Brooklyn Lee

Heading Leeward

The AEE Official Show Guide stated that Brooklyn and the other ladies up for Starlet of the Year would be having a Question and Answer Forum on Friday at 1:30 p.m. Of course that was something I wanted to see, and the venue wasn’t included in the guide. I checked the seminar rooms, but she wasn’t there. Then I asked the folks at the AVN booth. Uh, no. They had absolutely no idea … and it was THEIR show! Have I mentioned, lately, how disappointing the AEE was this year? [Well, it’s a giant event to try to remodel from the ground up, and there’s no way to test out the new approach without just doing it. Some of us thought they did a fine job. Of course some of us did not have to suffer through the Awards show this year, so that probably made us all generally happier overall.]

I finally found her on the stage at the front of The Joint, joined by only one of the 15 other Starlet of the Year nominees, Selena Rose. Stormy Daniels was an excellent moderator, and Brooklyn is extremely well-spoken, but mostly what I learned was that Brooklyn was planning for her future, while Selena wanted to, “party, party, party”. I wish them both well, but really hope that Selena doesn’t “party” all her money away! [After a quick office poll, we determined that the rest of us hope Stormy keeps wearing really short dresses while wandering about on stage. She’s got a bright future if she can turn that role into a profession.]

When the Q and A was finished, I just happened to run into Ms. Lee in the ladies’ room – and shot a couple of pictures. Sometimes it’s very handy being a female photographer! [Yeah, when I brought my camera into the ladies’ bathroom I didn’t seem to get the nonchalant response indicated by photos one and five below here. … I probably had a more intimidating camera. That must have been it.]

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At this year’s AVN Awards, Brooklyn Lee was awarded the Starlet of the Year trophy! [She won! And we accidentally look very smart! … We love that!!] Brooklyn earned a well deserved honor in my humble opinion! [What’s a humble opinion? People have those? How odd.] With her intelligence, sensuality, business sense, and beauty, I predict my buddy Brooklyn Lee will be going far in the world of porn! I certainly wish her the very best, and I look forward to joining her on many more movie sets and many more conventions in the years to come! [We’ve included a random, admittedly chaotic, sample of the interview session with Brooklyn from D.Minion’s vantage point in the audience. We can’t be certain, but judging from the jostling of the camera, it seems quite possible that Shayla was sitting on DM’s lap during the event — possibly Julia Ann.]


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