December 2013 Risque | What’s New

… With appropriate credit to Garth:

Back when the Old Stuff was New Stuff


For the final post of 2013 we offer you Dee sleeping on a couch with two miniature dachshunds. … Of course in a little bit she gets up and does a Cam Show with Kristal Summers, Mr. Marcus, and a Sybian — just in case you prefer to let sleeping dogs lie. Interestingly this little picture represents the only one that we could possibly show on the free side. Go figure. [STAR TAGS: Kristal Summers Exclusive Video, Dee Exclusive Video]

Buda, Dee’s Butt, Blanket, Dee’s Torso, Dee’s Head, Helen — ON Dee’s Head

We have learned that “Fame” — with a capital “F” naturally — only exists within a specified realm. Of course American Football has the most relevance to everyday life, as well as the future of civilization, so obviously we pay the most attention there. Given that introduction we will pay note to a “famous” American Sports Writer in Denver that opines, “Be naughty. Save Santa the trip.” … Quaint. But in our world Naughty is Nice. So apparently American Football is not everything. How can that be? [STAR TAGS: Devinn Lane]

A Deep Cy

In the annals of “Good Golly We Almost Made it” … gosh, nothing noteworthy has ever happened. Despite all the ”We Love The World, and Ain’t Everyone Just Excellent” awards, sometimes people lose. that’s what makes life worth living. Were we those people, we would of course be properly penitent. [STAR TAGS: Cytherea Video, Chantelle Fox Exclusive Video, Syren Sexton Exclusive Video,]

A Holiday Bounty

Does anyone else think that the “Famous Idaho Potato Bowl” ought to have a trophy made out of bacon and cheese? With maybe some sour cream artfully surrounding the base? Can anyone see what hours and hours of doing computer code can do your brain when it finally takes a break and begins to absorb the college bowl season? Fortunately, Cytherea and many other comely lasses help us think about none of those inane questions. We’re not sure exactly where “inane” falls on a map, but we are certain we have fallen and cannot get up. [STAR TAGS: Cytherea, Brea Bennett Video, Jana Jordan Video, Cassidey Video, Renee Perez Video, Michael Ninn]

Cytherea Enjoys Specific Holiday Festivities

New technology does not always mean better technology. Most of the time “improvements” make things easier, or perhaps more efficient, but sometimes that evolution drops certain capabilities that were honestly just wonderful. Of course one does not need to embrace technology to enjoy Kristal Summers, but as with most things, the more you understand, the more you can appreciate. ’Tis the season to feel a bit nostalgic, though, so we pause for a moment to think about … you know, nostalgic technology. Regardless, you pretty much want to embrace Kristal however you can. [STAR TAGS: Kristal Summers Video, Shayla LaVeaux Exclusive Video]

1024 Shades of Gray

Ah but we do enjoy Friday the 13th around here. Of course when you can have eggnog too, well that just makes it extra special. Should someone spike that eggnog, however, one might be a little careful with the packaging. Considering the type of products we normally ship from our Erotic Catalogue, it would be sad if, say, mom and dad, got a “gift” intended for another person entirely. You know, hypothetically. Fortunately today, we have Shayla LaVeaux, Natalia Forrest, and Becca to help us stop thinking about packaging at all. We might still think about boxes. [STAR TAGS: Shayla LaVeaux Exclusive Video, Becca Video, Natalia Forrest Video,]

Wrapping Counts

Some days you may wonder how in the world we ended up with the conversation we did. Let’s face it: We do some pretty bizarre things around here sometimes. Other days, though, someone says, “Hey! I found a video orgy with Brittney Skye, Samantha Ryan, Brooke Haven, Cassie Courtland, Nadia Styles, Randi Wright, Rita Faltoyano, and, um, Angel Cassidy. Can we use that?” … And you say, “Of course.” … All things considered, some days being a leader are harder than others. [STAR TAGS: Angel Cassidy Exclusive Video, Brittney Skye Exclusive Video, Samantha Ryan Video, Brooke Haven Video, Cassie Courtland Video, Nadia Styles Video, Randi Wright Video, Rita Faltoyano Video, Michael Ninn]

Sort of a Porn Toil and Trouble

If you try to get shopping advice from a female Photoshop Geek, you might get some suggestions that border on strange — or else blast completely through strange so that they can homestead in truly bizarre. Should, however, said Photoshop Geek happen to work in the adult industry, well, at least you will also get some excellent illustrations. If you like your pictures more in the moving variety, you can ignore all that and just enjoy a little HD with London Keyes and Elexis Malone. Spelling doesn’t count. Looks do. [STAR TAGS: Cytherea, London Keys Video, Elexis Malone Video]

Geek Chic

We get pretty darned busy around here, but we don’t usually misplace coverage of Dee on Set with a fellow named “Pussyman” for twelve full years … plus. One the other hand, at least we found it. As with many things we were not really looking for it when we made the discovery, but we have now decided to keep not looking for stuff on a regular basis. [STAR TAGS: Dee, Chloe Amour Video, Lily Lust Video, Savannah Fox Video, Angelina Chung Video, Kimber Day Video, Katerina Moss Video, Roxxie Silver Video, Percilla Riclof Video]


Ah, the holiday season has come upon us. Of course in this industry a lot of different people enjoy a lot of different things coming upon them, but we like holidays too. And as we anticipate the decisions regarding important changes we all decide we need every new year, Shayla LaVeaux drops by with some AVN Hall of Fame insights for any of you thinking about a career out here with the rest of us crazy people. We too provide critical contributions by basically saying, “Yeah, what she said.” … You go with your strengths in life. [STAR TAGS: Alexis DeVell, Serenity, Jeanna Fine, Paula Price, Asia Carrera Video, Kelly Jaye Video]

Jeanna Fine and Paula Price