Juli Ashton Suze Clues

A Juli Ashton Naming Convention

by Nobody Special

Tori Black[We’re picking this up en medias res because quite honestly D.Minion filled the entire first part of the “celebration” with naked pictures. As you likely know by now, we consider those inappropriate where eyes of any age could simply run across them, so we kind of skipped a lot to get here. We even had to borrow our “Shush” character from Erotic Catalogue, just to get this many photos displayed. D.Minion gets decisively weird about Juli; we do what we must. That said … ]

Obviously, photographs of Juli Ashton (of which we have thousands) might have been an excellent inclusion today, but as stated earlier, all we got was, “Juli B-Day! YAY!!!” Left to my own devices, one never knows where I might wander, and D.Minion should know this better than anyone. Fortunately a quick call to Suze Randall allowed us to at least put up some festive photos of Juli for her day — back from when her days included Suze. (I did promise the Randals that we would encourage you to visit their “Classics” site, so please do that. Juli fans will remember a lot of those women.)

juli ashton juli ashton juli ashton juli ashton juli ashton
more juli more juli more juli more juli more juli
yep ... still more juli yep ... still more juli yep ... still more juli yep ... still more juli yep ... still more juli

Then quite smoothly, although perhaps with very little reason at all, we evolve into Tori again.

Now, other than being obviously comfortable in a location with basically no decoration at all, the noteworthy part of this Tori set happens to be that these pictures all came in sequence. They came one after the other — in order. We adjusted the slide show speed to help convey the talent Tori demonstrates for posing ease, but having seen literally hundreds of these quick sets shot, I can assure you that she displays a distinctly uncommon skill.

[ … And as it turns out (which you could probably tell from the opening photograph) Tori was completely naked almost all the time, and partially naked for all of it. You know, doing these sorts of things for the Members’ Area turns out to be a lot less complicated. At any rate, for now we will leave Juli Ashton and Tori Black as we began with them today: en medias res.

What can we say? There’s no res for the trying not to be wicked either. … By the way, if you do happen to be a fan of porn stars throughout the heyday, you really should check out Suze’s Classics. Suze has wild talent, a charming disposition, and a completely dirty mind. Sounds like the perfect photographer to us. … ] Link to Suze


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