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shayla.com  imageOK … We promised to provide some insight into the earlier escapaes. Consequently, we will endeavor to do just that. We did have a bit of an “illustration” problem, however, as while Shayla did have a beautiful bra on most of the day, for whatever reason, she did not seem to be able to find any pants. Ah, to look that good naked … but we digress. … So to catch you up on the highlights of Day ONE:

Enter Miko Lee – the legendary actress decided she’d like to make a big, splashy, Adult vampire movie. She found an investor, and teamed up with AVN Hall of Fame Actress Raquel Devine to share writing, directing and producing duties. [Sometimes you have to wonder about that whole “Hall of Fame” thing. Apparently we don’t always understand the criteria for selections. Now Raquel happens to be a smart, dedicated, and resourceful woman, and she does a lot to help a great many women in this business, both experienced and not. Still … Hall of Fame? … From the 1990’s? Really? We’d ask the AVN folks about it, but of course all the people that were involved in Raquel’s selection are gone now. Maybe we should have dinner with Raquel; if nothing else, it will be a lot of fun. She’s a hoot. … That’s Raquel with Shayla in the picture at the right.]

Part 1, Forbitten Lust, was released several months ago, but Part 2, Forbitten Desires, was shot just a few days ago, and that’s where Shayla LaVeaux came in. [Technically they don’t have a distribution deal yet, so “released” may not be entirely accurate – at least in the traditional sense.] Miko was so intent on casting Shayla as the undercover investigator, that she flew her in to Los Angeles from her home in Colorado. (And with air fares the way they are, that’s saying something!) Shayla flew in early, and wisely used the “extra” time in LA to do a content exchange for Shayla.com. (I can’t wait to see scenes! They sound awesome!) [Just what Shayla needs, more things on her list to coordinate. On the upside, in this situation we are but plebeian geeks, fondly awaiting direction from the Mistress LaVeaux. What a wonderful break that happens to be, by the way.]

Then she drove to the Central Coast to work on her site for a few days. (Don’t worry. I took photos of EVERYTHING and they’ll be going up on Ms. LaVeaux’ site soon!) [Some you’ve already seen by now. Some remain on the list. Having an abundance of Shayla does seem to keep us all in a happy mood. She can even make a (very) local strawberry festival seem like fun.]

A few days later, Shayla, Lucky, and I traveled back down to LA for the big Forbitten Desires shoot! I got to ride shotgun in Shayla’s car and we talked so much that my voice was hoarse by the time we got there. (I’m pretty sure that’s a first for me!) [I didn’t actually know it was even possible for D.Minion to be in a car and not fall asleep. We’d take it personally, but we are talking about Shayla, so it makes sense. Life isn’t fair, but at least it makes sense most times.]

One of the things I loved most when we lived in the San Fernando Valley was that we were constantly running into porn people we knew – at the grocery store, at the bank, in restaurants. When we checked into our hotel this time we ran into an executive from Adam and Eve who was there on business, and a producer from Vivid Video whose house was being painted. Small world! (There were probably more folks we knew there; we just didn’t see them!) [It’s a very small world, Pornland, even though it mainly exists in the middle of a city with 10 million people.]

shayla.com  imageThe next day we arrived on set, a huge mansion in the Hollywood hills, exactly on time! Shayla had been practicing her lines in the car and knew them backwards and forwards! (It had been a while since she’d been in a movie with dialogue and she wanted to be especially prepared!) [Well, we should really be honest here. When DM claimed that Shayla knew her lines backwards and forwards, I did ask Shayla to recite them in reverse order. She could not. Also, she did not seem to appreciate the question. We’ve said this before, but some people just don’t know what’s funny.]

Nothing Forbitten About Shayla

The Fascinating Ms. LaVeaux

Tod Hunter interviews Shayla LaVeaux with Poppy Montgomery documenting on video. Not pictured: Us.

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