November 2007 Risque | What’s New

… With appropriate credit to Garth:

Back when the Old Stuff was New Stuff


There has been a very long debate over the difference between Art and Pornography, and in our little world perhaps the best explanation we’ve ever heard came from Gloria Leonard quoting someone (she sort of forgot to mention exactly whom, as we recall) that “The difference between art and pornography is the lighting.” … Well, politics aside, that works for us, although some would probably consider us not the best barometer of the topic, since we clearly have no problem with either. … With that in mind, then we’ll offer up some of the new talent around the office here and their “artistic” interpretations of the female nude. And since the female happens to be Shayla LaVeaux we certainly have no problem with that either. Basically, it just seems like there are enough problems in life, and you shouldn’t have to go out of your way to find some more. [FEATURED TAGS: Shayla LaVeaux]

Shayla and the Art of a Beautiful Woman

We apparently have some A.J. Bailey fans hanging around here, or perhaps they just really, really like libraries. Whatever the case they set us upon a trail to find a bit more … um … interactive exercise from the budding archival scientist. What with the odd inclination of some people NOT to watch American football on television, or better yet attend a game personally, it seemed like a pleasant diversion featuring A.J. and Hillary Scott might be a bit more up their alley – so to speak. Modern libraries probably have a lesbian section, right? [FEATURED TAGS: A.J. Bailey, Hillary Scott]

Study group that would encourage more studying.

So we had to go to Arizona to get some materials on a story about London. … Hey, we keep telling you truth is stranger than fiction. … Anyway, we decided to employ a few of the images in our typically heartfelt, empathetic, and divinely warm holiday greeting. … That seemed reasonable, seeing as how the rest of the employees seem to think they deserve the day off. Instead of thinking of obtaining some foreign workers around here, though, we’ll just wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving, and blame all of the wackiness on D.Minion and Bijou being in a hurry to get to the food. To paraphrase a “Wilde” foreigner, as a matter of fact, “In matters of great importance, style and not sincerity is the vital ingredient.” [FEATURED TAGS: Devinn Lane]

A wanted poster, obviously.

At any time in the day (these days) you’ll almost certainly be able to find a television announcer using the preface “At the end of the day …” for whatever pithy commentary they’re trying to espouse. Now we’re not sure when this happened; we’re not sure how it happened; we’re not even sure why it happened. We do think it’s interesting that no one seems to be much interested in “the beginning of the day” anymore – which probably just underscores the over-emphasis on results and not effort in modern society, at least it seems to us. … What have they done for us lately? … Right? … Toward that goal, then, we’ve decided not to wait on our “Fearless” (although most of us around here use “Frazzled” as the acceptable “F” term) Leader to continue the hopefully fascinating look at Women in Porn. Instead, we thought we’d look at a woman in porn, she being the Maverick discovery Suzie Best. In response to questioning, Maverick did indicate that he has BTS video with Ms. Best, and then we can wax philosophical anew. Until then we’ll just appreciate Suzie at the end of the day … or at the first of the day … or pretty much anytime we figure. Besides in the final analysis, if they’re going to change the phrase to “at the end of the day” shouldn’t we then be asking, “At the end of which day?” [FEATURED TAGS: Suzie Best Video, Exclusive Video, Maverick]

Suzie Best. Cherry she is.

Hmm. Well we got distracted from our regularly scheduled discussion of the various types of women that decide to get into the porn business by … well … some of those types. We’ll explain more before we begin today, but we can say at the outset that Heather Vuur can be quite persuasive, and it’s not just because she happens to look wonderful naked. … OK. That probably doesn’t hurt her causes, but that’s not the only reason we tend to listen to Heather. … Probably. … Maybe. [FEATURED TAGS: A.J. Bailey, Jewel, Risque News Insight]

Not Heather, but also probably persuasive in many contexts.

We know you probably don’t have much time today, what with needing to get busy rooting for your favorite NFL team to either win (because you believe they can actually make it to the Super Bowl) or lose (because you’ve seen the Patriots play and you might as well line things up for next year’s draft now). Unfortunately for all of us that see the Big Picture and just wish to fold our hand for the year, all those folks that currently work for the team this year still want to have a job next year, and so they keep trying to win. … Creeps. … So we’ll appreciate a little half-time entertainment courtesy of Kristal Summers and Jassie, and we’ll lament all those people that confuse “what’s good for the team” with “what’s good for the team that still keeps paying me.” Something’s in the details, but maybe we don’t remember what correctly. [FEATURED TAGS: Kristal Summers, Jassie Video, Exclusive Video]

Jassie ... beating the heck out of your basic cheerleader.

You know what happens when British Citizens fall in love? Well in A Fish Called Wanda John Cleese ended up with Jamie Lee Curtis, so this probably isn’t as good as that ending – probably. Still, when British Porno Citizens fall in love you get to see a whole lot more gratuitous nudity than you can with your basic Jamie Lee movie. Now we’re not entirely certain that this explains what has happened, but it’s as good a reason as we can figure for the all out Give it our (Suzie) Best season we seem to be entering. Hey, it’s cold, mucky, and gray (or more accurately grey) in London. They need to keep themselves busy. [FEATURED TAGS: Suzie Best Video, Exclusive Video, Maverick]

Suzie could be Best at a lot of things potentially.

Presumably when you think of “Ghetto” the word “Fabulous” isn’t the first thing that pops into your mind. Of course, you’re likely not looking at it through the eyes of Michael Ninn, and you’re probably not adequately taking in the references to Elvis Presley and Donny Osmond. It’s another one of those weird days with D.Minion on Set, can you tell? And of course there’s the very cleverly disguised BONUS material you can uncover today, as if the 160+ pictures and unique video moments weren’t enough. … OK. It’s really not all that cleverly disguised, since it’s basically a link that says “Bonus” on it, but you still have to look for it, and that will hopefully distract you from some of the anticipated oddness. Maybe not, but hope springs eternal we hear. [FEATURED TAGS: Eva Angelina Video, Mika Tan Video, Lyla Lei, Ashley Brooks, Exclusive Video, Michael Ninn, D.Minion]

Not Eva Angelina. Not Mika Tan. But one damn fine puppy picture.

D.Minion has a dilemma that she needs your help with. For some reason (and this would be another one of those issues it’s best not to ask too many questions about) she almost religiously reads Diane Mott Davidson’s mystery series about a caterer in Boulder, Colorado that keeps finding herself in the middle of murder investigations. OK. So we pretty much consider these story lines credible to the same extent that we believe all of the stories in Penthouse Forum, but DM seems to like them – almost certainly because of the presence of more than a few canine characters in the tales. … Well, apparently in a recent novel, Ms. Davidson introduced a stray named “Latte” that apparently inexplicably disappeared in the following book. So if any of you have any idea how the stray happened to stray again and could let D.Minion know, she might be able to ease her psychic pain a bit. (Although don’t try making jokes about it just going out for coffee. We tried that. … About some things our fine Minion has very little sense of humor.) For our part we asked Nurse Kristal, and then she got completely out of the nurse costume during her Cam Show Video. … And then we forgot the question. Hey, it worked for us. [FEATURED TAGS: Kristal Summers Video, Exclusive Video]

Kristal Summers ready to aid. Who needs a doctor anyway?