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… With appropriate credit to Garth:

Back when the Old Stuff was New Stuff


We don’t know quite how to describe Mav’s MEGA Report on Internext, the AEE, and the AVN Awards show except to say it’s BIG. It’s really, really BIG. There are well over 300 pictures and 7,000 words. Heck, we had to build the mother of all index pages, just to try to help people figure out where they are in the story when they come back to it. Let’s put it this way, from within the story and picture pages there are FORTY THREE individual links back to the index page. You’re going to need a lot of beer for this one, folks. Lots of pretty girls, though, and Lon becomes a Hip Hop artist. I guess if you’re really interested there are a lot of pictures of Juli Ashton, Kristal Summers, Paola Ray and Dee, and quite a few of Inari Vachs and Alicia Rhodes, surprisingly. Even more surprising are the pictures of Chasey Lain and the fact that Maverick was able to tell us every minute detail of his trip, except where he got the DVD that Christy Canyon asked him about. Life is weird … [FEATURED TAGS: Adult Entertainment Expo, AVN Awards, Juli Ashton, Dee, Kristal Summers, Julia Ann, Inari Vachs, Kylie Ireland, Tiffany Granath, Jenna Jameson, Georgia Adair, Chasey Lain, Justine Joli, Alicia Rhodes, Paola Rey, Tera Patrick, Mary Carey, Christy Canyon, Exclusive Video, Maverick]

A typical porno girl pose. ... Strange, huh?

Our own intimate version of “The Hall of Fame” shows up today, with a fascinating story of a guy that actually succeeded in our business … with his clothes ON. Weird. More traditional are the shots of Julia Ann, Devinn Lane, Inari Vachs, and even a little Kristal Summers and Asia Carrera. Interesting what Risqué Women can do sometimes, isn’t it? [FEATURED TAGS: Julia Ann, Devinn Lane, Inari Vachs]

Devinn Lane: A woman in uniform, but not uniformly so.

Hey, we’re back on the set of Night Callswith D.Minion and (Juli Ashton and Tiffany Granath, of course). As it turns out, The New Executives at Playboy TV decided that they should wait from August 25, 2005 until October 29, 2005 between episodes, and then wait another two months until December 31st for the next one. Allegedly there’s going to be another episode this Friday, so we’ll check with Juli for you. Basically today we’re just pointing out the apparent stupidity of Playboy TV executives sometimes. Fortunately, they give us lots of ammunition. [FEATURED TAGS: Night Calls, Juli Ashton, Tiffany Granath, Katie Morgan, D.Minion]

Juli Ashton as a pupa. (You'll have to read the story.)

The quick story would be this:

1/21/05: 33 pics
The Party Maverick at Hedonism III

The longer one would involve trying to think of Stream of Conciousness writers that hailed from Great Britain, and then debating whether or not Ireland counts, and when exactly it began to … if it did, or does, or something. As you can see, this all gets pretty convoluted pretty quickly. Maybe we should just look at all the pretty girls. Oh. We should also book our trips to hang with Juli. That seems good … [FEATURED TAGS: Juli Ashton, Devinn Lane, Nicole Sheridan, Maverick]

The Breast Laid plans, Mav ...

We’re doin’ a little Sex Magictoday, as we pop off to the set with Julia Ann. We don’t mention it enough, but we love Julia. She cares about people and animals. She kisses like dawn on the beach. She can cook wonderfully, and she looks great naked. That’s pretty much it as far as guys are concerned, right? [FEATURED TAGS: Julia Ann, D.Minion]

Julia Ann. Possibly the world's most pefect woman.
Julia Ann's Web Site.

The beginings of the AEE report are here. Um. We’re pretty sure that’s all we want to say at this point except thanks to Lon and SteveD for their efforts. As it turns out, Lon is secretly a very successful “art” photographer, and SteveD is … (also “Um” … uh …) … [That SteveD] … He’s a really nice guy. Bumer. Sucks to be you, dude … =)  [FEATURED TAGS: Adult Entertainment Expo, AVN Awards, Juli Ashton, Kristal Summers, Dee, Inari Vachs, Chasey Lain, Tiffany Granath, Katie Morgan, Sunset Thomas, Alicia Rhodes, Brittany Andrews, Christy Canyon, Rita Faltoyano, Janine, Brittney Skye, Steve, Lon]

Janine. Hopefully, Jenna can be her some day. ...

Not taking anything away anything from Mav’s recent contribution, we felt it time to present a set of Dee in a more “professional” setting. Dee’s a particularly apropos subject today for many reasons, not the least of which is that she’s just so darned pretty that it’s just hard not to talk about her. There are actually 100 photos today, AND an underwater view of Dee that … well … you really have to see it …. By the way, as far as we can tell, none of this has anything at all to do with “Wells Fargo Wagons,” or “Trouble,” or even “Lida Rose” … although I always liked “Lida Rose” … Good day, our someones; isn’t this almost like being in love?

Oh, and by the way, if you have comments, you can now contact Maverick directly. He’d love to hear from you in his new official position of Foreign Minion … We’ll call him FM for short. (Be careful what you wish for, my friend …) [FEATURED TAGS: Dee Video, Exclusive Video]

Yet another favorite picture of Dee. Maybe we need a Dee Picture of the Day ...

“Seventy-Six trombones led the big parade,” as I understand it. So that means that today’s post is better than a big parade, as it has 77 more pictures of the 2004 KSEX Awards show, this time taken by Foreign Correspondent Maverick. Now we need to explain three things. 1. We’re making no attempt to draw any correlation between trombones and photographs of partying porn stars, rather leaving to future generations of literary students an attempt to try to decipher what deep and tortured reasonings led us to this strange juxtaposition. 2. A simple fact of corporate America rejoices in giving someone a grand-sounding title like “Foreign Correspondent” rather than actual money, and 3. No. We do not think it at all strange that a straight man might know a few show tunes. I can also cook, but I can’t sew … so there. Ready to move on now? [FEATURED TAGS: KSEX Awards, Dee Video, Kylie Ireland, Katie Morgan, Cytherea, Alana Evans, Rayveness, Alexis Amore, Exclusive Video, Maverick, D.Minion, Michael Ninn]

Tied for the best picture we've ever seen of Dee. Well ... tied with all the others.

If you’re reading this, well then Praise the Digital Dieties. That means you’re looking at the new server like you’re supposed to be. By the way, really, really smart people wouldn’t have chosen the end of the year … over the holidays … right before the largest annual industry convention in Las Vegas … at the same time as moving a home and office … as the perfect time to change hosting and billing companies for the two biggest sites we operate. Nope. That’s certainly not what a really, really smart person would have done. That’s just what we did. On the upside we still have many good contacts with some exceptionally beautiful women, like … let’s see … this is Kristal Summers, Becca, Dee, Inari Vachs, Cheyenne Silver, Juli Ashton, and Wendy Divine. It might be easier to just look inside the members’ area, rather than just believe us. The pictures get bigger in there. Actually a lot of things get bigger around these women. Go figure. [FEATURED TAGS: Juli Ashton, Kristal Summers, Dee, Inari Vachs, Wendy Divine, Cheyenne Silver, Becca, Julia Ann, Vicca, Chasey Lain, Tiffany Granath, Georgia Adair, Keri Windsor, Nikita, Anais, Devinn Lain, TJ Hart]

Pairs of reasons to party with us.