Sacred Chi — or Sacred Ladders — Depends on How You Look at It

Sacred Sin
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[It would probably be best if you just pretended this entire page was in “editor’s blue” since too much blue text looks like … well, too much blue text.]

Let’s start with something that you may well have figured out by now: For whatever reason, D.Minion has a fascination with ladders. Any time there is a person on a ladder doing something, that makes for a great picture, and occasionally even moving pictures. Now maybe it’s because I have spent a great deal of my life on one sort of ladder or another (well, not during the lawyering part) but I just don’t get it. Still, D.Minion’s uniqueness makes her perfect for this job, and one just learns to shrug one’s collective shoulders and move along. Still it’s interesting.

Intermission for Heather’s Chi Quest

On the completely likely chance that you care nothing about porn set engineering or sweaty dudes on ladders rigging chandeliers, we’re taking a break to pop in the promised “absolutely functioning” video promised in “Sacred Heather Vuur” over in the story section.

So while all the fun stuff was going on outside, or in the dressing rooms, the dedicated nameless crew labored mightily — basically to keep a 300-pound piece of iron sculpture from falling on anyone’s exceptionally pretty face — or even Nick Manning’s. Feel free to carry on with page two. We had to.

On the other hand, if you’d simply like to see more Heather, we have helped you out, because that’s the kind of benevolent geeks we are.


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