What’s in an Anais Name?

The Dawning of a Diva

by May B. Knot

We’ve begun work on the most recent of D.Minion’s epics, this one covering the professional debut of Anais over the two days of filming for Ninn Worx’ Fem: Diva. (When did Michener’s estate decide to assign his prose style to D.Minion, by the way?) Naturally this brought about the subject of the ever-increasing interest in the young lass.


We’ve been fielding a lot of questions about the origins of her name (among other things), and we thought it might be interesting for our members to get a peek at what we’ve whittled the answer down to. So here’s a slightly edited example of how we now answer the question:

A Quick History:

Anais Nin was a famous FEMALE erotic writer after the Great Depression. The Academy Award Winning Movie Henry and June was about her affair with famous American author Henry Miller (Tropic of Cancer, Tropic of Capricorn among others) and his wife June, separately, but at the same time. Ms. Nin got really, really famous later, but that won’t fit in this short synopsis. In the words of The Princess Bride, “Let me explain … No … There is too much. … Let me sum up …”

OK. Michael actually took HIS name, but spelled wrong, from this historic character that he admired. When [real name] came to him, Michael thought she was so perfect that he should give her his own name, so to speak, so he named her Anais (pronounced Ah-nah-EESS), but [real name] can’t pronounce it, so she tells people that it’s Anias (pronounced Uh-NIE-us). So now we have a man that took a last name, pronouncing it right but spelling it wrong, and a woman who took the corresponding first name, pronouncing it wrong but spelling it right.

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