That Juli, she’s a rare one … [FEATURED TAGS: Night Calls, Juli Ashton, Tiffany Granath, Cytherea, D.Minion]

Juli Ashton in the Grinch Dog pose.

D.Minion tries to deny it, but occasionally she gets Steamed by Mainstream. When Kristal and Anais were on a “real movie” set a few months back, DM somehow seemed to miss the festive spirit. Actually most of the time “Porn People” on a “real movie” set feel like everyone would like them better if they only just had leprosy or something. Still, we like to be up front around here, so try to see through the (denied) bitterness and have some fun today. If you pay close attention, there will be a suprise in here for you …  [FEATURED TAGS: Kristal Summers, Anais, Stacy Burke, Georgia Adair Video, Exclusive Video, Michael Ninn, D.Minion]

Hint: We didn't say anything about Georgia Adair ...