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Back when the Old Stuff was New Stuff


If someone gives you an extra-special, handy-dandy, super-secret coupon, it’s pretty easy to just throw it away. However, if someone gives you this coupon along with a whole bunch of other fascinating memories, well, then, you can spend an hour or two being entertained — before you throw the coupon away. Still, we’re covering Members and Memories today, and that seems apropos for Memorial Day. (You will need to supply your own beverage and BBQ. Sorry about that.) [FEATURED TAGS: Heather Vuur Exclusive Video, Heather Vandeven Exclusive Video, Jassie Exclusive Video, Monica Mayhem Exclusive Video, Eddie Van Halen, Exclusive Video, Michael Ninn]

Memories of the Heather Vuur Mammaries

Looks count apparently. Consequently a couple of talented folks spent some time on presentation this time around, although honestly the fact that you’re presenting Kristal Summers, Julia Ann, and Steve (before he left too early) doesn’t hurt one’s dedication to the effort. Sadly limited to only a “Virtual Dee” this time around, D.Minion nonetheless managed to work in yet another reference to donuts with sprinkles. Maybe it comes from hanging out with all those sweet women … maybe. [FEATURED TAGS: Dee, Julia Ann, Nina Hartley, Kristal Summers, Shayla LaVeaux Video, Michael Ninn]

Shayla Floating in Here Somewhere Too

Regardless of one’s level of education, we all seem to be susceptible to the devilish “grass is greener” trap. Even if we happen to be exceptionally talented in one area, we all display an apparently human desire to do something else. Well, just so you know, that doesn’t always work out exactly as we anticipated. It does not diminish the “fun to try” factor any, though, and so around risqué we tend to let people play a bit when they feel the urge. Honestly, this should be the last place anyone ever discourages urges, right? … By the way, do you think rock stars sit around lamenting, “Dang, but I surely do wish I could do web code!” before they go to bed every night? [FEATURED TAGS: Cytherea Exclusive Video, Kaz B.,]

More Fun Than Geekdom Really

Today happens to be all about Shayla LaVeaux, which honestly would make any day a darned special occasion. Everyone loves Shayla, to tell you the truth, mostly because she’s kind, considerate of the feelings of others, and even after all these years in the industry still goes out and puts “fun” first in everything she does. Of course the fact that she’s sexy as all get out doesn’t hurt anything either. Life being what it is, though, somehow all of us people that love Shayla don’t get treated exactly the same way as some of the people that Shayla loves back. Presumably that has something to do with the whole sexy as all get out thing. … That bites. [FEATURED TAGS: Shayla LaVeaux, Alexandra Silk, Carmen Luvana]

The Disrobe of Many Colors

Having gotten quite confused over the weekend with what we had as a plan to introduce Cytherea’s site wishes, we came into work this morning to the greetings of all those annoying “stickler for a schedule” types pointing out that we sort of forgot to put up what we were supposed to. Fortunately, a healthy dose of humor goes a long way in these parts, so we managed to sneak by with our illustration from yesterday, if we promised to put up the “other” Cytherea post today. More Cytherea? … No one can see a down side in that.  [FEATURED TAGS: Cytherea]

A Sky High Sigh from Cy

We celebrate “Mom” today, even as the rest of the country does the same thing. Granted, as a general rule we probably celebrate the process in which women become moms a bit more than does the average person, but as difficult as it may be to believe for the politically conservative out there, we have mothers too. We also have fathers. … And pretty much after that everything is different.  [FEATURED TAGS: Cytherea Exclusive Video]

Toe-Tally Devoted to Mom

Today we’re doing something a little different, which considering our usual method of operation probably provides no practical clues as to our intent at all. Even we couldn’t remember the last time we did something “normal” when we tried to think about it. That said, we have never used this particular approach before. You see, our leader actually wrote an article for the FREE SIDE of risqué, and then we adapted that document to the MEMBERS’ SIDE of our world. Members may not even realize it, because why would you ever go back to the Free Side, after all, but we (sporadically) run “web safe” stories out there with the hopes of finding new folks that might enjoy our approach in here. Of course they are rarely truly “topical” — often running years after they appeared in the Members’ Area — but we spend the vast majority of our time taking care of Members, so this approach has always seemed logical to us. This time, we got instructions to flip that approach completely around. We have no idea why, but however odd we may be, we also have a decidedly prudent streak. We do what the boss says. [FEATURED TAGS: Juli Ashton, Dee, Holly Hollywood Video, Michael Ninn]

Holly Hollywood & Dee Enjoying Their Friendship

We always celebrate Cinco de Mayo in this office, either because we’re extraordinarily culturally aware, or we just love dark-skinned women. That could be it too. Of course it could also be that for whatever reason we all really love very spicy Mexican food. But that could be simply because initial interviews are always done at a local “Cantina” and anybody that wimps out over the chile verde never gets hired. Our own “El Jefe” disputes that last claim, but interestingly that’s not quite the same thing as denying it. … Now this year the holiday came on a Saturday, and what with all the work we’ve been doing on the new catalogue, in a rare turn of events every one of us had the weekend off. Fortunately we suffered no digital disasters in our absence, but we did miss the celebration. Consequently we’re celebrating Siete de Mayo this year. Tequila makes one quite adaptable, after all.  [FEATURED TAGS: Cytherea]

Dee. Puerto Rican, but Worth Celebrating Anyway.

So if you spend a few hundred words trying to explain just how well you can be brief, well, that sort of seems to miss the point, right? If, however, a lovely lass such as Shayla LaVeaux makes the request, you certainly try your darnedest to accommodate her. We may not have done an exemplary job per se, but if you look at it honestly we nonetheless feel rather fine about the issue. How many times in life has a pretty girl reduced a group to a bunch of blithering idiots, after all? [FEATURED TAGS: Shayla LaVeaux Exclusive Video, Natalia Forrest Exclusive Video,]

Natalia Forrest. We're Blithering Again.