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Back when the Old Stuff was New Stuff


Did you know that the term “Blue Moon” technically refers to the second full moon in a given calendar month? Now that pretty much sums up the educational value from a purely scientific perspective, but Maverick chose this last day of 2009 to celebrate his continuing love of breasts (which happens a lot more often than once in a blue moon, as you might know). Given close inspection here, we’re all perfectly prepared to defend the position that Syren Sexton has two characteristics relevant to this discussion that could give one a reminder of full moons, though, and there are, by definition then, two of them in a calendar month, so maybe this all closes out the year quite nicely. Isn’t science fun? [FEATURED TAGS:, Syren Sexton Video, Exclusive Video]

Breast Wishes for a Great New Year

Having given it careful consideration, it seemed prudent to finish talking about one convention before we start the next convention in about a week. We should admit, perhaps, that D.Minion happened to be the big proponent of this approach, concerned as she remains with tidiness when it comes to all things porn. Now the fact that we happened to be behind on her Erotica LA coverage probably had nothing to do with that (rather firm, if you want to know the truth) decision. Really. Swear. [FEATURED TAGS: Erotica Los Angeles, Julia Ann, Jessica Drake, Monique Alexander, Tori Black, Christy Canyon, Nicki Hunter, Kirsten Price, Kaylani Lei, Exclusive Video]

Julia Ann Demonstrating Not All Women Are Created Equal

If you’re one of those people that think Christmas has become way too commercialized and has thus lost the quaint, family-oriented (if not distinctly religious), meaning behind the holiday … Or if you’re one of those people that think Jesus was just a prophet, and not the Son of God, anyway … Or if you’re one of those people that think that regardless of any of that, h/He was actually born in the summer and hundreds of years later some folks “changed” his birthday to coincide with a distinctly Pagan Celebration surrounding the Winter Solstice … Well, gee, we hope you get all those tough issues figured out so you can be happy again. For our part we’re going to simply wish you all Happy Holidays! And then we’re going to sit peacefully and drink some eggnog. Odds are good there’ll be rum in that eggnog come tonight, actually. [FEATURED TAGS: Taylor Hayes Video]

It Is What It Is

Elected officials in Washington claim to be giving us all a “gift” this holiday season, and if that’s not enough to terrify any sane U.S. Citizen, then we don’t know what might be. That said, Health Care Reform really does hold an important place in the evolution of any society wishing to grow, and we consider all the grousing about special consideration given to one state simply out of place in reality. We questioned every single person we could get to talk to us over the last few days, and not a single one of them said they would be unwilling to pay not to have to live in Nebraska. … While you mull that little fact over, it seemed an excellent time to hear Holiday Greetings from our British friend – and his friend. [FEATURED TAGS:, Syren Sexton Video, Exclusive Video]

Sound the Holiday Syren

We could make polite conversation about the weather, because it seems that the entire country finds itself suffering from a cold spell. Living in Southern California, of course, we need to be careful about that sort of thing, because people here wear hooded sweatshirts and gloves when the temperatures drop below a frigid 60 degrees. Instead, we decided we’d distract everyone with the decidedly not frigid inspection of Kristal Summers and Dee. This ought to jump the room temperature at least 40 or 50 Fahrenheit points we figure, thus giving people in the rest of the country some solace. At least you folks won’t need to turn on the air conditioner. [FEATURED TAGS: KSEX Radio, Dee, Kristal Summers]

Kristal and her Warming Trend

How many adult entertainment sites can you think of that occasionally make copious use of footnotes in their articles? Maybe most of them have a sufficiently narrow focus that makes the use of a literary “aside” unnecessary, but a broader perspective (pardon the pun, if you’re old enough to understand it) honestly does make life more enjoyable. Along with our trademark dual-color font approach to industry reporting, we’ve figured out that we have over the years developed quite a few ways to convey said literary aside. … We don’t mind rambling so much as confusing rambling. You need to keep that distinction in mind in life as you meet various entertaining people – or simply strange ones. [FEATURED TAGS: Chasey Lain Video]

It Takes WHO Baby

So we’re on set with Ron Jeremy on Monday and he lets everyone know that from now on we should not be calling Tiger Woods a Tiger, since he’s clearly a Cheetah. (For what it’s worth, Ron specifically denied responsibility for the joke, maybe because that’s fair, or maybe because Ron specializes in making audiences groan yet another way these days.) … At any rate, you’ll probably be happy to know that we decided to focus on Chasey Lain today, rather than Mr. Jeremy, although we did manage to tuck in a brief discussion of humor as an art form, and even a little more Tiger, er Cheetah, Woods. Whatever.

The Beginng and The End of Things - Appropriate Considering the Venue

We’re gearing up (and wardrobing up, if you want to get technical about it) for the upcoming round of “Parties Disguised as a Convention” in Las Vegas next month with a little exclusive retrospective on how Kristal Summers and Dee chose to “relax” at an earlier similar event. We’re also unveiling yet another update to the navigational system in the Members’ Area, just so you know. Will it make it much easier to get around and much less cluttered while you’re trying to do so? The Geeks here say that it will. Will it encourage you to take advantage of the now decade-plus volume of archival wonderfulness at the Risqué Commune? The Geeks here say that it will. … Will it make us seem any less bizarre than you may have considered us before? Absolutely not. [FEATURED TAGS: Chasey Lain Video, Daisy Marie Video, Isabella Sky Video]

A Risque Party Welcome

Virtually a decade to the day since delineating our desires, we deploy the First Official Members’ Search Engine across the Risqué Commune. … We decided that December 7th might be the ironically perfect day to launch such a venture, in celebration of Chasey Lain’s birthday, an early risqué client, of course, and certainly not because of that other December 7th reason. Honestly we’re hoping that bit of historic misery does not portend anything at all in our circumstance. We’re a tad intrepid about this whole thing, as it turns out, as the effort could have the impact of foisting our foibles to the forefront. Suddenly it has become amazingly easy to uncover heretofore obscure links to very old stories, and it remains to be seen whether or not that constitutes a good thing. At least we’re left with our alliteration. We can always grimace eloquently. [FEATURED TAGS: Jelena Jensen Video, Charlie Laine Video, Jesse Jane Video, Andie Valentino Video, Kirsten Price Video]

A Laine of a Different, but also Beautiful Sort

Presumably one can become desensitized to anything. If you can believe detective novels, law enforcement officers begin to simply accept how bad human beings can be toward each other. An Emergency Medical Technician must develop some ability to accept the gore they might see as a regular part of life, and just get on with their jobs. Even lawyers eventually learn to accept one another. It seems to happen, after all. Similarly, in the sex business, our threshold for outrageous behavior must by definition expand as we go along. D.Minion focuses on this concept in her on-the-set report today, or maybe we’re just reading too much into it. Shock can do that to a person. [FEATURED TAGS: Tyla Wynn, Roxetta, Venus, Nicki Hunter, Michael Ninn]

Monkey Businiess in D.Minion's World

As it turns out, we can really antagonize some people without even meaning to. Apparently the admittedly subjective opinion of our leader here on the topic of porn star management has reminded some industry people that they do in fact know how to read. Well, good for them, we say. Reading is important. And while we’re compiling the list of things we might wish to pursue in this suddenly intriguing vein, we did ask the aforementioned leader if he wished to apologize to those affronted by the comments in the last post. “Sure,” he said, “tell them I’m sorry they got so offended.” (We really can’t make these things up.) [FEATURED TAGS: Jenna Haze Video, Sasha Grey Video]

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