Brooklyn Lee

Heading Leeward

Brooklyn Lee

by D.Minion

risque imageAs Lucky is wont to say, “I love it when a plan comes together.” I do, too. And I really love it when a plan comes together by providence. [We actually prefer when they come together by Southern California, but we can deal with Rhode Island as long as it’s not winter. We have simply been here too long. We no longer do winter. (We have as of yet not learned to avoid puns, however.)]

Soon after we arrived in Vegas for AEE, we bumped into our old friend Devon Cypher. He runs a PR firm now, and one of his clients is the lovely Adult Actress Brooklyn Lee. Devon wondered if we could interview Brooklyn, and take some photos of her during the show. [You can find Devon’s group at RisingStarPR if you want to follow their meanderings. D.Minion would have mentioned that, but once she saw glitter on Brooklyn’s nails, we pretty much lost her for the duration of the trip. In DM-Land, glitter reigns as a very close cousin to sprinkles — and we know how she reacts to those.]

We had met Brooklyn a few months earlier when we were on the set of Adam and Eve’s Dallas XXX parody movie, and I remember being impressed with Brooklyn’s beauty, intelligence, and congeniality. So following her around and taking pictures of her seemed like a lovely idea! [Well, considering her other choices at that time consisted of hanging around with a bunch of old guys weighted down with camera gear, we couldn’t really blame her. We did start to get bitter on days two … and three … and four, however. D.Minion tends to hang with the beautiful women, and if she fails to bring them by to where we are, we can get sad.]

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