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Back when the Old Stuff was New Stuff


Supposing you just want to experience our lovely Tenaya providing her own amount of Pink Comfort today, you’ll be quite happy with the exclusive photo set she’s provided today. If, on the other hand, you enjoy a little erudite contemplation with your less cerebral pursuits, you might find today’s editorial worthwhile as well. Considering that you all might be watching the NFL today anyway, just take solace in the fact that this will all be here tomorrow. [FEATURED TAGS: Tenaya]

Tenaya's Options, in a Fashion

The cover of Cosmopolitan this month lists an article titled, “His #1 Sex Secret” in big bold red letters at the top. Clearly they forgot to include the necessary tag line which should obviously read, “Does Not Involve You.” That said, we males should probably be thankful for that oversight, and with today being the official day for giving thanks, it seems appropriate to mention it here. We touch on some more reasons inside … which also seemed appropriate. [FEATURED TAGS: Jesse Jane,, Suzy Best Video, Juli Ashton Video, Kristal Summers Video, Becca Video, Exclusive Video]

Something Easy to be Thankful For, All Things Considered

Cold weather brings thoughts of bitter cold, too many clothes, travel woes, and general mushiness in many aspects of life, right? Well, in Southern California we do what we can to empathize with the rest of the country, but we generally only get as far as Aurora Snow before we forget to be kind and start thinking how we really don’t miss this time of year back in our home towns. Unless you’ve spent some time here, you probably don’t know it, but despite the vast number of people in Los Angeles, no one really seems to be “from” here. A dandy collection has migrated in, however, so we’re all planning on getting together to feel bad for those of you whose “drift” still means a bunch of frozen water, and not a clever idea. We’re planning on doing this at the beach, though, so odds are good you’re on your own this winter too. Sorry about that (theoretically). [FEATURED TAGS:, Aurora Snow Video, Lexi Love, Tori Black, Sunny Lane, Kagney Linn Karter, Lexi Belle, Belladonna, Kayden Kross, Eva Angelina, Teagan Presley, Exclusive Video]

Aurora Snow on white. That's close, right?

So D.Minion walks into the office this morning and says, “I had a dream about Dinah Shore last night.” … Now the story went on from there, but you don’t really need to hear it all in order to understand that life with D.Minion defies description — almost all of the time. Stir in a Day in the Life of Devinn Lane, add a bit of Juli, Wendy, and Tiffany seasoning, and you might be satiated enough to even forget the weirdness. If not, D.Minion recommends Krispy Kremes. (Hey, she’s not always crazy.) [FEATURED TAGS: Devinn Lane, Wendy Divine, Juli Ashton, Keri Windsor]

Juli Ashton and Devinn Spreading Their ... Views

One of the basic tenets around here for the last ten years has been that we should always show the adult industry in its actual light, however dim that may be. After all, only network television routinely scripts “reality” shows, and having a bunch of isolated writers, some making tens of thousands of dollars per episode, set about determining how things “should” be to “look” real has always seemed, well, silly to us. (Yeah, yeah … So maybe TV in general elevated ludicrous to an art form, but that’s another discussion for a different day.) For now, we’re bringing in another of Maverick’s “Cam Shows” — which essentially involve simply putting a video camera on a tripod and pointing it at the beautiful women currently teasing Mav’s still camera. Even though it wouldn’t qualify as a dazzling new incarnation of applied technology, when Cate Harrington provides the talent pool, you don’t really need to over pay people completely inexperienced with the premise to tell us all how it should play out. When you look like Cate, you can pretty much play it any way you want. Some things in life do in fact make sense. [FEATURED TAGS:, Cate Harrington Video, Exclusive Video]

Cate, Embracing her Freedom of Choice

Friday the Thirteenth supposedly brings an ominous ambience. We fear. We fret. Or perhaps we happily embrace a “reason” to just stay home and look at porn — whatever works. In our case the day has for some reason always been a rather refreshing one, perhaps in part to the leader named “Lucky” we conjecture. On this particular day, however, we attribute our good feelings to a decision to once again let Kylie Ireland be in charge, and let D.Minion document the event. Long days spent working seem ever-so-much more pleasant in retrospect. Have you noticed? [FEATURED TAGS: Dana Vespoli, Chayse Evans, Charlotte Vale, Kylie Ireland]

Dana Vespoli demonstrating pleasant conjecture of her own.

When Steve (or “Just Steve” to you older members) visits the risqué LA offices from the wilds of Colorado, people begin to reminisce. Much to Lon’s dismay, Steve happens to have been the very first member of the Risqué Commune Sites, before at some point we realized that we needed more help around here and enlisted his assistance. … More to point for today would be the conversation that began about Kristal Summers and her early days, and even more pertinent would be the actual visual evidence we have of that first memorable trip with the crew. Now Steve will eventually be heading back to work out of South Park, Colorado (Yes, there really is a place called that.), and all we’ve been able to advise him so far is to stay away from the little fat kid, because he’s always trouble, and never, ever stand too close to anyone named Kenny. … If you have any better advice, Steve would probably like to hear it. [FEATURED TAGS: Kristal Summers]

Kristal kissking Kristal. It's weird here sometimes.

Steve here (AKA SteveD, Just Steve, for today known as “Mav’s Not Here So Let’s Give That Guy All The Work” ), on location from Risqué central. While bemoaning the Broncos first loss of the season, the topic of Julia Ann came up. I don’t remember exactly how, but if you’ve spent any time with us, you know the topic can quickly shift from just about anything to a beautiful woman — and then to that same woman naked. At some point I asked if anyone knew how many tattoos Julia has, which was a trivia question at one of the member’s parties. I didn’t know the answer then, and I still don’t today, but if anyone has a guess, I’d be willing to personally check with Ms. Ann to see if you’re right. … We had to cut Just Steve off here, explaining how we really try diligently not to ramble, at least in the introductory section of a story. Understanding that, you might feel free to jump over all the whereas and whys contained in today’s presentation and just get right to that beautiful naked women part. We call it Sybian Symbiosis, and that should explain enough all by itself. [FEATURED TAGS: Juli Ashton, Julia Ann, Becca]

The Beautiful Naked Women Part

Two common, albeit amazingly distinct, definitions come to mind when thinking of “The Golden Rule” , neither of which seem to steadily rule the roost when it comes to adult movies, at least in a microeconomic sense. Although certainly the women in the business appreciate a hearty being done unto, they pretty much make the rules even if they haven’t socked away a whole bunch of gold yet. Maybe it’s always men that make up these sayings, you think? [FEATURED TAGS: Julia Ann Video]

A Good Reason to let Julia Ann Make the Rules