Juli Ashton on the Beach

Playboy Beaches Juli Ashton

What a Beach Life Can Be

by D.Minion

Day Three of the Playboy Video shoot. This time, Juli Ashton was the subject. I met her at a groovy seafood restaurant in Malibu. Juli, the crew, and I sat down for a little dinner and taped conversation. The dinner was good, the conversation was good, the taping wasn’t. For some reason the restaurant objected to the video camera. Dang. But I made do with my trusty digital!

Juli changed into her Playboy bikini and we headed for the beach. It was November, and it was foggy and overcast. I was wearing a sweatshirt and jeans, and I was cold. Juli had goosebumps. (Cute goosebumps!) I felt awful for her. But she was a trooper as she talked about her newest hobby, surfing! She’s always loved the beach, and now she loves it even more! She can talk surftalk like Gidget, and she can catch waves ALMOST as well! [We think Juli surpasses the teen dream on the sexuality scale. I mean, Gidget became a nun eventually, right?]

Juli Ashton Playboy Beaches Juli Ashton Playboy Beaches Juli Ashton Playboy Beaches Juli Ashton Playboy Beaches Juli Ashton Playboy Beaches

After pulling on a wetsuit, Ms. Ashton paddled out into the ocean. The waves were small, but Juli gallantly caught them and rode them to shore. As she was hanging 10, a school of dolphins swam past. (I tried to catch them with my digital, but I’m not sure if they showed up. You’ll have to trust me on this one. The camera guy was out in the ocean with Juli, and he had a much better lens, so when you buy the video you’ll see them!) The dolphins know beauty when they see it, and seemed curious about this gorgeous woman who was sharing their space and swimming like a fellow sea creature! [Or perhaps the dolphins just like great tits too. … Of course to see more evidence of this, you will need to go to page two. Hopefully this will not impose too much of a burden on you. That page is free too, so there’s that.]


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