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… With appropriate credit to Garth:

Back when the Old Stuff was New Stuff


It depends on how you look at today’s first Ninn Worx Weekend in too long a time. It could be a deep and philosophical commentary on legal trends spanning the globe, particularly as those issues pertain to technology. Or it could be a thinly-veiled excuse to look at Anais, Georgia Adair, Angel Cassidy, Mia Smiles, and a handful of their female porn friends doing … well, what female porn friends do. Consider it Unbridled – in various fashion, and then just enjoy it. That’s what we’d do. Who cares about lawyers anyway? [FEATURED TAGS: Anais, Mia Smiles, Georgia Adair, Angel Cassidy, Jana Cova, Marlena, Michelle B., Amy Ried, Brittney Skye, Sue Diamond, Michael Ninn]

Brittney Skye and Amy Ried, probably not thinking about the legal profession at all.

We figured we’d ease on into the weekend with a little bit of Dee on her birthday … well, and then in her birthday suit. Then we figured we’d add in Juli Ashton, and a beautiful blonde, and we figured it would be a nice simple contrast to the D.Minon Epics of late. Sometimes it can be good to just enjoy the pretty girls, even if they have reached to ripe old age of 28. (And yes, some of us do in fact have shirts older than that. So what?) [FEATURED TAGS: Dee Video, Juli Ashton Video, May Video, Exclusive Video, D.Minion]

Dee showing off part of her birthday suit.

You know how sometimes you get these “technological advances” that turn out not to be so helpful? Well, for some inexplicable reason we looked up the “Word Count” in D.Minion’s article On the Set of Fem: Diva and Lost Angels: Olivia Del Rio before we started to compile it for you members. This was not a smart thing to do. We have no idea what possessed us. All we accomplished was scaring ourselves to death, and then we still had to do the work anyway. If we hadn’t, you see, you’d have missed the 245 pictures of Anais, Dee, Olivia, and even Kristal Summers (albeit in a “crew” capacity). On the other hand you would have missed the pictures of horses, cows, old farm equipment, and a couple of Port O’ Potties too, so you can look at this two ways at least. Still, the beautiful women (and Eric Masterson, Carol) probably make up for it. At the very least you’ll learn that city-people are funny. [FEATURED TAGS: Dee, Anais, Jassie, Olivia Del Rio, Kristal Summers, Michael Ninn, D.Minion]

Anais & Dee ... making some beautiful music.

You’re supposed to wear green today. Or maybe you’re supposed to wear orange, it’s just that most people think you’re supposed to wear green. Like most things in life, it all gets really complicated if you look at it too closely. That’s why we chose blue. Actually we chose Wendy Divine in (and out of) blue. And if you think about it logically, you’re probably going to want to pinch Wendy pretty much whatever she’s wearing (or not); on a good day, she might let you too. Oh, and there’s a special little bonus section that fans of Georgia Adair, Dee, and Olivia Del Rio may well enjoy as well. Come to think of it, there’s no reason to be blue today at all. Hmm. Maybe brown?  [FEATURED TAGS: Wendy Divine, Olivia Del Rio Video, Dee Video, Georgia Adair Video, Exclusive Video, Michael Ninn]

Wendy Divine not really blue at all.

Well, a lot of things have happened to the Risqué clients over the years, but oddly enough (particularly considering their vocation) this is the first time we can remember that one of them got pregnant. We’ve had a few marriages over the years, but this will be the first offspring – at least that we know about. Now that doesn’t really have anything to do with the Night Calls post today, but we did want to publicly congratulate Juli Ashton, and wish her the best. Soon Juli will have her own Mini-Me … We hope the world is ready.  [FEATURED TAGS: Wendy Divine, Olivia Del Rio Video, Dee Video, Georgia Adair Video, Exclusive Video, Michael Ninn, Risque News Insight]

Juli ... sans offspring.

Ah this swinging back into the groove of things has taken a pretty (and easy) turn today, what with Georgia Adair, Dee, Eric Masterson, Jana Cova, Olivia Del Rio, Heather Lee, Angel Cassidy … and not a silly toy, scary fan, or even one piece of clothing you’d never wear in public in sight. Come to think of it, there’s a distinct lack of clothing around here overall. We love that. [FEATURED TAGS: Georgia Adair, Dee, Olivia Del Rio, Jana Cova, Angel Cassidy, Michael Ninn]

Dee & Georgia ... missing those clothes we mentioned.

We’re taking a bit of a breath with a taste of the simple today. No more rubber chickens. No more $5,000 sex dolls. No more 30′-tall inflatable penises. Nope. We’re just going to show off a couple of beautiful women who at least seem to enjoy showing off. Some things just don’t take that much explanation … like Kenzie Ryan and Laura Capri, for example. [FEATURED TAGS: Kenzie Ryan, Laura Capri, Michael Ninn]

Kenzie & Laura