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Assess Asses as Assimilating

Young Ginger LynnCalling All Asses #2

by Nobody Special

Some words in the English language are just funny. We actually had a rather good time when we set about trying to “assess” a movie about “asses” quite honestly. You have to be really careful when writing up the copy, or it can be a real pain in the “S” as you can likely imagine.

Of course a quick look at the cast list will demonstrate that as much fun as we had watching this, we didn’t have nearly as much fun as Michael Stefano had filming it. He either produced this show himself, or somewhere he has pictures of a Combat Zone executive with a goat. Whatever the case, by all appearances, he certainly got to exercise some personal fantasies in this production. It also reminded us of some interesting conversations we have had over the years with directors that perform in their own movies.

Assess Asses for Commercial Benefit

At an owners’ convention many moons ago, Ed Powers got extremely angry when I posited that by casting women to have sex with himself, Ed was simply hiring hookers. Obviously we see nothing at all wrong with sex professionals — in fact I personally find many things admirable about them and their work — but I had unknowingly pushed a button on this owner of a (wildly successful at the time) company. My assertion hardly qualified as complex: If you hire a woman/man to have sex with you, then you have hired a prostitute. It hardly matters that you have the acumen to film the episode and turn out a commercial product because of that. The decision may demonstrate your wisdom, but it does not alter your position in the financial transaction.

Yet … Ed remained unimpressed, particularly when I pointed out that his vehement objections tended to highlight his apparent problem with hookers. That seemed like an odd position for the owner of an adult movie company to take, actually. Then again, people do not get into this business because they reek of normal to any large degree. It was years before we could have this conversation again, well after the gonzo companies had blurred the lines between acting and the more traditional sex-for-hire enterprises. By then, perhaps, Ed had mellowed and his stance softened — or maybe he simply met some really exceptional people who happened to be prostitutes, and that changed his mind.

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