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by Frew Gal

[Cytherea spent the past couple of months putting up an entire DVD called Playing with Cytherea — a production certainly better in concept than in execution. Still, the True Cytherea Fan would want to be familiar with ALL of Cytherea’s work, so she felt it worthwhile to include the title on her Members’ site. We pulled the final part out here not only because we found it the most literarily entertaining, but because after four complete installments we could finally find fifteen photos of sufficient modesty to post. … Cytherea really doesn’t care much for clothes, as you may well know, but did you know the Cythereal Anal Sighting may not actually be a mythical creature?]


In this business you need to be careful about showing favorites. [Just to be clear: You need to be careful about showing favorites. We all actually have them. You just need to be careful about where you might admit to that. For example, the favorite client and friend I ever had always seemed to be the one I happened to be talking to at the time. It was weird.]

We like when we get special treats, say for example, when Cytherea has a “spooning” featurette on tap that gives us some bonus — and rare — anal footage. Most of us consider that pleasant, as does the lady herself apparently. But it does go to show that movies may not accurately reflect reality. If you have even been in a spoon position with someone and had the dick slip into “the other” hole, you likely did NOT hear, “I like that. I like that. …” [Correct. Were you the male in the situation, you might well have had to talk her down off the headboard very quickly, and were you the woman, you were probably looking for something heavy that might serve as an effective weapon.]

But these are movies, and we get that. And even though the audio goes out of sync while the picture seems to freeze, we might even forgive that.

Then we get to “doggie” which also opens up with bonus anal. We butt lovers feel real good about now, don’t you know. Same freezing problems. Same poor audio. Save forgiveness. [For her part, Cytherea “doesn’t remember doing that much anal” so maybe they didn’t shoot much so they were limited in what they could do in post. They still could have adjusted the microphone levels, but maybe they were all as stunned as most of us watching Cy go through this variety of anal positions.]

Before we get to the truly hysterical part of this release, however, we should give MrT credit and let him know we continue to appreciate his more and more artsified home shots. [If one has to learn Photoshop, many worse ways exist than practicing on Cytherea.]

  • Cytherea Anal Secrets
  • Cytherea Anal Secrets
  • Cytherea Anal Secrets
  • Cytherea Anal Secrets
  • Cytherea Anal Secrets
  • Cytherea Anal Secrets

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