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… With appropriate credit to Garth:

Back when the Old Stuff was New Stuff


Carol threatened to kill us if we didn’t get D.Minion’s story about Night Calls, August 27th, 2003 before the new season begins THIS WEDNESDAY (October 1). It’s not so much that we’re afraid of Carol, but rather that we have a trivia question included in the post that even Lon and Bert might have a problem answering. Sometimes, it’s good to be old; most of the time, however, it’s not. We’re going to stop thinking about that now. [FEATURED TAGS: Night Calls, Juli Ashton Video, Tiffany Granath Video, Exclusive Video, D.Minion]

Juli Ashton & Tiffany Granath -- bosom buddies, with bosoms.

We hear tell that some people don’t like football. Of course we’ve heard of the Great Pumpkin and have even seen pictures of Jack-a-lopes, so we don’t really take much stock in old wives’ tales like these. Still, on the off chance that your team is having a really bad day, we thought we’d give you a diversion. We call it “Dee, diddle, diddle” … but this has nothing to do with any nursery rhyme that we ever heard. Although, if teachers looked like Dee, kids would pay a lot more attention. By the way, and everyone repeat after me, “Thank You, Michael.” [FEATURED TAGS: Dee Video, Exclusive Video, Michael Ninn]

Dee's got you paying attention already, hasn't she?

We hate not to follow through on promises, and we’d like to welcome “autiger” back to the fold, so we’re going ahead with our post of a Photo Shoot Fun Day with Georgia Adair, Inari Vachs, and Kristal Summers. We’re thinking folks won’t mind too much if we interrupt the regularly scheduled Ninn Worx Weekend. Being able to look back on how the girls were when they started has to be one of the greatest benefits of membership here, and D.Minion comes through again. It was a day of PT Cruisers, naps in the sun, and problems with fast food. Girls flitted in; girls flitted out; girls ate out. All in all, just another typical day in paradise — 144 pictures and 2 video clips worth. [FEATURED TAGS: Georgia Adair Video, Kristal Summers, Inari Vachs Video, Exclusive Video, D.Minion]

Inari sees proof of her beauty.

If there’s a face and body combination around that can stop traffic (other than Kristal’s of course), then it belongs to our old friend Julia Ann. It seems fitting therefore that D.Minion chose to chronicle Julia’s exploits in Wicked’s Road Block. Hey, when it comes to Julia, many things seem to be a natural fit. Enjoy. [FEATURED TAGS: Julia Ann, D.Minion, Risque News Insight]

The incredibly fit one: Julia Ann.
Julia Ann's Web Site

Some days you’re feeling just a little blue, and you could really use something to bring a smile to your face. Today, however, does not appear to be one of those days, although Dee happens to be wearing blue — at least for a bit. You’ll have to read the story to see how we came up with the concept, but no matter how you look at these 104 pictures, this is “One Fine Dee” … Hmm. We’ve gone from pink to baby blue with the last couple of posts. We seem to have a pastel theme going on. Wonder if that’s important … Naw. Probably not. [FEATURED TAGS: Dee]

Actually, one VERY fine Dee.

We have kind of a twist this weekend, as these photos didn’t actually come from Michael. We’re putting together promotional material, and we technically got these pictures from Georgia Adair herself. So rather than a simple “Ninn Worx Weekend” we’ve actually got a “Ninn Worx Girl Weekend” — which suits us just fine. In a blatent slam at our British Bud, though, all of these photographs are verticle … We decided to forgive the “real” photographer, however, because, well, they are naked pictures of Georgia after all. So kick back and enjoy “Georgia’s Perfect Pink,” as it were, and then drop by and visit our quiet friend. We’re off to console poor Mav …  [FEATURED TAGS: Georgia Adair]

Georgia Adair's Home ... body.
Georgia Adair's Home Site

We’ve completed the trilogy of stories on Wicked Pictures’ Turning Point, starring our own Kristal Summers, complete with pink wig. (And we’re pretty sure that’s the first time we’ve ever written that sentence, by the way.) What might make this a little more noteworth, however, would be remembering that we first started posting this story in October of 2001. Hey, what can we say? We get a little busy sometimes, and then we forget stuff. We’d probably be really depressed if we could remember all of the stuff we forget, but, well, it’s forgotten, so we’re fine with it …. [FEATURED TAGS: Kristal Summers, Devinn Lane, Kylie Ireland, Sydnee Steele, Nikita Denise, D.Minion]

Kristal Summers (not pictured: Devinn Lane) (There's probably a reason for that.)

We don’t see any reason to stop with the “vacation” photos now, and Maverick has been diligently working (while on vacation, oddly enough) to bring you his account. So now the people that didn’t make the Members’ Party this year can read about it; those that did make it can relive the wonderful times, and those that couldn’t care diddly can look forward to tomorrow, when we return with our regularly scheduled nudity. [FEATURED TAGS: Members’ Party, Dee Video, Kristal Summers, Wendy Divine, Anais, Angel Cassidy, Steve, Berno, Craig, Lon, Carol, Mike27, Brian33, Newbie, Exclusive Video, Maverick]

Dee as art. You'll have to read about it.

Carol and Mav are still in town, as some of you are aware. So we were explaining how much fun it can be to write up long stories for the web site, and go through thousands of pictures and video clips, so that you can weed them down to interesting and usable images. We told them how fascinating and emotionally satisfying an enterprise it can be, and explained that we were sorry that they too couldn’t experience the intellectual rush that accompanies a full-fledged report on an event as spectacular as the 2003 Members’ Party. They decided to tackle the task themselves; we decided to just give you a hint of what’s to come (while walking quickly out of the office). And I thought all that time spent reading Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn was going to be a waste of effort … [FEATURED TAGS: Dee, Anais, Kristal Summers, Wendy Divine, Angel Cassidy, Billy Glide, Carol, Craig, Steve, Lon, Maverick, D.Minion]

Angel Cassidy, Wendy Divine, Dee, Anais, and Kristal Summers

Well, we’re back from the Members’ Party and Dee, Kristal Summers, Wendy Divine, Anais, and Angel Cassidy are recovering nicely. They should be good as new with only minimal psychotherapy and almost no (required) plastic surgery. We’ll start this way: We owe Maverick an apology: He did in fact spend the entire three days denouncing the demons of shyness. He was a winner! He was a charming and active participant, managing entirely to speak in complete sentences and look above people’s shoelaces, occasionally almost nearing the neck region. I feel like a louse for even thinking he couldn’t accomplish this goal. Mav, I’m sorry: Craig owes you beer. (Rank still has its privileges.)

Now, what else did we learn? Well, Carol felt comfortable enough to participate in her first topless photo session and complete multiple rounds with various “Tight Snatches;” SteveD felt comfortable enough in the S60 Volvo, having had his fill of the “maxi-van,” and Lon still knows everything, managing all the while to make us feel as though we’re not total losers for failing to accomplish the same feat. Mike33 and Brian27 have now evolved into “Jake” and “Elwood” (more of this to follow for sure), with Newbie undergoing a metamorphosis into an amazingly positive “Dr. Yes.” (He was, in honesty, both shaken and stirred, and it’s really too bad about all the darkness and cold in his future. At least he doesn’t have to witness a Republican President’s re-election campaign.) As it turns out, impeccable authority tells us that Bert has the best hands with Latex in the Western United States; Berno can no longer look forward to his own gubernatorial run, and Craigs01 plans on recovering from his stint on the king-sized bed with the five naked and cuddly aforementioned ladies by beginning regular breathing again soon. Oh, and XXX, a confident and clever new friend, also happens to know the complete lyrics to Gloria Gaynor’s I Will Survive.

We’re not completely sure what all of this means, save for the fact that everyone that didn’t attend the Members’ Party didn’t get to meet “Dee, Kristal Summers, Wendy Divine, Anais, and Angel Cassidy” — or understand much of what we just said — and it seems a darn shame, really …

To paraphrase a master (or two) … And THAT was something completely different.

Finally, thank you all. Without you, it would have been neither possible nor necessary, and it’s good to create your own paths — even the “Dead End” ones. Oh, and by the way, Mr. Maverick, next year blushing counts. [FEATURED TAGS: Angel Cassidy, Dee, Tatiana, Jana Cova, Nikki Blonde, Mandy Bright, Olivia Del Rio, Chloe Dior, Veronika, Faith Grant, Shayla LaVeaux, Vanessa Virgen, Ashley Long, Wanda Curtis, Nikita Denise, Alexis Amore, Carolyn Monroe, Michelle Michaels, Britney Diamond, Charlie, Michael Ninn]

Angel (Cassidy) of our eyes.

Who’s peeking out from under the stairway? Well, it’s not our Wendy, because her new house is actually a ranch style abode. On the plus side she continues her penchant for happiness and nudity, and she’s ever so excited to be, well, nude, with fortunate party goers this weekend. So check out her “old” red look, and look forward to her “new” blonde look, and generally just be happy to be out of the “Stormy Eyes” in a Home is now a House. Oh, and since we’ve got free slave labor in town, Mav put together a video clip of LA Erotica, 2003, which you can all peruse, assuming you’ve got a sufficient connection. Isn’t that just like Life: It’s all about the sufficent connection … (which Tinker calls Grants and Jacksons). [FEATURED TAGS: Wendy Divine, D.Minion]

Everyone Knows it's Wendy. (Divine, isn't it?)

About a month ago, we showed you some pictures of Dee cavorting around D.Minion’s abode, and today we’re offering up the “artsy” shots in a blatent attempt to avoid “really stinky space fillers,” which you’ll understand if you bother to read Brother John today. Poets have compared a cello to a woman’s body; we don’t know about that completely, the women in our lives being rather thinner as a rule, but we do know that “Dee’s a Jolly Good Cello” … (Sorry about that, but it’s better than just saying “We’re really sorry your team sucked over the weekend XXX, and here are some pictures of Dee to help you forget your national humiliation.” See? We try to be nice and not even mention how truly horrible the Dolphins played this past weekend. It would be rude to rub salt in the gaping wound caused by losing on opening day to a team only in its second year of existence, so we’re not going to do it. We’re just going to gloss right over that atrocity, and get on with beautiful naked Dee. Good thing we’re such nice folks around here, huh?) [FEATURED TAGS: Dee, D.Minion]

Dee. Cello. Got it?

Well, we made it, although we must confess to resorting to catching “cat-naps” whenever we could over the past six days. Big Michael Ninn movies are exactly that: BIG. It’s been several years since we’ve seen Michael attempt a project like Anais’ Garden of Shadows, and we’ve decided that if he does them more often, well, we’re going to have to kill him. That said, come awards time next year (The movie will release too late for consideration at the 2004 AVN Awards show.) we will have probably forgotten about all of our aches, pains, and general physical anguish. Not only that, but we’ll still be able to look at this week’s gift from Michael, a Ninn Worx Weekend (technically) from Innocence: Pure Pink. We should go on record as not really minding catching cat-naps on porn sets anyway; it’s all about the pussy, right? [FEATURED TAGS: Danni, Taylor Rain, Kitty, Amber Rayne, Monique Alexander, Michael Ninn]

The Young and the Resting

Message Board regulars know that we’re about to start the Adult Industry equivalent of Purgatory. Michael is combining a shoot for two movies, both of them starring Ninn Worx contract players. Consequently, we’re preparing for the worst. It’ll be a hot, dusty, bug-infested, exhaustion-inducing week. We hope we survive. Being the kind souls that we are, we put together the usual epic that results when D.Minion covers one of our contract ladies on a big movie shoot, and we’re posting it all at once. So feel free to take your time with Fetish: I Know Your Dreams — the advance look. There are many, many words here, accompanied by many, many pictures. There is humor, honesty, and fun, as well as insider secrets, and even a lesson or two if you pay close attention. Should we not survive this week, it will be a fitting Requiem … and Mav will be really bored next week. You, however, will not have to suffer through the walking pig. Maybe Justice exists after all. [FEATURED TAGS: Anais, Wanda Curtis, Exclusive Video, Michael Ninn, D.Minion]

Exactly how Anais and Wanda Curtis make us feel.