February 2002 Risque | What’s New

… With appropriate credit to Garth:

Back when the Old Stuff was New Stuff


We’re continuing to add help around the office, and one of our newbies went through and picked a bunch of pictures from Juli’s VCA career. We probably should have been more specific, but we do have a bunch of dirty pictures of Mostly Juli Ashton, with a healthy splattering (pardon the pun) of Shayla LaVeaux, Vicca, and various others from our past … including a picture of Nikita’s face. It just gets stranger and stranger around here. [FEATURED TAGS: Juli Ashton, Shayla LaVeaux, Alexis DeVell, Missy, Vicca, Nikita, Rayveness, Kylie Ireland, Jill Kelly, Kim Kataen, Jeanna Fine, Michael Ninn, Risque News Insight

Beautiful Juli Ashton -- a la Gregory Dark.

Deb had the pleasure of going shopping with Juli & Tiffany Granath the other day. Fortunately for Deb & Juli, Tiffany considers herself to be a professional shopper and she knew where all of the coolest shops were. Deb followed them around (even inside some dressing rooms) and then went back home with Juli for a fashion show of the day’s purchases. For once, you didn’t have to be there. You can see it now as “Night Calls on Sunset.”  [FEATURED TAGS: Night Calls, Juli Ashton, Tiffany Granath, Risque News Insight]

Tifanny Granath & Juli Ashton. It's hip to be square.

Wow! We’ve got a massive influx of Inari!! Everyone’s pitching in around here, and the speed is truly dazzling. Kristal’s learning Photoshop, and Dee’s getting quite good as a photographer. That may not sound like much, but, well, aside from the fact that we’re easily dazzled, Kristal and Dee don’t mind working naked, and that’s a bonus in any work environment. As Kristal was working on pictures Inari brought back from her first time On the Road with Felecia, we ran across Dee’s first photography efforts and Inari blows the Italian. They both got done at the same time, so now you can see them both. Next we’re working on pictures of Kristal and Dee working naked. Nothing but work, work, work around these parts. All parts are not created equal, it seems. Good thing there’s no such thing as too much Inari. [FEATURED TAGS: Inari Vachs, Felecia, Dee]

Inari on stage.   Dee in a chair.

Good grief! It’s Done!! The Adult Entertainment Expo Extravaganza story is finally here. It’s the Illiad; it’s the Odyssey. DMinion has sure enough hit a Homer-Run! This is a big one, folks, so sit back with a babe and a beer, and “butter-up” … [FEATURED TAGS: Adult Entertainment Expo, AVN Awards, Kristal Summers, Wendy Divine, Dee, Becca, Julia Ann, Devinn Lane, Chloe Jones, Carmen Luvana, Danni Ashe, Cheyenne Silver, Veronica Hart, Janine, Nikita Denise, Lola, TJ Hart, Jessica Drake, Sydnee Steele, Michele Morgan, D.Minion]

DMinion herself.

Join Deb as we visit, once again, that star known for her huge, natural breasts and her successful web site. It’s none other than Danni Ashe in Deb’s next entry “Danni Travels Worldwide.”  [FEATURED TAGS: Danni Ashe, Devinn Lane]

Danni Ashe, cookin' with gas.

We’re plowing through old Night Calls memories, here, and as long as we give up sleep, commit to eating just once a day, and learn how to catheterize ourselves, we have some chance of getting current with this program. Maybe if DMinion didn’t have such a Juli fetish, or a Tiffany fetish, or a Dee fetish, or an Inari fetish. Personally, I liked Jezebel Bond dressed up like a man, but I pretty much like Jezebel dressed up in anything. Check out Night Calls — November 7th, 2001 and cast your own vote. [FEATURED TAGS: Night Calls, Juli Ashton, Tiffany Granath, Inari Vachs, Dee, Jezebel Bond, D.Minion]

Genies: Juli Ashton and Tiffany Granath

In honor of Wendy’s “chat” tomorrow night (2/13/02) we’re showing off some pictures she gave us that members could have seen live if they tuned to her 24-hr cam at the right time. According to Wendy, we should be checking more often, because she has some interesting friends. They also happen to be not very shy, it seems. For example, she convinced one young lad that it was a really good idea to let her shave off all his body hair, and then do his friend with a strap-on. We wonder how she did that, now that we think about it. Check out Wendy’s impromptu fun, and then tell us your thoughts. Remember you can ask her about it tomorrow too. [FEATURED TAGS: Wendy Divine]

Wendy and divine and impressionable friends.

Devinn and DMinion have conspired to give us a rather wacky view of what it’s like to hang around with Devinn Lane. First you get to watch her shave. Then she plays with an “Anaconda-like” dildo. Then she give gynecology lessons on her web cast. After dinner she goes to a trendy Hollywood club to visit with people that can’t hear each other speak. It’s really quite odd. And she’s moving a block away from DMinion in a month. We’re pretty sure it’s going to get odder. Better hitch up your wagons and follow along with Devinn’s Day and Devinn’s Night.  [FEATURED TAGS: Devinn Lane, D.Minion]

Devinn with homemade top.

Kristal has updated her journal, and she’s been playing in the chat room all week, looking for bugs. She claims it’s been working fine, and she’s met some really “nice” people, so we’re supposedly all set for tomorrow night. If this doesn’t work, we’re just going to buy the software and serve it ourselves, but since that involves some serious expense it would be really helpful if y’all could convince a couple dozen of your best friends to become members too. Really. We’re showing you more pictures of Kristal to help convince you. Really. [FEATURED TAGS: Kristal Summers]

Kristal on top ...